Bearskin by James A. McLaughlin Bearskin is not a typical action filled thriller. It is a beautifully written literary adventure set in a pristine area of Appalachian Virginia. The action, while slow at times, builds into something powerful and intense by the end. Rice Moore is trying to get his life back together after a vicious run in with the Sinaloa Mexican cartel. He is a biologist who cares deeply about the environment and the animals in his job as caretaker of a private Virginia nature reserve. Rice must figure out how to deal with bear poachers, a cartel member who tracked him from Arizona and members of a biker gang who beat up and raped the previous reserve caretaker. At the same time Rice must answer to his own moral compass and not do anything to jeopardize the life he has come to love.

Bearskin by James A. McLaughlin ($26.99*, Ecco Press), recommended by Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC.

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