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Week of November 5, 2017

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{Too ridiculous to believe}

In which her ladyship, the editor, watches a movie, a Kentucky organization puts a typo in their Oxford American ad (on purpose), Mr. Robert Ruark picks a fight (also on purpose), and Ms. Kelly Justice offers cocktail advice for reading Mr. Roben Farzad's newest book -- something decadent.

"There is an old saying that every story, even your own, is either happy or sad depending on where you stop telling it. I believe I'll stop telling this one here."
--- Wiley Cash, The Last Ballad

North Carolina Writers NetworkHer ladyship, the editor, spent last weekend at the annual fall conference of the North Carolina Writers Network, which happened to be held right down the road from where she lives, in Wrightsville Beach, NC. It was a beautiful weekend -- something her ladyship rather resented, to be honest. Who wants to sit in hotel meeting rooms all day when the sun is shining and the beach is practically empty, waiting for your footprints?

Although she rarely attends as a writer, her ladyship loves writers conferences. She loves being in a roomful of creative people, each one driven to finding the best way to get the vision in their head out into the real world where the rest of us can see and marvel at it. Granted, a weekend of workshops with titles like "Writing the query letter that sells!" or "Booksellers and Authors, Building Partnerships that Last" (her ladyship's oh so fascinating contribution to the program) might not seem like fertile ground for inspiration to take root. But there was also "The Ordinary Extraordinary" -- a look at odes to common objects, and "Such a character" -- the writer Jason Mott's exploration of what makes a character layered, nuanced and memorable. Every person in attendance was a believer in the power and the importance of the written word. "We live in a place where literature is protest," said Wiley Cash at the keynote speech.

Strangely enough, her ladyship's favorite moment was not a literary workshop or poetry reading, it was not even the open mic sessions that close out each day where brave souls stand up to read their work out loud to total strangers who also happen to be writers. It's always rewarding to hear new work "in the raw," so to speak.


No, her favorite thing about the conference this year was the screening of documentary called CreativeNC: An Introspective Look at Creative Culture, produced by Dev T. Smith. The film is an hour long series of interviews with people -- most of them young -- who are making a living in North Carolina as "creatives" -- artists, graphic artists, fashion designers, writers, film producers, web designers, musicians, and so on and so on. Some of them are still students, some have taken a leap of faith and started their own business or production company or clothing line. They talk about the pressures they face, the risks they take, the drive that sees them through when the rest of society is pressuring them to conform, the way they learned to have faith in themselves and their vision.

It gives her ladyship great hope for the future.

Read Independently! And shop local.

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

BoatloadsThe Mystery of the Great Blue Heron

The poet tries to make the heron a god,
But the heron does not care. The heron
wades along the shore, a dark body
absorbing light, patience stopping time.
The poet makes sounds like prayer,
but the heron is merely annoyed, stepping
into the air and pulling with broad wings.
The poet carefully records a sacred text,
but the heron has found a hidden pool
among the small trees and stands there
all day, staring coldly into the water,
far from the songs, from the blood,
from all the voices that beg for mercy.

--Dan Albergotti, The Boatloads (BOA Editions, 2018) 9781934414033

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The Floating World "Fiction more so than nonfiction can tell us about a real-world disaster in a way that is accessible and understandable"

keep reading: A novelist tries to make sense of Katrina



"Nobody is going to retire from this business a multimillion dollar bookseller. You've got to wake up in the morning excited to sell books."

keep reading: 321 Books

Read This! Books with Street Cred

Recommended reading from Southern Indie Booksellers

The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater
From Page 158 Books: It was fascinating to step into the life of a gender non-binary individual. I really enjoyed that perspective.

From the publisher: If it weren't for the 57 bus, Sasha and Richard never would have met. Both were high school students from Oakland, California, one of the most diverse cities in the country, but they inhabited different worlds. Sasha, a white teen, lived in the middle-class foothills and attended a small private school. Richard, a black teen, lived in the crime-plagued flatlands and attended a large public one. Each day, their paths overlapped for a mere eight minutes. But one afternoon on the bus ride home from school, a single reckless act left Sasha severely burned, and Richard charged with two hate crimes and facing life imprisonment. The case garnered international attention, thrusting both teenagers into the spotlight.

The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime That Changed Their Lives by Dashka Slater ($17.99*, Farrar Straus Giroux), recommended by Page 158 Books, Wake Forest, NC.

