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{On discovering things in the dirt.}

In which it is determined that there are sixteen books that every Southerner absolutely ought to have, Mr. Mac Stone attempts to avoid the alligators in the dark, and Mr. Rick Bragg reflects on the things you can grow in the red dirt of Alabama.

December 14, 2014

Dearest Readers,

Several months ago, her ladyship, the editor, wrote about attending the biennial induction ceremony to the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame -- an event which never fails to move and inspire her. If only all states could be so lucky as to have a Literary Hall of Fame to honor (and gloat about) their native storytellers.

Thanks to the Alabama Venter for the Book and the Alabama Writers' Forum, the Heart of Dixie, the Sweet Home State, now has an Alabama Writers Hall of Fame. The inagural induction will be in June -- one guess who was at the top of the list to be inducted?

Yes, of course. As if there would be any other answer.

Shake Loose My SkinNow how about the eleven other writers who will make up this great first class of celebrated writers...writers who are, as the mission states, "known internationally for their contribution to literary arts across all genres."

So who would that be? It's hard to narrow it down, is it not? The South breeds great writers, and the heart of Dixie is the heart of the South

Well, one of those eleven is Rick Bragg, who seems a mite overwhelmed when he comments upon the honor. "My people have discovered many thins in that red dirt," he wrote, "from coal to iron ore to cotton. I guess I shouldn't be suprised they raised at least one writer."

And here are the ten other writers who will be honored:

Johnson Jones Hooper
Augusta Jane Evans Wilson
Helen Keller
Zora Neal Hurston
William March
Albert Murray
Helen Norris Bell
Andrew Glaze
Sonia Sanchez
Sena Jeter Naslund

Read independently. And shop local.

her ladyship, the editor


Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

EvergladesIf Lake Okeechobee is the beating heart of the Everglades, then Fisheating Creek is one of the coronary arteries...

My fascinating with Fisheating Creek, as with all memorable first impressions, is made more earnest by the circumstances under which  we met. I arrived at the put-in with my kayak and hammock nearly two hours after dusk. A new moon offered no solace from the daunting task of paddling though this unknown wilderness at night. I followed the slow meandering water in hopes of finding a suitable campsite downstream.

My only light source was an LED headlamp, which barely served to illuminate my immediate surroundings. CAreening through the night, I was afforded no further context than the dim flood of dying batteries. Reflections of arching limbs, flared buttresses, and sharled cypress knees danced on the water.  Countless alligator eyes glowed like luminaries from the dark abyss, marking my path ahead, then disappearing as I approached. Each bend, submerked log, and floating limb that brushed my hull camee as a surprise, and I was overshelmed with a hyperaware consciousness. Pulils dilated, nostrils flared, knuckles white, and steadily breathing a thin fog, my senses felt suddenly awakened as if having been formant for years.

--Mac Stone, Everglades, America's Wetland (UPF, 2014) 9780813049854

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Lady Banks' Gift Guide

Lady Banks' Gift Guide: Nonfiction for the Curious Mind


by John Lahr.  A beautiful and wise look at one of our most beloved and complicated playwrights. The definitive biography of America’s greatest playwright from the celebrated drama critic of The New Yorker. “There is only one word for this biography: superb.”— Kirkus Reviews. W.W. Norton & Company (9780393021240) $39.95






by Rick Bragg. Okay, Reading this book may be the most fun you can have (legally). The greatest Southern storyteller of our time tracks down the greatest rock-and-roller of all time, and gets his own story, from the source, for the very first time. Harper (9780062078223) $27.99






by Terry Teachout. A semi-finalist for the National Book Award, Duke peels away countless layers of Ellington’s public and private lives to tell the unvarnished truth about the creative genius. Gotham Books (9781592408801) $20.00







by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. If you've ever been to the Mutter Museum--if you have ever even heard of it--then you've wondered who in the world came up with the idea. Welcome to Mr. Mutter's Marvels -- a mesmerizing biography of the brilliant and eccentric medical innovator who revolutionized American surgery and founded the country’s most famous museum of medical oddities. For that person on your Christmas list who appreciates the weird. Even if that person is you. Gotham Books (9781592408702) $27.50


by Colonel (Ret.) Cole C. Kingseed, USA. Major Dick Winters led the now-legendary Band of Brothers during World War II. This is his story—of leadership, fame, and friendship along with his journey to find peace after the war. The truth is, we can never have enough war stories. And if every soldier was allowed to tell their own story, we might never have another war. Berkley Publishing Group (9780425271537) $26.95



by Jerry Brotton. From Ptolemy’s world map to the Hereford’s Mappa Mundi, through Mercator’s map of the world to the latest maps of the Moon and Google Earth, Great Maps provides a fascinating overview of cartography through the ages. Because who hasn't spent a couple hours looking at maps of faraway places and dreaming? DK Publishing (9781465424631) $25.00



by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The companion book to the PBS documentary series seen by 30 million people is an illuminating exploration of who we are, how we lost track of our roots, and how we can find them again. University of North Carolina Press (9781469618005) $30.00







by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. Dr. Barber shares the theological foundation for the Moral Monday movement, serving as a proclamation of a new American movement seeking equal treatment and opportunity for all regardless of economic status, sexual preference, and any other discriminatory bases. Chalice Press (9780827244948) $19.99





by Traci Smith. Seamless Faith equips families of all kinds to bring faith home. Providing simple traditions, ceremonies, and practices for life’s important moments, they will rely on Seamless Faith for years to come. Chalice Press (9780827235342) $18.99







from Family Handyman. Forget Pinterest and Youtube. This is about the only reference book you'll need around the house.  And, it works when the power goes out. In fact, it will probably help you get the power back on. The bestselling and most comprehensive guide to home improvements is now bigger and better than ever, updated to make it relevant for today’s homeowners and DIYers. National Reader’s Digest Association (9781621452010) $35.00


by Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann. Gorgeous! The creators of Safari have taken Kainen’s Photicular technology a step further with this magical look at the underwater world. Each creature also receives a lively and informative essay. Some books are just worth buying a coffee table for. Workman Publishing (9780761180517) $25.95


by Thomas M. Kostigen. The truth is, there probably isn't anyone on your list who hasn't had to deal with something in this book at some point. And maybe it isn't the kind of thing that makes you think "gift." But there is a ton of information here that will give anyone living in the atmospheric bulls eye some real peace of mind. And that seems like a great gift indeed.  Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes—weather is becoming extreme, and this book explains how to plan ahead and prepare, respond to emergencies, and survive the worst-case scenarios. National Geographic Society (9781426213762) $30.00


from members of the Tennessee Flora Committee. Not just for people of the Volunteer State! This beautiful book is a great resoure for southern gardeners, nature lovers, plant hunters, and people interested in native species. The product of 25 years of planning, research, and writing, this guide is the most comprehensive, detailed, and up- to-date resource of its kind for the flora of the Volunteer State. University of Tennessee Press (9781621901006) $49.95



The second edition of this compellingly readable and useful book is completely updated, giving outdoor enthusiasts the most current information they need to explore this world-renowned wilderness. University of Tennessee Press (9781621900542) $34.95






by Andy Miller.  The great thing about this book is that your reading list will grow exponentially every time you turn the page. An editor and writer’s vivaciously entertaining, and often moving, chronicle of his year-long adventure with 50 great books—a true story that reminds us why we should make time in our lives for books. Harper Perennial (9780061446184) $14.99





by Carine McCandless. Beautiful and haunting, told with candor  and heartbreaking insight, this deeply personal memoir shares  the real story of Chris McCandless, the subject of the book and movie Into the Wild. HarperOne (9780062325143) $27.99


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Book & Author Gossip

South Bound Literary Series

The Southern Lit Alliance will launch a new series of programs labeled South Bound in January. These programs and events are socially oriented and will feature fundraisers, special interactive events, and outreach that extend beyond the usual So Lit calendar.

Alabama Writers Hall of Fame

Rick Bragg, professor of writing in UA’s College of Communication and Information Services, is a New York Times bestselling author whose memoirs include “All Over But the Shoutin'” and “Ava’s Man.” Bragg is one of 12 Alabama writers selected for induction in June 2015.

“In a state where great writers seem born from the red clay, I am deeply honored and humbled to be included among them in this fine honor,” Bragg said. “My people have discovered many things in that dirt — from coal to iron ore to cotton. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they raised at least one writer from it.”

16 Books Every Southerner should have

Carry Me HomeThe South is a rich, colorful place with a complex, sometimes violent, history and has inspired thousands of great books, so it isn't easy to confidently propose a list of 16 -- or 25, or 50, or even 100 -- titles that all Southerners must or should read or at least have on hand. But it was fun for us to give it a shot, and we tried to stay rooted in a few powerful Southern preoccupations.

Rick Bragg talks about The Killer

Starting in the summer of 2012, Bragg spent the better part of two summers interviewing a bed-ridden Jerry Lee Lewis while he recovered from a long list of illnesses and medical complications, including back arthritis and a fractured leg. Mostly kind, sometimes indignant, Lewis talked about everything from Elvis, to the many scandals he endured in his career, and even his fears of going to hell for the music he played.

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Lady Banks {Book} Trailer Park

John Thompson reads from The Disappearance at Hangman's Bluff

Disappearance at Hangman's BluffAbbey and her best friend, Bee, set out to solve another mystery with its roots deep in southern history in this follow-up to J. E. Thompson's The Girl from Felony Bay. For the first time in a long time, things are looking up for Abbey Force. She lives on Reward Plantation with Bee, and her lawyer father has just woken up from his coma. But then Abbey and Bee's neighbor's dog, Yemassee, is kidnapped, and they are the only witnesses. They decide it's their job to find the men who took him.

This dognapping, though, will lead Abbey and Bee into something much deeper: a mystery connected to cases of Abbey's father's, old and new. Before they're through, Abbey and Bee will once again have to dig through the history of their South Carolina home in order to set things right.

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Read This! Okra Picks & Recommended Reading from Southern Booksellers

Okra Picks

From the Okra Picks

Each Shining Hour
by Jeff High

Each Shining HourWelcome to the timeless charms of small-town Watervalley, Tennessee—where young Dr. Luke Bradford is beginning to feel at home…

When he comes to the aid of a woman at the grocery store, Luke is fascinated to learn she is Estelle Pillow, the cheery sister to his prickly housekeeper, Connie. Estelle wants to open a bakery in town—and Connie’s disapproval of the venture stirs up a whirlwind of emotions between the siblings. But Luke’s attention is soon diverted when he learns about a long-ago double murder. . .

During World War II, an unknown traveler arrived in town, and before the day was over, he and the local baker lay dead near the bandstand at the local lake. The incident has since been exaggerated into Watervalley lore—with the newcomer rumored to have been a German spy. As Luke pieces together exactly what happened, he realizes that the consequences of this event have rippled painfully into the lives of townsfolk he has come to know.

As winter gives way to spring, Luke keeps busy at the medical clinic and enters a tentative, exhilarating romance. And when his support of Estelle’s bakery collides with new revelations about the old murder, Luke witnesses the true power of reconciliation working in the hearts of those he holds dear—a revelation that will change his life.

Buy from an indie | Read the first chapter!

More Okra Picks!

Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending December 7, 2014. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.

- A STARS Author | Okra Pick! - A SIBA Okra Pick 
Titles in red are SIBA Book Award winners and finalists!
Printable versions: Hardcover | Paperback | Children.


1. Gray Mountain
John Grisham, Doubleday, $28.95, 9780385537148
2. All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr, Scribner, $27, 9781476746586
3. The Escape
David Baldacci, Grand Central, $28, 9781455521197
4. Redeployment
Phil Klay, Penguin Press, $26.95, 9781594204999
okra5. Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good
Jan Karon, Putnam Adult, $27.95, 9780399167447

6. Something Rich and Strange: Selected Stories
Ron Rash, Ecco, $27.99, 9780062349347
7. Lila
Marilynne Robinson, FSG, $26, 9780374187613
8. The Burning Room
Michael Connelly, Little Brown, $28, 9780316225939
9. Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect
Mark Greaney, Putnam Adult, $29.95, 9780399173356
10. The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt, Little Brown, $30, 9780316055437
11. Edge of Eternity
Ken Follett, Dutton, $36, 9780525953098
12. The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Richard Flanagan, Knopf, $26.95, 9780385352857
13. Let Me Be Frank With You
Richard Ford, Ecco, $27.99, 9780061692062
14. The Children Act
Ian McEwan, Nan A. Talese, $25, 9780385539708
15. The Paying Guests
Sarah Waters, Riverhead, $28.95, 9781594633119


1. Yes Please
Amy Poehler, Dey Street, $28.99, 9780062268341
2. Small Victories
Anne Lamott, Riverhead, $22.95, 9781594486296
3. 41: A Portrait of My Father
George W. Bush, Crown, $28, 9780553447781
4. Killing Patton
Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard, Holt, $30, 9780805096682
okra 5. Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story
Rick Bragg, Jerry Lee Lewis, Harper, $27.99, 9780062078223

6. Being Mortal
Atul Gawande, Metropolitan, $26, 9780805095159
7. Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Diane Muldrow, Golden Books, $9.99, 9780553497359
8. Good Dog: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Loyalty
David Dibenedetto, Harperwave, $25.99, 9780062242358
9. Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Diane Muldrow, Golden Books, $9.99, 9780307977618
10. Make It Ahead
Ina Garten, Clarkson Potter, $35, 9780307464880
11. The Bulletproof Diet
Dave Asprey, Rodale, $26.99, 9781623365189
12. The Innovators
Walter Isaacson, S&S, $35, 9781476708690
13. Ocean
Carol Kaufmann, Workman, $25.95, 9780761180517
14. What If?
Randall Munroe, Houghton Mifflin, $24, 9780544272996
15. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Marie Kondo, Ten Speed Press, $16.99, 9781607747307


1. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
Gabrielle Zevin, Algonquin, $14.95, 9781616204518
2. The Strange Library
Haruki Murakami, Knopf, $18, 9780385354301
3. Orphan Train
Christina Baker Kline, Morrow, $14.99, 9780061950728
4. Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn, Broadway, $15, 9780553418361
5. The Martian
Andy Weir, Broadway, $15, 9780553418026
6. Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Maria Semple, Back Bay, $14.99, 9780316204262
7. The Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion, S&S, $15.99, 9781476729091
8. The Signature of All Things
Elizabeth Gilbert, Penguin, $17, 9780143125846
9. Still Life With Bread Crumbs
Anna Quindlen, Random House, $16, 9780812976892
10. The Museum of Extraordinary Things
Alice Hoffman, Scribner, $16, 9781451693577
11. Americanah
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Anchor, $15.95, 9780307455925
12. The Luminaries
Eleanor Catton, Back Bay, $18, 9780316074292
13. Me Before You
Jojo Moyes, Penguin, $16, 9780143124542
14. Sycamore Row
John Grisham, Bantam, $16, 9780553393613
15. Life After Life
Kate Atkinson, Back Bay, $18, 9780316176491


