After Anna by Lisa ScottolineI knew from the first page that After Anna was going to be something really different. It starts with alternating excerpts from the trial of Noah who is accused of killing his stepdaughter Anna and the story of what happens before the murder told from the viewpoint of his wife. We know that Maggie reunites with her daughter Anna after giving up custody to her ex 17 years earlier. We know that less than 3 weeks later Anna is dead. We know that Noah swears he is innocent and still loves his wife, even though she kicked him out of the house and believed that he was abusing Anna. We know from Noah that Anna isn’t the sweet teenager that Maggie thinks she is.

I couldn’t begin to imagine how this could turn into a story that I could be happy with. I felt for Noah and truly believed he was innocent, but I also understood why Maggie didn’t believe him. Never in a million years did I guess the turn of events that made this one of the best books I have read this year. Lisa Scottoline has truly outdone herself with this one.

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline ($27.99*, St. Martin's Press), recommended by Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC.