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Bookstores Against Borders

Independent bookstores across the country have come together under the banner of "Bookstores Against Borders" and pledged to donate a percentage of their sales from July 5- 7 to RAICES, the Texas nonprofit organization which provides low-to-no cost legal services to refugees and immigrants currently being held at the US border. 

The initiative was launched by the Madison, Wisconsin store A Room of One's Own, whose staff wanted to do something constructive for immigrant children detained in border camps with few, if any, basic necessities. After researching their options the store selected RAICES, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services as the recipient for their fundraising efforts, calling it "one of the most effective organizations" providing aid immigrants detained at the border.

A Room of One's Own launched the fundraiser with a pledge to donate at least 10% of their sales from July 5-7 and a call to their fellow bookstores to join the effort with their own fundraising campaigns. As of July 5, over 65 bookstores and publishers have joined the official fundraiser, with countless others supporting the effort in others ways.

In the South, the following stores have active fundraising efforts:

Check with your local bookshop, as many are holding independent fundraisers:

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