1. Unbroken
Laura Hillenbrand, Random House, $16, 9780812987119
2. The Boys in the Boat
Daniel James Brown, Penguin, $17, 9780143125471
3. Wild
Cheryl Strayed, Vintage, $15.95, 9781101873441
4. The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2015
Sarah Janssen (Ed.), World Almanac, $13.99, 9781600571909
5. This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Ann Patchett, Harper Perennial, $15.99, 9780062236685
6. Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me
Cynthia L. Copeland, Workman, $12.95, 9780761181798
7. Night
Elie Wiesel, FSG, $9.95, 9780374500016
8. George Washington's Secret Six
Brian Kilmeade, Don Yaeger, Sentinel, $16, 9781595231109
9. Unlikely Heroes
Jennifer S. Holland, Workman, $13.95, 9780761174417
10. The Map of Heaven
Eben Alexander, M.D., S&S, $16.99, 9781476766409
11. Proof of Heaven
Eben Alexander M.D., S&S, $15.99, 9781451695199
12. Bad Feminist
Roxane Gay, Harper Perennial, $15.99, 9780062282712
13. The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son
Pat Conroy, Dial Press, $16, 9780385343527
14. The Old Farmer's Almanac 2015
Old Farmer's Almanac, $7.95, 9781571986368
15. The Heart of Everything That Is
Bob Drury, Tom Clavin, S&S, $17, 9781451654684


1. Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn, Broadway, $9.99, 9780553418354
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, Grand Central, $8.99, 9780446310789
3. A Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553593716
4. A Dance With Dragons
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553582017
5. The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank, Bantam, $7.99, 9780553577129
6. Fall of Giants
Ken Follett, Signet, $9.99, 9780451232854
7. Sycamore Row
John Grisham, Dell, $9.99, 9780345543240
8. Winter of the World
Ken Follett, Signet, $9.99, 9780451468222
9. Slaughterhouse-Five
Kurt Vonnegut, Laurel Leaf, $7.99, 9780440180296
10. American Sniper
Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Harper, $9.99, 9780062376572


1. The Book With No Pictures
B.J. Novak, Dial, $17.99, 9780803741713
2. The Day the Crayons Quit
Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers (Illus.), Philomel, $17.99, 9780399255373
3. Little Blue Truck's Christmas
Alice Schertle, Jill McElmurry (Illus.), Harcourt, $14.99, 9780544320413
4. Skippyjon Jones Snow What
Judy Schachner, Dial, $17.99, 9780803737891
5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Dr. Seuss, Random House, $15, 9780394800790
6. The Animals' Santa
Jan Brett, Putnam Juvenile, $17.99, 9780399257841
7. The Elf on the Shelf
Carol Abersoldt, Coe Steinwart (Illus.), CCA and B, $20, 9780976990703
8. Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illus.), Harper, $8.99, 9780694003617
9. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
Eric Litwin, James Dean (Illus.), Harper, $17.99, 9780062110626
10. Once Upon an Alphabet
Oliver Jeffers, Philomel, $26.99, 9780399167911


1. Wonder
R.J. Palacio, Knopf, $16.99, 9780375869020
2. Unbroken (Young Adult Adaptation)
Laura Hillenbrand, Delacorte Press, $19.99, 9780385742511
3. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barbara Robinson, HarperTrophy, $5.99, 9780064402750
4. If I Stay
Gayle Forman, Speak, $10.99, 9780147514530
5. Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor: Book One
Jon Scieszka, Brian Biggs (Illus.), Amulet, $13.95, 9781419712180
6. Paper Towns
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142414934
7. Brown Girl Dreaming
Jacqueline Woodson, Nancy Paulsen Books, $16.99, 9780399252518
8. We Were Liars
E. Lockhart, Delacorte, $17.99, 9780385741262
9. Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
Rick Riordan, John Rocco (Illus.), Hyperion, $24.99, 9781423183648
10. Rush Revere and the American Revolution
Rush Limbaugh, Threshold Editions, $19.99, 9781476789873