The Rules of Magic by Alice HoffmanYou don't have to have read Practical Magic to enjoy Hoffman's prequel, although I imagine it would add to the experience. I am not a fan of magical realism or fantasy. But, I decided to read this timely novel this week; Halloween week. And it worked for me. What's more Halloween-like than a story about a family of witches? Well, nothing. Three siblings live in NYC and are visited by their cousin who is also a witch. There's a curse on the Owen's family. Any man who falls in love with them is doomed. And they know this. But they decide to test the waters... So to speak.

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman ($27.00*, Simon & Schuster), recommended by Copperfish Books, Punta Gorda, FL.


Morningstar by Ann HoodAnn Hood and I lived in similar worlds growing up, if not geographically, then economically and culturally. What is most relevant, though, is the similarity of our reading lives as children and teens: we received little guidance in what we "should" read, and yet it seems that the right books appeared at the right time, deeply influencing the people we are now. If you were a "bookworm" (and I mean that is the best way) as a child, and pick up this book, I suspect that you'll feel a similar connection, and likely find Hood's recounting of her early years through the important books in her life as charming as I did.

Morningstar by Ann Hood ($22.95*, W.W. Norton & Company), recommended by Malaprop's, Asheville, NC.

More bookseller recommendations

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Dear Martin"Handcuffed while trying to help an inebriated former girlfriend, McAllister feels a helpless anger when the officer is cleared." 

keep reading: Southern voices break from tradition

The Prince of Tides"They took the book to the board in September of 2007 and started reading excerpts, the rape scene. They focused on that out of context. The board pulled the book until they could read it with parents and teachers and decide if it should be in the classroom." 

keep reading: Gay teacher shares story of his journey to truth



"In an age when consumers crave an experience that feels unique and connected to the local community (perhaps as a reaction to the uniformity of big box stores and the impersonal nature of online retailers), independent bookstores offer a breath of fresh air" 

keep reading: The sudden rise of independent bookstores in Winston-Salem

The List: "The books we are grateful for" from the staff at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN

"OK, don't overthink it, just answer with the first title that comes to mind:
What book are you grateful for right now?"
(See the full list and the reasons why staff members are grateful for these particular books)

Uncommon Type Independent People Lilac Girls Spiineless  American Wolf I Capture the Castle On Living Mishadra 

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Booked "The program specifically works on literacy development through books on character that young people can relate to"

keep reading: Using the power of sports to teach literature and character



The Old Man and the Boy"Ruark threw a wild punch. Big Bobo Newsom, meanwhile, held Ruark at arm's length with one arm, while holding and drinking a soda with the other. "  

keep reading: Robert Ruark provokes a fight

"We know. It's "your" not "you're." We just figured that a typo would be the best way for our ad to stand out in a fine publication like Oxford American Magazine."

keep reading: Kentucky ad goes viral

The {Book} Trailer Park: Hotel Scarface: an audiobook excerpt

Hotel Scarface

"By the turn of the decade, the one hundred and thirty room hotel and club was a criminal free trade zone."

The Okra Pick of the Week

Hotel Scarface by Roben Farzad"Roben Farzad's debut is a fast-paced tale of drugs, sex, and Dom Perignon set in a swanky Miami hotel called The Mutiny. The book seems destined for the silver screen until you realize that it's too ridiculous to believe. But that's the thing: every freaky cocaine-fueled moment, each kingpin ordered assassination, every larger-than-life character, every celebrity cameo is actually real. So, put the soundtrack to Miami Vice on the in the background, grab yourself decadent drink, and settle in for a ripping good read!" -- Kelly, Fountain Bookstore

The wild, true story of the Mutiny, the hotel and club that embodied the decadence of Miami's cocaine cowboys heyday—and an inspiration for the blockbuster film, Scarface...

In the seventies, coke hit Miami with the full force of a hurricane, and no place attracted dealers and dopers like Coconut Grove's Mutiny at Sailboat Bay. Hollywood royalty, rock stars, and models flocked to the hotel's club to order bottle after bottle of Dom and to snort lines alongside narcos, hit men, and gunrunners, all while marathon orgies burned upstairs in elaborate fantasy suites.

Amid the boatloads of powder and cash reigned the new kings of Miami: three waves of Cuban immigrants vying to dominate the trafficking of one of the most lucrative commodities ever known to man. But as the kilos—and bodies—began to pile up, the Mutiny became target number one for law enforcement. 

Based on exclusive interviews and never-before-seen documents, Hotel Scarface is a portrait of a city high on excess and greed, an extraordinary work of investigative journalism offering an unprecedented view of the rise and fall of cocaine—and the Mutiny—in Miami.

