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{On the Oh-my-God-listen-up novel.}

In which her ladyship, the editor, wraps some presents, an English teacher finally has the answer to the ultimate question, and Mr. Tim Dorsey explains why giant eyeballs are really not all that difficult to get into the plot.

February 15, 2015

Dearest Readers,

Possibly it says something about her ladyship, the editor, and her ladyship's family, but most of the birthdays in her family occur in the winter months. (Three happen to be on the same day!). So her ladyship is in the habit of wrapping  presents even after the holidays.

Of course, she only sends books. And since she is naturally partial to bookish things, she has been using book-y wrapping paper to wrap her books:

Because it is all about the surprise, right? You wouldn't want the wrapping to give away what's inside.

What her ladyship likes about this paper is actually the flip side of each design--which looks like the back pages of your high-school year book, where you get all your classmates to sign their name and leave goofy messages about summer vacation. In this case the "yearbook" is  filled with signatures from all the writers who attended the SIBA Discovery Show last fall: people like Beth Macy, Lalita Tademy, Rick Bragg, Steve Berry, Tim Federle, Sharyn McCrumb...etc. Since there were over a hundred writers at the show, things get a little crowded. (Her ladyship was never so popular in high school).

The wrapping paper is still available for a limited time..."until supplies last"...and then it will be gone until next year, when the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance will print new paper with new designs and a new set of signatures from this year's show.

Click here if you'd like to order some.

Read Independently! And shop local.

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

Welcome to BraggsvilleOf course there were the Bulldogs or the Yellow Jackets or the Panthers, or even the Tigers. And after a week as a Golden Bear, he wondered if one of those might have been a better choice. Long accumstomed to the teacher calling on him after his classmates proffered their feeble responses, D'aron sat int he front row but never raised his hand. He was not called on to moderate disputes, to weigh in on disagreements, to sagely settle debates. He was not called on at all, even when the subject in American History turned to the South, a topic on which he considered himself an expert, being the only Southerner in the class. (Not even when D'aron resorted to what the prof called a Horshack show). The professor rationalized his reluctance to call on D'aron on such occasions as a resistance to essentializing. Said reisstance D'aron found puzzling, and said affliction he apparently had developed no reistance to, constantly provoking the professor to say, Am I the only Jew? Mika the only black? You the only Southerner? If the professor said he was Jewish, well, D'aron woudl take his word for it. Mika, though, was obviously the only black in class, and D'aron the only Southerner. Wasn't he essentially Southern? Wasn't that the core of his being, his essence, as it were?

--T. Geronimo Johnson, Welcome to Braggsville (William Morrow, 2015) 9780062302120

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Book & Author Gossip


Welcome to BraggsvilleThe most dazzling, most unsettling, most oh-my-God-listen-up novel you’ll read this year is called “Welcome to Braggsville.” The 44-year-old author, T. Geronimo Johnson, plays cultural criticism like it’s acid jazz. His shockingly funny story pricks every nerve of the American body politic. Arriving smack dab in the middle of Black History Month — our shortest month, naturally — “Braggsville” lashes self-satisfied liberals in the academy and self-deluded Confederates in the attic. As we feign surprise at police brutality and our Twitter outrage flits from Ferguson to Staten Island to Cleveland, this is just the discomfiting book we need.

The answer to the ultimate question

Go Set a WatchmanTo Dr. June Hobbs, an English professor at Gardner Webb University, the news of the novel changed the answer to a question she has long asked students. "Sometimes I propose this scenario to my students: A hitherto unknown book by a major author has just been discovered, and you drop everything just to read it. Who would that author be? I have usually answered 'Jane Austen,' thinking that it would be someone who is gone already. After the news of this past week, I would also say, 'Harper Lee,'" Hobbs said.


On giant eyeballs in the plot.

Shark Skin Suite“I’ve got a list of places I need to get into books on my computer,” says Dorsey, who lives in Tampa. “It grows as I add to it, then shrinks with each new book.” As for the weird Florida stuff, that’s not hard to find: You can read the newspapers or follow Florida Man on Twitter. The crazy drops into your lap unbidden. That giant eyeball, for example? Dorsey’s agent saw the story and sent the author a link and told him to check it out. “I wrote back, ‘It’s already in the book,’” Dorsey says, laughing.


Abolishing the magical black character

Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks LeagueFor Odell, the way to get readers to believe the history is by constructing tangible characters. This starts with abolishing what he refers to as the "magical black character" found in novels like The Help. "I wanted to put a strong black woman on the page, whose every breath did not depend on reacting to white people," Odell says. "[A woman] who had her own trajectory, her own sense of power, her own complexities, her own flaws."



Thomas Pierce

Hall of Small MammalsThe 12 stories in Thomas Pierce’s “Hall of Small Mammals” traffic in crafty ideas and existential questions....Small mammals visit Pierce’s stories — guard dogs, an opossum skull, baby Pippins — but they’re merely set dressings. He has deeper concerns. His characters’ conversations often orbit around the mysteries of creation. While Pierce sometimes stumbles when he substitutes cleverness for depth, his stories can be cosmic when he wrestles with the larger questions.


Are writers born or made?

The Bone TreeGreg Iles hit a home run the first time he came to bat. His first book, “Spandau Phoenix,” a thriller about Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess, was a best-seller, and every book he’s written since has been, too. Iles became a writer because he knew could write. “It was always something I could do,” he says. “I’ve debated at UCLA whether writers are born or made. “I think they’re born. I don’t deserve any credit for what I write.”



My Sunshine Away

My Sunshine AwayMy Sunshine Away is a great mystery and a wonderful coming-of-age story, but the first tremendous success of this book is the way the conventions of these genres intersect with the novel’s measured attention to adolescence. There is a palpable tension between the fully inhabited world Walsh has created and the reader’s desire to know the truth about what happened and what it means.

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Lady Banks {Book} Trailer Park

Welcome to Braggsville

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Read This! Recommended Reading from Southern Booksellers

Okra Picks

From the Okra Picks

Welcome to Braggsville
by T. Geronimo Johnson

Welcome to BraggsvilleFrom the PEN/Faulkner finalist and critically acclaimed author of Hold It 'Til It Hurts comes a dark and socially provocative Southern-fried comedy about four UC Berkeley students who stage a dramatic protest during a Civil War reenactment--a fierce, funny, tragic work from a bold new writer

Welcome to Braggsville. The City That Love Built in the Heart of Georgia. Population 712.

Born and raised in the heart of old Dixie, D'aron Davenport finds himself in unfamiliar territory his freshman year at UC Berkeley. Two thousand miles and a world away from his childhood, he is a small-town fish floundering in the depths of a large hyperliberal pond. Caught between the prosaic values of his rural hometown and the intellectualized multicultural cosmopolitanism of "Berzerkeley," the nineteen-year-old white kid is uncertain about his place, until one disastrous party brings him three idiosyncratic best friends: Louis, a "kung fu comedian" from California; Candice, an earnest do-gooder from Iowa claiming Native roots; and Charlie, an introspective inner-city black teen from Chicago. They dub themselves the "4 Little Indians."

But everything changes in the group's alternative history class, when D'aron lets slip that his hometown hosts an annual Civil War reenactment, recently rebranded "Patriot Days." His announcement is met with righteous indignation and inspires Candice to suggest a "performative intervention" to protest the reenactment. Armed with youthful self-importance, makeshift slave costumes, righteous zeal, and their own misguided ideas about the South, the 4 Little Indians descend on Braggsville. Their journey through backwoods churches, backroom politics, Waffle Houses, and drunken family barbecues is uproarious at first but has devastating consequences.

With the keen wit of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and the deft argot of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, T. Geronimo Johnson has written an astonishing, razor-sharp satire. Using a panoply of styles and tones, from tragicomic to Southern Gothic, he skewers issues of class, race, intellectual and political chauvinism, Obamaism, social media, and much more.

A literary coming-of-age novel for a new generation, written with tremendous social insight and a unique, generous heart, Welcome to Braggsville reminds us of the promise and perils of youthful exuberance, while painting an indelible portrait of contemporary America.

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More Okra Picks!

Recommended by the staff and customers at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC

 From Nancy:

Louise's BlunderSarah Shaber's mysteries just get better and better. Jim and I tremendously enjoyed her latest mystery, Louise's Blunder (Severn $28.95), featuring Louise Pearlie, a young widow who leaves NC to work in Washington, DC, for the OSS during World War II. It has all the historical intrigue and suspense of a good mystery. There are now four books in the series, beginning with Louise's War. We have plenty in stock. Historian Shaber is a Raleigh resident.




Almost Famous WomenAnother author with Raleigh connections is Megan Mayhew Bergman, who has written an extraordinary book of stories, Almost Famous Women (Scribner $25). Her fascinating characters, based on real women, are "defined by their creative impulses, fierce independence, and sometimes reckless decisions." Bergman's first book, Birds of a Lesser Paradise (Scribner $15), also was highly acclaimed. I believe she will be a huge literary star.

* * *



DescentTwo from Mamie: I will stay up late into the night reading a good thriller and that’s just what I did with Tim Johnston’s new novel, Descent (Algonquin $25.95). Sean and Caitlin, brother and sister on a summer family vacation, go for a hike/bike in the Rocky Mountains. The boy is hit by a vehicle and badly injured. A search party finds him, but Caitlin is missing. As the family falls apart trying to deal with their anxiety, guilt and depression, so does the rugged mountain landscape, and the search for Caitlin becomes more and more challenging. Johnston knows how to tell a good story, but what sets this book apart from many others is his use of language and setting to heighten the suspense.

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My ImaginationIn 2006 when Elizabeth McCracken and her husband were living in France, she gave birth to a stillborn son. An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination: A Memoir (Back Bay $12.99) is an intimate look at the tragedy. McCracken is very clear about the things that helped and the things that made healing more difficult. She tells without holding back about delivering the infant after learning he had died, and about her second pregnancy and the ways it was influenced by the first. I gained great insight from this book into what grieving people need, and although I know all of us grieve differently, McCracken’s book will help me support those in my life who suffer from the death of a loved one. In one of my favorite quotes from the book, McCracken says, “The dead don’t need anything. The rest of us could use some company.”


GoliathIn Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel (Nation $17.99), journalist Max Blumenthal reports on what he finds as he goes on his journey through Israel-Palestine. During this period of four years--2009 to 2013--he speaks with many people, Israeli Jews and Palestinians. Because of his U.S. passport and Jewish heritage, Blumenthal was able to travel in Israel-Palestine "with relative ease." He spends time in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Jerusalem, various Palestinian villages, and other locations. He reports on Palestinian demonstrations against the Occupation and the Wall, and mob violence in Israel. Although the book is long, each chapter is short and can stand alone. Adam Hochschild states, "...this is a report...we seldom see in the mainstream media." I agree. Read this book. —Elizabeth

My Accidental JihadMy Accidental Jihad, a memoir by Krista Bremer (Algonquin $24.95). While living in NC, a woman in her 20s falls in love with a Libyan-born Muslim man in his 40s. She does a good job of writing about how the cultural differences threaten, but don’t overcome, and even deepen their connection. Well written. An NC author and an NC publisher! —Martha

More bookseller recommendations

Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending February 8, 2014. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.

- A STARS Author | Okra Pick! - A SIBA Okra Pick 
Titles in red are SIBA Book Award winners and finalists!
Printable versions: Hardcover | Paperback | Children.


1. The Girl on the Train
Paula Hawkins, Riverhead, $26.95, 9781594633669
2. All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr, Scribner, $27, 9781476746586
3. Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
Neil Gaiman, Morrow, $26.99, 9780062330260
4. The Nightingale
Kristin Hannah, St. Martin's, $27.99, 9780312577223
5. The Boston Girl
Anita Diamant, Scribner, $26, 9781439199350
6. Gray Mountain
John Grisham, Doubleday, $28.95, 9780385537148
7. Funny Girl
Nick Hornby, Riverhead, $27.95, 9781594205415
8. Descent
Tim Johnston, Algonquin, $25.95, 9781616203047
9. The Escape
David Baldacci, Grand Central, $28, 9781455521197
10. Shark Skin Suite
Tim Dorsey, Morrow, $26.99, 9780062240019
okra 11. The Secret Wisdom of the Earth
Chris Scotton, Grand Central, $26, 9781455551927