1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
Jeff Kinney, Amulet, $13.95, 9781419711893
2. The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, Book Five)
Rick Riordan, Hyperion, $19.99, 9781423146735
3. The Maze Runner
James Dashner, Delacorte, $10.99, 9780385385206
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Jeff Kinney, Amulet, $13.95, 9780810994737
5. Christmas in Camelot (Magic Tree House)
Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca (Illus.), Random House, $4.99, 9780375858123
6. The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2)
James Dashner, Ember, $9.99, 9780385738767
7. The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, Book 3)
James Dashner, Delacorte, $9.99, 9780385738781
8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
J.K.Rowling, Scholastic, $10.99, 9780590353427
9. Frozen: A Tale of Two Sisters (Step Into Reading Series)
Melissa Lagonegro, Maria Elena Naggi (Illus.), Random House/Disney, $3.99, 9780736431200
10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney, Amulet, $13.95, 9780810993136

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In This Issue

Special to the Southern List

Click on a book to purchase from a great indie bookstore! See the full Southern Indie Bestseller list here.

Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good
The Children Act
Something Rich and Strange
The Paying Guests
Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story
Good Dog: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Loyalty
The Bulletproof Diet
The Strange Library
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
The Signature of All Things
Me Before You
Life After Life
Unlikely Heroes
The Map of Heaven
Proof of Heaven
Bad Feminist
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Game of Thrones
A Dance With Dragons
The Diary of a Young Girl
Fall of Giants
Winter of the World
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor: Book One
Rush Revere and the American Revolution


Events at Southen Indie Bookstores

Sunday Sleuths  (book club)
12/14/2015, 03:00 pm
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore
Delray Beach, FL

Comedy Book Club- To Kill a Mockingbird  (book club)
12/16/2014, 08:00 pm
Bound To Be Read

December Book Club- The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson  (book club)
12/16/2014, 07:30 pm
Bound To Be Read

COMIX CLUB - Invisibles vol 1  (book club)
12/16/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Mandy Baca - Discovering Vintage Miami: A Guide to the City’s Timeless Shops, Hotels, Restaurants & More - Gables  (author appearance)
Mandy Baca
12/16/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Tuesday Murder Club Book Discussion Group  (book club)
12/16/2014, 06:30 pm
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore
Delray Beach, FL

New Monthly Zinester Writing Group for 11-19 year olds!  (writers group)
12/16/2014, 05:00 pm
Charis Books & More
Atlanta, GA

View from Tuesday - Topics for Educators  (other event)
12/16/2014, 07:00 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Fred Chappell -Familiars  (author appearance)
Fred Chappell
12/16/2014, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC

Tim Keim- Dynamic Dozen: 12 Accessible Poses for Building Bone Density, Strength, and Balance  (author appearance)
Timothy Keim
12/16/2015, 07:00 pm
Scuppernong Books
Greensboro, NC

Debbie Moose  (author appearance)
Debbie Moose
12/17/2014, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

okraRick Bragg Reading  (author appearance)
Rick Bragg
12/17/2014, 07:00 pm
Hub City Bookshop
Spartanburg, SC

Boarding Pass to Murder  (book club)
Adrian Hyland
12/18/2014, 05:00 pm

Book Club- Inventing Scrooge by Carlo Devito  (book club)
12/18/2014, 07:00 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

Abby & the Eaglet Booksigning Event!   (author appearance)
Charlotte Davenport
12/18/2014, 11:00 am
Sanibel Island Bookshop
Sanibel, FL

Cliterati Open No Mic  (other event)
12/18/2014, 07:30 pm
Charis Books & More
Atlanta, GA

The Southern Literature Book Group  (book club)
12/18/2014, 06:00 pm
Union Avenue Books
Knoxville, TN

Mystery Writers' Lunch Break  (author appearance)
Nichelle Clarke
12/18/2014, 12:30 pm
Fountain Bookstore
Richmond, VA

John Carenen  (author appearance)
John Carenen
12/19/2014, 03:30 pm
Burry Bookstore
Hartsville, SC

okraRick Bragg- Author of Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story  (author appearance)
Rick Bragg
12/19/2014, 11:00 am
Litchfield Books
Pawleys Island, SC

