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The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion

I love the quirky, eccentric characters in Fannie Flagg’s books, and this one is full of them.

At 59 (or is she 60?), Sookie finds she is not who she thought she was and her subsequent search for answers takes her away from small-town Alabama life to Poland, Wisconsin, Texas and California and back in time to the World War II era and a little known group of independent and brave women who gave their all to the war effort as pilots. 

Comical situations as well as zany, off-beat personalities give heart and warmth to Sookie’s emotional conundrum. It is a tribute to family, friendship and the strength of the human spirit.

 A heart-warming feel-good read.

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion By Fannie Flagg (Random House)Recommended by Pat at Quail Ridge Books Raleigh NC

Slaves in the Family

Ball’s -tell all- book of his family’s entwinement (in every conceivable manner) in
antebellum slavery is a thoroughly researched history specific to the Ball family of South

It’s well-written and heroically candid. But more than all that, it is a look at
contemporary America, forcing us to examine the aftermath (for both races) of slavery and its
legacy into the 21st century.

Slaves in the Family By Edward Ball (Ballantine Books)Recommended by Connie at Quail Ridge Books
Raleigh NC