okra 12. The Invention of Wings
Sue Monk Kidd, Viking, $27.95, 9780670024780

13. The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt, Little Brown, $30, 9780316055437
14. The Rosie Effect
Graeme Simsion, S&S, $25.99, 9781476767314
15. Saint Odd
Dean Koontz, Bantam, $28, 9780345545879


1. Being Mortal
Atul Gawande, Metropolitan, $26, 9780805095159
2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Marie Kondo, Ten Speed Press, $16.99, 9781607747307
3. Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Diane Muldrow, Golden Books, $9.99, 9780553508758
4. Leaving Before the Rains Come
Alexandra Fuller, Penguin Press, $26.95, 9781594205866
5. The Motivation Manifesto
Brendon Burchard, Hay House, $19.99, 9781401948078
6. The XYZ Factor: The Dosomething.Org Guide to Creating a Culture of Impact
Nancy Lublin, Alyssa Ruderman, Benbella, $29.95, 9781941631638
7. Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Diane Muldrow, Golden Books, $9.99, 9780307977618
8. Make It Ahead
Ina Garten, Clarkson Potter, $35, 9780307464880
9. Deep Down Dark
Hector Tobar, FSG, $26, 9780374280604
10. Small Victories
Anne Lamott, Riverhead, $22.95, 9781594486296
11. 41: A Portrait of My Father
George W. Bush, Crown Publishing Group, $28, 9780553447781
12. God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy
Mike Huckabee, St. Martin's Press, $26.99, 9781250060990
okra 13. Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story
Jerry Lee Lewis, Rick Bragg, Harper, $27.99, 9780062078223

14. Killing Patton
Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard, Holt, $30, 9780805096682
15. The Hundred-Year Marathon
Michael Pillsbury, Holt, $30, 9781627790109


1. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
Gabrielle Zevin, Algonquin, $14.95, 9781616204518
2. The Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion, S&S, $15.99, 9781476729091
3. Orphan Train
Christina Baker Kline, Morrow, $14.99, 9780061950728
4. The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald, Scribner, $15, 9781451689433
5. The Martian
Andy Weir, Broadway, $15, 9780553418026
6. Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Maria Semple, Back Bay, $14.99, 9780316204262
7. Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn, Broadway, $15, 9780553418361
8. Me Before You
Jojo Moyes, Penguin, $16, 9780143124542
9. The Paris Architect
Charles Belfoure, Sourcebooks Landmark, $14.99, 9781402294150
10. Fifty Shades of Grey
E.L. James, Vintage, $15.95, 9780804172073
11. Still Alice
Lisa Genova, Gallery, $16, 9781501106422
12. The Light Between Oceans
M.L. Stedman, Scribner, $16, 9781451681758
13. Americanah
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Anchor, $15.95, 9780307455925
okra 14. Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
Jonathan Odell, Maiden Lane Press, $16, 9781940210049

15. Still Life With Bread Crumbs
Anna Quindlen, Random House, $16, 9780812976892


1. American Sniper
Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Morrow, $15.99, 9780062376336
2. The Boys in the Boat
Daniel James Brown, Penguin, $17, 9780143125471
3. Unbroken
Laura Hillenbrand, Random House, $16, 9780812987119
4. Wild
Cheryl Strayed, Vintage, $15.95, 9781101873441
5. Alan Turing: The Enigma
Andrew Hodges, Princeton University Press, $16.95, 9780691164724
6. How to Love
Thich Nhat Hanh, Parallax Press, $9.95, 9781937006884
okra 7. The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son
Pat Conroy, Dial Press, $16, 9780385343527