Storytime with the Grinch!  (other event)
12/20/2014, 03:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

GRINCHY Story Time with John Pence!  (other event)
12/20/2014, 10:30 am
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Donald Davis Storytelling  (other event)
12/20/2014, 11:00 am
McIntyre's Fine Books
Pittsboro, NC

Author Event: Robb Helfrick - Unforgettable North Carolina  (author appearance)
Robb Helfrick
12/20/2014, 11:00 am
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Author Event: Clarkie Brown - A Dasher Christmas  (author appearance)
Clarkie Brown
12/20/2014, 02:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

German Story Time  (other event)
12/20/2014, 10:30 am
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Robb Helfrick -North Carolina Unforgettable  (author appearance)
Robb Helfrick
12/20/2014, 06:00 pm
Scuppernong Books
Greensboro, NC

Holiday Reading- The Polar Express!!  (other event)
12/20/2015, 09:00 am
The Fountainhead Bookstore
Hendersonville, NC

Paperback Fiction Book Club: A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD  (author appearance)
12/21/2014, 06:15 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

E2 - Elizabeth Kleinveld & Epaul Julien - IN EMPATHY WE TRUST  (author appearance)
Elizabeth Kleinveld
12/21/2014, 03:00 pm
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

12/22/2014, 06:30 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

Granville Wyche Burgess Book Signing  (author appearance)
Granville Wyche
12/22/2014, 04:00 pm
Fiction Addiction
Greenville, SC

Book Club of the Fantastic  (book club)
12/23/2014, 08:00 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

TIGERTAIL’s WordSpeak Book Launch & Reading - Gables  (author appearance)
Maylin Enamorado
12/26/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Holiday Hearts YA Panel Talk & Signing  (author appearance)
Jessica Khoury
12/27/2014, 03:00 pm
Fiction Addiction
Greenville, SC

Backyard Building with Jeanie & David Stiles  (author appearance)
Jeanie and David Stiles
12/27/2014, 01:00 pm
Fountain Bookstore
Richmond, VA

12/28/2014, 06:15 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Kevin Birmingham - The Most Dangerous Book  (author appearance)
Kevin Birmingham
12/29/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Book Club of the Fantastic THE BLOODY CHAMBER by Angela Carter  (book club)
12/30/2014, 08:00 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

THE ART FORGER - B.O.B. December Bookclub  (book club)
12/30/2014, 10:30 am
Books on Broad
Camden, SC


First Friday Author Round Up-Don Churchwell, Richard Hurt, Alexis Heflin  (author appearance)
Donald Churchwell
01/02/2015, 06:00 pm
Page & Palette
Fairhope, AL

Author Event: Tea de Leon - Carolina McMullen  (author appearance)
Tea de Leon
01/03/2015, 11:00 am
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Author Event: Anung's Journey: An Ancient Ojibway Legend as Told by Steve Fobister - Carl Nordgren  (author appearance)
Carl Nordgren
01/03/2015, 02:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Book Scouts Meeting- Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library  (book club)
01/03/2015, 01:00 pm
Fiction Addiction
Greenville, SC

Murder at the Book Group: Launch Party with Maggie King  (author appearance)
Maggie King
01/03/2015, 02:00 pm
Fountain Bookstore
Richmond, VA

Young Reader's Book Club: THE SASQUATCH ESCAPE by Suzanne Selfors  (book club)
01/04/2015, 06:15 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Penelope Easton discusses her memoir Learning to Like Muktuk  (author appearance)
Penelope Easton
01/04/2015, 03:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

PlayMakers discussion of Trouble In Mind  (other event)
01/05/2015, 06:00 pm
McIntyre's Fine Books
Pittsboro, NC

Leon Logothetis - The Kindness Diaries  (author appearance)
Leon Logothetis
01/05/2015, 07:00 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Relationship Enneagram Series  (other event)
01/06/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

