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We understand that you can buy books anywhere.  You understand that while loving independent bookstores is a wonderful thing, loving them with your shopping dollars is even more wonderful! 

These Southern Indie Booksellers want to entice you to shop with them.  Buy online or in store from any of these shops, then complete the form below and mail it in with your receipt and get a free book. 

Wanda Jewell, Executive Director of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance has been shipping books to southern readers for nearly nine years now and she is about out of books.  We have shipped thousands of books in gratitude to readers who shop at indie bookstores. These readers have shown support for vital cultural centers, kept dollars in their local economy, and demonstrated an understanding of the importance of fostering community connections.  And we appreciate it.  We hope you have enjoyed the free books over the years.  Many of you have sent us thank you notes, notes of inspiration and gratitude for your local bookstore, and good books, and some of you have even sent money to help us with postage.  We appreciate you.  And like all good things, Free Book Stimulus Plan is ending.  We hope you will continue to support your local indie bookstore and know that we will keep looking for ways to thank you.Here’s what to do:

1.  Shop at one of these Southern Indie Bookstores

2.  Fill out this form completely, print it out and mail with a copy of your receipt to:

 FREE BOOK, 718 Hughes Rd, Hampstead, NC, 28443

3.  Wait for your free book and pat yourself on the back for shopping local.

The receipt must include the name of the store and Wanda will ship you a free book from her personal library. This is open only to consumers living in the contiguous United States.  Completed form with receipt must be mailed to  FREE BOOK, 718 Hughes Rd, Hampstead, NC, 28443 and only while supplies last. Wanda will pick a book for you.