8. The Lost City of Z
David Grann, Vintage, $16.95, 9781400078455
9. Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls
David Sedaris, Back Bay, $17, 9780316154703
10. Bad Feminist
Roxane Gay, Harper Perennial, $15.99, 9780062282712
11. The Power of Habit
Charles Duhigg, Random House, $16, 9780812981605
12. The Heart of Everything That Is
Bob Drury, Tom Clavin, S&S, $17, 9781451654684
13. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day
Matt Kepnes, Perigee Books, $15, 9780399173288
14. The Sixth Extinction
Elizabeth Kolbert, Picador USA, $16, 9781250062185
15. Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time
Craig Lehoullier, Storey Publishing, $19.95, 9781612122083


1. American Sniper
Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Harper, $9.99, 9780062376572
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, Grand Central, $8.99, 9780446310789
3. Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn, Broadway, $9.99, 9780553418354
4. 1984
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451524935
5. The Catcher in the Rye
J.D. Salinger, Little Brown, $8.99, 9780316769488
6. A Clash of Kings
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780345535429
7. Lord of the Flies
William Golding, Perigee, $9.99, 9780399501487
8. A Storm of Swords
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780345543981
9. A Raisin in the Sun
Lorraine Hansberry, Vintage, $7.5, 9780679755333
10. A Dance With Dragons
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553582017


1. The Book With No Pictures
B.J. Novak, Dial, $17.99, 9780803741713
2. Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is Cool
Kimberly Dean, James Dean (Illus.), HarperFestival, $9.99, 9780062198655
3. The Day the Crayons Quit
Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers (Illus.), Philomel, $17.99, 9780399255373
4. Llama Llama I Love You
Anna Dewdney, Viking Children's Books, $5.99, 9780451469816
5. Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illus.), Harper, $8.99, 9780694003617
6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle, Putnam, $10.99, 9780399226908
7. On the Night You Were Born
Nancy Tillman, Feiwel & Friends, $7.99, 9780312601553
8. Guess How Much I Love You (Panorama Pops)
Sam McBratney, Anita Jeram (Illus.), Candlewick, $9.99, 9780763674465
9. Where the Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak, Harper, $18.99, 9780060254926
10. All Kinds of Kisses
Nancy Tafuri, LB Kids, $6.99, 9780316122368


1. Looking for Alaska (Special 10th Anniversary Edition)
John Green, Dutton, $19.99, 9780525428022
2. El Deafo
Cece Bell, Amulet, $10.95, 9781419712173
3. I Was Here
Gayle Forman, Viking, $18.99, 9780451471475
4. I'll Give You the Sun
Jandy Nelson, Dial, $17.99, 9780803734968
5. The Book Thief
Markus Zusak, Knopf, $12.99, 9780385754729
6. The Giver
Lois Lowry, Harcourt, $9.99, 9780544340688
7. Because of Winn-Dixie
Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick, $6.99, 9780763644321
8. Paper Towns
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142414934
9. Brown Girl Dreaming
Jacqueline Woodson, Nancy Paulsen Books, $16.99, 9780399252518
10. Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
Rick Riordan, John Rocco (Illus.), Hyperion, $24.99, 9781423183648


1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
Jeff Kinney, Amulet, $13.95, 9781419711893
2. The Maze Runner
James Dashner, Delacorte, $10.99, 9780385385206
3. Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch (My First I Can Read Series)
James Dean, Harper, $3.99, 9780062110695
4. I Totally Funniest (I Funny)
James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Little Brown, $13.99, 9780316405935
5. Wildwood (The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I)
Colin Meloy, Carson Ellis (Illus.), Balzer + Bray, $8.99, 9780062024701
6. The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, Book 3)
James Dashner, Delacorte, $9.99, 9780385738781
7. Fairest: Levana's Story (The Lunar Chronicles)
Marissa Meyer, Feiwel & Friends, $17.99, 9781250060556
8. Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $12.99, 9780062024053
9. The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, $12.99, 9780545425117
10. The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2)
James Dashner, Ember, $9.99, 9780385738767

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Special to the Southern List