Hotel Scarface by Roben Farzad| Berkley Books| 9781592409280

buy from an indie

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Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending November 5. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.


See the full list here.
The Southern Book Prize | A SIBA Okra Pick | Special to the Southern List
Printable versions (PDF): Hardcover | Paperback | Children's



1. The Rooster Bar
John Grisham, Doubleday, $28.95, 9780385541176
2. Origin
Dan Brown, Doubleday, $29.95, 9780385514231
3. Uncommon Type
Tom Hanks, Knopf, $26.95, 9781101946152
4. A Gentleman in Moscow
Amor Towles, Viking, $27, 9780670026197
5. Two Kinds of Truth
Michael Connelly, Little Brown, $29, 9780316225908


1. Leonardo da Vinci
Walter Isaacson, S&S, $35, 9781501139154
2. Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit
Chris Matthews, S&S, $28, 9781501111860
3. Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans
Brian Kilmeade, Don Yaeger, Sentinel, $28, 9780735213234
4. What Happened
Hillary Rodham Clinton, S&S, $30, 9781501175565
5. Grant
Ron Chernow, Penguin Press, $40, 9781594204876

Special to the Southern List

Sing, Unburied, Sing Jesmyn Ward, Scribner, $26,  Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Gordon S. Wood, Penguin Press, $35,  Hotel Scarface: Where Cocaine Cowboys Partied and Plotted to Control Miami Roben Farzad, Berkley, $26,  Bad Feminist Roxane Gay, Harper Perennial, $10,


10. Sing, Unburied, Sing
Jesmyn Ward, Scribner, $26, 9781501126062
12. The Last Ballad
Wiley Cash, Morrow, $26.99, 9780062313119


9. Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Gordon S. Wood, Penguin Press, $35, 9780735224711
11. The Last Castle

Denise Kiernan, Touchstone, $28, 9781476794044
12. Hotel Scarface: Where Cocaine Cowboys Partied and Plotted to Control Miami
Roben Farzad, Berkley, $26, 9781592409280
13. Vibe: Discover Your Energetic Frequency for Health, Love & Success
Robyn Openshaw, North Star Way, $26, 9781501163289
14. Make Your Bed
William H. McRaven, Grand Central, $18, 9781455570249
15. Why Buddhism Is True
Robert Wright, S&S, $27, 9781439195451


8. Rules of Civility
Amor Towles, Penguin, $17, 9780143121169
10. Homegoing

Yaa Gyasi, Vintage, $16, 9781101971062
11. The Remains of the Day
Kazuo Ishiguro, Vintage, $16, 9780679731726
12. Her Body and Other Parties
Carmen Maria Machado, Graywolf Press, $16, 9781555977887
13. A Man Called Ove
Fredrik Backman, Washington Square Press, $16, 9781476738024
14. News of the World
Paulette Jiles, Morrow, $15.99, 9780062409218
15. After the Fire
Henning Mankell, Vintage, $16.95, 9780525435082


3. Bad Feminist
Roxane Gay, Harper Perennial, $10, 9780062695697
6. Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow, Penguin, $20, 9780143034759
7. Basketball (and Other Things)
Shea Serrano, Arturo Torres (Illus.), Abrams Image, $19.99, 9781419726477
8. Being Mortal
Atul Gawande, Picador USA, $16, 9781250076229
9. The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story
Edwidge Danticat, Graywolf Press, $14, 9781555977771
10. Dark Money
Jane Mayer, Anchor, $17, 9780307947901
11. The Devil in the White City
Erik Larson, Vintage, $16, 9780375725609
12. Absolutely on Music: Conversations
Haruki Murakami, Seiji Ozawa, Vintage, $17, 9780804173728

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What's happening at Southern Indies across the South?

See the full calendar | Find a Southern Indie Bookstore near you.

Patricia Gussin Booksigning  (author appearance)
Patricia Gussin | 11/10/2017, 07:00 pm | Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore | Delray Beach, FL

Pete McCommons: 30 Pub Notes  (author appearance)
Pete McCommons | 11/10/2017, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Ole Miss Business: The First 100 Years edited by Stella Connell  (author appearance)
Stella Connell | 11/10/2017, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

John Lane's New Collection of Poems  (author appearance)
John Lane | 11/10/2017, 06:30 pm | City Lights Bookstore | Sylva, NC

Leigh Statham discusses her YA novel Daughter 4254  (author appearance)
Leigh Statham | 11/10/2017, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

RCWMS 40th Anniversary Reading with Jeanette Stokes and Friends  (author appearance)
Jeanette Stokes | 11/10/2017, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

