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Why are author events so popular? Authors aren't performers by nature, sometimes just the opposite. And a book, like any work of art should stand or fall on its own merits, shouldn't it?

Well, yes, but.

When These Mountains BurnHer ladyship, the editor, likes author events because she likes to hear about the story behind the story -- why a writer decided to write it, that strange and magical moment when they realized that an idea could become a story, the strange, winding path it took from inside the writer's head to in the pages of the book she is holding.

It is a creative process that never fails to fascinate. And often her ladyship finds that hearing a writer talk about creating the story deepens and enhances what she finds when she reads it.

Such it was when her ladyship was introduced to Shawn Cosby, author of the beautifully gritty noir novel, Blacktop Wasteland.

It is an oddity of the pandemic that her ladyship has attended more author events via video from her living room couch in the past three months than she has been able to attend in person in the last three years. Cosby's event was one of her favorites: funny, smart, compassionate, and very down to earth, it made her almost sorry she had already read the book.

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