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The Escape
Shark Skin Suite
The Secret Wisdom of the Earth
The Invention of Wings
The XYZ Factor: The Dosomething.Org Guide to Creating a Culture of Impact
Make It Ahead
41: A Portrait of My Father
God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy
Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story
The Hundred-Year Marathon
The Great Gatsby
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Me Before You
The Paris Architect
The Light Between Oceans
Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son
The Lost City of Z
How to Travel the World on $50 a Day
Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time
The Catcher in the Rye
A Clash of Kings
Lord of the Flies
A Storm of Swords
A Raisin in the Sun
A Dance With Dragons
On the Night You Were Born
All Kinds of Kisses
I'll Give You the Sun
The Book Thief
Because of Winn-Dixie
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods


Events at Southern Indie Bookstores

Boarding Pass to Murder  (book club)
Pierre LeMaitre
02/19/2015, 05:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

David Leddick - Nakeder Than Thou - Gables  (author appearance)
David Leddick
02/19/2015, 06:30 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

INKWOOD'S Official Book Club! - The Future for Curious People  (book club)
02/19/2015, 07:00 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

The Book Club discusses Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach  (book club)
02/19/2015, 07:00 am
Charis Books & More
Atlanta, GA

Okra Pick!JONATHAN ODELL presents MISS HAZEL AND THE ROSA PARKS LEAGUE  (author appearance)
Jonathan Odell
02/20/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Barbara Bonner - Inspiring Generosity - Gables  (author appearance)
Barbara Bonner
02/20/2015, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Carrie Knowles - Apricots in a Turkish Garden  (author appearance)
Carrie Knowles
02/20/2015, 07:00 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Carolyn Brown- Author of Song Of My Life  (author appearance)
Carolyn Brown
02/20/2015, 11:00 am
Litchfield Books
Pawleys Island, SC

Okra Pick!MARCIE FERRIS presents THE EDIBLE SOUTH  (author appearance)
Marcie Cohen Ferris
02/21/2015, 04:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Organic Education: Teaching Without Failure by Marietta Johnson  (author appearance)
Marietta Johnson
02/21/2015, 02:00 pm
Page & Palette
Fairhope, AL

John Horvat II - Return to Order - Gables  (author appearance)
John Horvat II
02/21/2015, 05:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Sergei Boissier - Damage Control - Gables  (author appearance)
Sergei Boissier
02/21/2015, 07:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Octavia Books Book Club - THE ALCHEMIST  (book club)
02/21/2015, 10:30 am
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

Okra Pick!T. Geronimo Johnson - WELCOME TO BRAGGSVILLE  (author appearance)
T. Geronimo Johnson
02/21/2015, 06:00 pm
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

Thomas Rain Crowe Book Signing- Beatitude Magazine and the 1970s San Francisco Renaissance  (author appearance)
Thomas Rain Crowe
02/21/2015, 03:00 pm
City Lights Bookstore
Sylva, NC

Bridgette Lacy with Publicity Boot Camp Workshop (Fee)  (other event)
02/21/2015, 09:00 am
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

LORI HORVITZ presents THE GIRLS OF USUALLY  (author appearance)
02/22/2015, 03:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Author Appearance  (author appearance)
02/22/2015, 02:00 pm
Poetry Reading

PIH ENGAGE PUBLIC HEALTH Book Club discusses BEING MORTAL  (book club)
02/23/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Lenore T. Szuchman - Great Myths of Aging - Gables  (author appearance)
Lenore T. Szuchman
02/23/2015, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

02/23/2015, 06:30 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

Bartow J. Elmore, author of Citizen Coke  (author appearance)
Bartow J. Elmore
02/23/2015, 07:00 pm
Hub City Bookshop
Spartanburg, SC

Debby Maugans
02/24/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Author Luncheon  (author appearance)
Peter Diamandis
02/24/2015, 12:00 pm
Van Wezel Bayfron Lawn

Michael Kardos  (author appearance)
Michael Kardos
02/24/2015, 06:00 pm
Page & Palette
Fairhope, AL

Concha Buika - A los que amaron a mujeres difíciles y acabaron por soltarse - Un evento del Centro Cultural Español y Books & Books  (author appearance)
Concha Buika
02/24/2015, 07:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Charles Todd Booksigning   (author appearance)
Charles Todd
02/24/2015, 07:00 pm
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore
Delray Beach, FL

