Small Treasons by Mark Powell

In this thrilling new novel for fans of Adam Johnson's Fortune Smiles and Denis Johnson's The Laughing Monsters, four people's lives converge as they are consumed by the dangers of the world, both real and imagined.

Tess is a stay-at-home mother who has developed an odd obsession: watching terrorist ransom videos online. She's become fixated on one in particular--an American journalist being held by ISIS. Her husband, John, is more distant than ever, and in her isolation Tess finds an eerie resonance between the journalist's captivity and her own.

John is haunted by his past: dead wife, an estranged daughter, a murky career path. Now employed at a small college in Georgia, he is rattled when a former associate, James Stone, approaches him with a favor--or rather, a demand. John's colleague, Professor Edward Hadawi, is being investigated by the FBI for his involvement with an extremist religious group, and if John doesn't turn over files from their shared hard drive, he may finally face repercussions for his own questionable work at Site Nine years earlier.

James is looking for Hadawi and Reed Sharma, a young man who has fallen under his spell. Tormented by the part he's played in entrapping countless youth on the edge, James will stop at nothing to find the boy and assuage his conscience.

Beautifully written and featuring authentic characters, this is an astonishing and powerful novel about the search for meaning in an increasingly violent and divided world.

Small Treasons by Mark Powell | Gallery Books | 9781507203385 | $24.99

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