Those Other Women by Nicola MoriartyMarried, single. Children, no children. Work outside the home, stay at home. These are all choices that women everywhere face at one time or another.

Poppy, Annalise and Frankie work together. Poppy is recently divorced and not handling the split very well. Annalise is contentedly single, trying to be a caring friend while keeping her life of lies straight. Frankie is a wife and mom trying to balance motherhood and work, trying to make a friend or two, and keeping a secret that may destroy her marriage. As a way to restore some of her confidence, Poppy decides to start a private on-line group for child-free-by-choice women.

What starts out as a way for women who have chosen to remain child-free to encourage and support other like-thinking women soon turns into a war of words and actions with the local private moms' online group. A mole has infiltrated the child-free group and begins leaking malicious private posts to the moms' group. Suddenly lives are spinning out of control, and long held lies and secrets are close to erupting.

Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty ($26.99*, William Morrow), recommended by Bookmiser, Inc., Roswell, GA.