Meeting the Shadow Salon  (other event)
02/25/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Author Luncheon  (author appearance)
Anna Quindlen
02/25/2015, 11:00 am
Michael's on East,

Author Appearance  (author appearance)
Alan Dershowitz
02/25/2015, 07:00 pm
Ritz Carlton

David Putnam Booksigning  (author appearance)
David Putnam
02/25/2015, 07:00 pm
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore
Delray Beach, FL

Christine Jernigan: Family Language Learning  (author appearance)
Christine Jernigan
02/25/2015, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC

WORKS IN TRANSLATION Book Club discusses FACES IN THE CROWD  (book club)
02/26/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Mark Harris - Five Came Back - Gables  (author appearance)
Mark Harris
02/26/2015, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

THEODORE RICHARDS presents THE CONVERSIONS  (author appearance)
Theodore Richards
02/27/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Alfred J. Lopez - Jose Marti: A Revolutionary Life - Gables  (author appearance)
Alfred J. Lopez
02/27/2015, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Okra Pick!Jonathan ODell- Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League  (author appearance)
Jonathan Odell
02/27/2015, 07:00 pm
Charlotte, NC

Louise Runyon Poetry Reading  (author appearance)
Louise Runyon
02/27/2015, 06:30 pm
City Lights Bookstore
Sylva, NC

Karen Stokes- Author of True Stories of Civilians, Soldiers & War  (author appearance)
Karen Stokes
02/27/2015, 11:00 am
Litchfield Books
Pawleys Island, SC

HEATHER WEBB presents RODIN'S LOVER  (author appearance)
Heather Webb
02/28/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Mike Lupica - The Only Game - Gables  (author appearance)
Mike Lupica
02/28/2015, 02:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Eva Gates Booksigning  (author appearance)
Eva Gates
02/28/2015, 01:00 pm
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore
Delray Beach, FL

Elizabeth Harris Book Signing  (author appearance)
Elizabeth Harris
02/28/2015, 03:00 pm
City Lights Bookstore
Sylva, NC

Author Appearance  (author appearance)
Susan Nusbaum
03/01/2015, 02:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Short Story Book Club  (book club)
Junot Diaz
03/03/2015, 07:00 pm
Cock and Bull Pub

Poetry Book Club  (book club)
03/03/2015, 07:00 pm
The Club at 1350 Main Street, Sarasota

First Friday Art Walk Book Signing with Angie Steele  (author appearance)
Angie Steele
03/06/2015, 05:00 pm
Page After Page Bookstore

Little Writers Workshop  (writers group)
03/07/2015, 10:30 am
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Poetry Local/Mic  (other event)
03/08/2015, 02:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Elsie's Barista Book Club  (book club)
M.L. Stedman
03/10/2015, 09:00 am
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Okra Pick!Jamie Kornegay book launch for Soil  (author appearance)
Jamie Kornegay
03/10/2015, 05:30 pm
Turnrow Books
Greenwood, MS

David Joy discusses his novel Where All Light Tends to Go  (author appearance)
David Joy
03/11/2015, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Attention all Civil War Enthusiasts  (author appearance)
Jeff Stayton
03/13/2015, 11:00 am
Horton's Books & Gifts
Carrollton, GA

Author Appearance  (author appearance)
Abassador Christopher Hill
03/17/2015, 06:00 pm
Mildred Sainer Pavillion on campus of New College

Author Luncheon  (author appearance)
03/18/2015, 11:30 am
Florida Studio Theatre

Boarding Pass to Murder  (book club)
Manuel Vazquez Montalban
03/19/2015, 05:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Author Appearance  (author appearance)
Ambassador Christopher Hill
03/19/2015, 06:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Author Appearance  (author appearance)
Randy Wayne White
03/28/2015, 07:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

Prose Local/Mic  (author appearance)
Kurt Landefeld
03/29/2015, 02:00 pm
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

First Friday Art Walk Book Signing with Karen Yankosky  (author appearance)
Karen Yankosky
04/03/2015, 05:00 pm
Page After Page Bookstore

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