CURRENT EVENTS Book Club discusses THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING-Capitalism vs. the Climate  (book club)
01/06/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Jimmy Herrera - La que peca y reza  (author appearance)
Jimmy Herrera
01/06/2015, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Colleen Oakley’s BOOK LAUNCH PARTY – Before I Go  (author appearance)
Colleen Oakley
01/06/2015, 06:30 pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe
Woodstock, GA

Sylvia Wilkinson discusses her novel Big Cactus  (author appearance)
Sylvia Wilkinson
01/06/2015, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Edwin Outwater - Symphony Guest Conductor on Gershwin  (other event)
Edwin Outwater
01/06/2015, 07:00 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

AUTISM Book Club discusses AUTISM & THE MYTH OF THE PERSON ALONE  (book club)
01/07/2015, 01:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

MALAPROP'S Book Club discusses THE BARTENDER'S TALE  (book club)
01/07/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Author Event: Millionaire Rogue - Jessica Peterson  (author appearance)
Millionaire Rogue
01/07/2015, 07:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Sylvia Wilkinson- Big Cactus  (author appearance)
Sylvia Wilkinson
01/07/2015, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC

FOR KIDS: Brandon Sanderson - Firefight - Gables  (author appearance)
Brandon Sanderson
01/08/2015, 06:30 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Carolyn Klepser - Lost Miami Beach - Gables  (author appearance)
Carolyn Klepser
01/08/2015, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Author Event: Little Book Of Do - Kel Landis  (author appearance)
Kel Landis III
01/08/2015, 07:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

The Writing Show: Social Media for Writers  (other event)
01/08/2015, 07:00 pm
Hub City Bookshop
Spartanburg, SC

House Broken: Book Launch with Sonja Yoerg  (author appearance)
Sonja Yoerg
01/08/2015, 06:30 pm
Fountain Bookstore
Richmond, VA

Good Night, Sleep Tight (New Year) Story Hour  (other event)
01/09/2015, 05:00 pm
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

Author Event: Before I Go - Colleen Oakley  (author appearance)
Colleen Oakley
01/09/2015, 07:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Christoper Boyle- Author of Mansfield Plantation  (author appearance)
Christoper Boyle
01/09/2015, 11:00 am
Litchfield Books
Pawleys Island, SC

Andrew Lawler
01/10/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

FOR KIDS: Stella G. Taylor - The Wizard  (author appearance)
Stella G. Taylor
01/10/2015, 02:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Nanci E LaGarenne  (author appearance)
Nanci E LaGarenne
Sanibel Island Bookshop
Sanibel, FL

Community Service Celebration: Learn How to BE A CHANGEMAKER and Start Something That Matters  (other event)
01/10/2015, 06:30 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Octavia Books Science Fiction Book Club - LEXICON  (book club)
01/10/2015, 10:30 am
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

Charla Muller – Pretty Takes Practice  (author appearance)
Charla Muller
01/10/2015, 11:00 am
McIntyre's Fine Books
Pittsboro, NC

Author Event: Vice Versa: A Detective Tale of Greed and Getting Off - Allen Cowan  (author appearance)
Allen Cowan
01/10/2015, 11:00 am
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Lee Zacharias with Writing Nonfiction Workshop (Free)  (writers group)
01/10/2015, 09:30 am
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

TED M. ALEXANDER presents THE FALL OF SUMMER  (author appearance)
Ted M. Alexander
01/11/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

YA for Not-So-YAs Book Club: FEED by M.T. Anderson  (book club)
01/11/2015, 06:15 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Penny Hawkins presents the $2 Dinners Cookbook  (author appearance)
Penny Hawkins
01/11/2015, 03:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Smedes York discusses his memoir Growing Up With Raleigh  (author appearance)
Smedes York
01/12/2015, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

MYSTERY Book Club discusses ORDINARY GRACE  (book club)
01/12/2015, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Megan Mayhew Bergman -Almost Famous Women  (author appearance)
Megan Mayhew Bergman
01/12/2015, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC


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