In Conversation with Layton Green, Written in Blood  (author appearance)
Layton Green | 11/10/2017, 07:00 pm | M. Judson | Greenville, SC

Author event with Maggie Smith, author of Good Bones  (author appearance)
Maggie Smith | 11/10/2017, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Local Author Bain Mattox: CREATURES PECULIAR AND CROOKS  (author appearance)
Bain Mattox | 11/11/2017, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison-Trim  (author appearance)
Serene Allison-Trim | 11/11/2017, 01:00 pm | Eagle Eye Book Shop | Decatur, GA

Natasha Boyd, The Indigo Girl  (author appearance)
Natasha Boyd | 11/11/2017, 02:00 pm | FoxTale Book Shoppe | Woodstock, GA

Larry Copland  (author appearance)
Larry Copland | 11/11/2017, 02:00 pm | Tall Tales Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

Michael Beadle Poetry Reading  (author appearance)
Michael Beadle | 11/11/2017, 03:00 pm | City Lights Bookstore | Sylva, NC

Lonnie Long and Gary Blackburn Present: Unlikely Warriors  (author appearance)
Lonnie Long | 11/11/2017, 12:00 pm | Main Street Books | Davidson, NC

Author Event: Chanavia Haddock - Miracle  (author appearance)
Chanavia Haddock | 11/11/2017, 11:00 am | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Author Event: Bryant Simon - The Hamlet Fire  (author appearance)
Bryant Simon | 11/11/2017, 02:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Mystery Author Panel Talk & Signing   (author appearance)
Sean Keefer | 11/11/2017, 02:00 pm | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Robert Barber and John Clark Open-House Signing  (author appearance)
Robert Barber | 11/11/2017, 11:00 am | Hub City Bookshop | Spartanburg, SC

Story time with local author Katie Evens   (author appearance)
Katie Evens | 11/11/2017, 10:30 am | M. Judson | Greenville, SC

Honors College Presents: Chip Cooper & Julio Larramendi's Campesinos  (author appearance)
Julio Larramendi | 11/12/2017, 03:00 pm | Ernest & Hadley Booksellers | Tuscaloosa, AL

Jackson Galaxy - Total Cat Mojo   (author appearance)
Jackson Galaxy | 11/12/2017, 07:00 pm | A Cappella Books | Atlanta, GA

Mark Z. Danielewski: THE FAMILIAR, Vol. 5: REDWOOD  (author appearance)
Mark Z. Danielewski | 11/12/2017, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Sebastian Matthews | 11/12/2017, 03:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author Event: Heather Adams - Maranatha Road  (author appearance)
Heather Adams | 11/12/2017, 02:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Author Rodeo with Bella Evans, Amy Schisler, & Richard Rafanovic  (author appearance)
Amy Schisler | 11/12/2017, 03:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

YA author event with Maggie Stiefvater, author of All the Crooked Saints  (author appearance)
Maggie Stiefvater | 11/12/2017, 02:00 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Book signing with mystery writer Layton Green, author of Written in Blood  (author appearance)
Layton Green | 11/12/2017, 02:00 pm | Union Avenue Books | Knoxville, TN

Reckoning with Race: America's Failure by Gene Dattel  (author appearance)
Gene Dattel | 11/13/2017, 05:00 pm | Lemuria Books | Jackson, MS

Julie Cantrell with PERENNIALS  (author appearance)
Julie Cantrell | 11/13/2017, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Karen Kingsbury - In This Moment  (author appearance)
Kate Kingsbury | 11/13/2017, 07:00 pm | Bookmarks | Winston-Salem, NC

Jeff Kinney at The Oak Hill School  (author appearance)
Jeff Kinney | 11/13/2017, 04:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Author Event at the Bama Theatre: Margaret Atwood  (author appearance)
Margaret Atwood | 11/14/2017, 07:00 pm | Ernest & Hadley Booksellers | Tuscaloosa, AL

Author Libby Schaefer  (author appearance)
Libby Schaefer | 11/14/2017, 06:00 pm | Copperfish Books | Punta Gorda, FL

Inventing Joy with Joy Mangano  (author appearance)
Joy Mangano | 11/14/2017, 01:00 pm | Writer's Block Bookstore | Winter Park, FL

Tova Mirvis - THE BOOK OF SEPARATION  (author appearance)
Tova Mirvis | 11/14/2017, 07:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Adelicia by Joyce Blaylock  (author appearance)
Joyce Blaylock | 11/14/2017, 05:00 pm | Lemuria Books | Jackson, MS

Karen Cox with GOAT CASTLE  (author appearance)
Karen Cox | 11/14/2017, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Humanities in Action: How Should We Inhabit the Earth? Reconciling Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Sustainability  (other event)
11/14/2017, 04:30 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Thomas Mira y Lopez discusses his essay collection The Book of Resting Places: A Personal History of Where We Lay the Dead  (author appearance)
Thomas Mira | 11/14/2017, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Orison Books Event: MISS PORTLAND, a novel by DAVID EBENBACH, and GHOST CHILD OF THE ATALANTA BLOOM, poems by REBECCA ARONSON  (author appearance)
Rebecca Aronson | 11/14/2017, 06:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author Event: Kelly Starling Lyons  (author appearance)
Kelly Starling Lyons | 11/14/2017, 04:00 pm | Page 158 Books | Wake Forest, NC

Author Event: William Forstchen - One Second After  (author appearance)
William Forstchen | 11/14/2017, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

SCOTT REINTGEN  (author appearance)
Scott Reintgen | 11/14/2017, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Michael Parker, Everything, Then and Since  (author appearance)
Michael Parker | 11/14/2017, 07:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

Salon@615 Special Edition with Dan Rather, author of What Unites Us  (author appearance)
Dan Rather | 11/14/2017, 06:15 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Bestselling Author Liza Mundy Presents Code Girls   (author appearance)
Liza Mundy | 11/14/2017, 06:30 pm | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

Meet the Author: Shannon Messenger  (author appearance)
Shannon Messenger | 11/14/2017, 06:30 pm | Hooray For Books | Alexandria, VA

Meet-and-greet with YA Author Jake Burt  (author appearance)
Jake Burt | 11/15/2017, 04:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Nick Riggle - ON BEING AWESOME  (author appearance)
Nick Riggle | 11/15/2017, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Dave DiBenedetto with S IS FOR SOUTHERN  (author appearance)
Dave DiBenedetto | 11/15/2017, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Michael Parker discusses his book of flash fiction Everything, Then and Since  (author appearance)
Michael Parker | 11/15/2017, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

MEGAN MIRANDA presents FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST  (author appearance)
Megan Miranda | 11/15/2017, 06:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author Event: Layton Green - Written in Blood  (author appearance)
Layton Green | 11/15/2017, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Wess Daniels, A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing the Quaker Tradition in a Participatory Culture  (author appearance)
Wess Daniels | 11/15/2017, 07:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

Bruce Beasley Reading and Signing  (author appearance)
Bruce Beasley | 11/15/2017, 06:00 pm | Hub City Bookshop | Spartanburg, SC

David DiBenedetto - S Is for Southern: A Guide to the South, from Absinthe to Zydeco  (author appearance)
David DiBenedetto | 11/16/2017, 05:00 pm | Alabama Booksmith | Homewood, AL

Poetry of Place - McAlpine  (author appearance)
Bobby McAlpine | 11/16/2017, 06:00 pm | Page & Palette | Fairhope, AL

Presentation & Book Signing with Cynthia Connolly: Banned in DC  (author appearance)
Cynthia Connolly | 11/16/2017, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

The Paleo Mom, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, Paleo Principles  (author appearance)
Sarah Ballantyne | 11/16/2017, 06:30 pm | FoxTale Book Shoppe | Woodstock, GA

D. A. Field: Blood Memory Society  (author appearance)
D.A. Field | 11/16/2017, 06:00 pm | Garden District Book Shop | New Orleans, LA

Scott S. Greenberger - THE UNEXPECTED PRESIDENT: The Life and Times of Chester A. Arthur  (author appearance)
Scott S. | 11/16/2017, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Paris in the Present Tense by Mark Helprin  (author appearance)
Mark Helprin | 11/16/2017, 05:00 pm | Lemuria Books | Jackson, MS

Simeon Marsalis with AS LIE IS TO GRIN (at the Lyric)  (author appearance)
Simeon Marsalis | 11/16/2017, 06:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Shannon Messenger - Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities #6)  (author appearance)
Shannon Messenger | 11/16/2017, 04:00 pm | Country Bookshop, The | Southern Pines, NC

NC Tall Poppies Group Reading  (other event)
11/16/2017, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

MEGAN DEVINE presents IT'S OK THAT YOU'RE NOT OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand in conversation with Will Daddario  (author appearance)
Megan Devine | 11/16/2017, 06:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe | Asheville, NC

David Goldfield, The Gifted Generation: When Government Was Good  (author appearance)
David Goldfield | 11/16/2017, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Authors Round the South |

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