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{On the benefits of fried bologna sandwiches.}

In which Mr. Andrew Hudgins's mother does her ironing, her ladyship reads a book in a plain brown wrapper, and Mr. Steve Almond preaches against football and lives to tell the tale (so far).

August 24, 2014

Dear readers,

The book sitting at the top of her ladyship, the editor's to-be-read stack this week, the book she will pick up to start on Saturday morning while she has her coffee in her garden, is a bound manuscript with a plain cover printed with the words "Citizens Creek" "A Novel" "Lalita Tademy" "Not for Sale."

Bound galleys make up a significant part of her ladyship's reading. She finds something exciting in the possibilities concealed by their plain, unalluring covers. These are the books that soon everyone else will be talking about, but for now they are like secrets that only her ladyship knows.

JokerCitizens Creek arrived at the behest of a friend, who knew her ladyship enjoys historical fiction, especially with unusual settings. It is a story about a young black slave in Alabama, "Cow Tom," sold to a Creek Indian chief, who turns out to have a gift both for healing and for languages. This talent allows him to earn his freedom by acting a translator for the US army during the American-Indian wars. It is an unusual perspective of an often-overlooked part of American history that is usually over-shadowed by the coming Civil War.

Citizens Creek is not, however, a well-kept "secret." Lalita Tademy is a familiar name at the very least: her novel Cane River was chosen as one of Oprah's book club titles. She writes in the afterword (her ladyship often reads the afterwords of books first, the forwards last) that the story of Cow Tom was inspired an old family history that came into her hands about an early African-American oil man in Oklahoma, who actually had a great-grandfather named Cow Tom.

"So many stories with black protagonists chronicle poor, defeated, powerless, dependent victims," writes Tademy. "But I found myself totally inspired by the spirit at the core of this family, a spirit preserved from generation to generations. While each of these characters carried their own flaws, as all humans do, they refused to be defeated,=. They were self-sufficient, strong, proud contributors to their family and to their community."

Already the book -- not due to be published until November -- is receiving word-or-mouth buzz from those who, like her ladyship, tend to read a fair number of advance galleys. And it has been chosen as the title to inaugurate "One Book One South" -- a South-wide book club sponsored by the indie booksellers from Virginia to Mississippi.

So consider this note her ladyship letting you in on the secret. Watch for Citizens Creek, and ask your favorite indie to put you on the list for a copy. 9781476753034

Read independently, and shop local.

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

JokerMother does the ironing

Because she was so volatile, her pleasures, more full than my father's, were all the more my pleasures. She enjoyed listening to Arthur Godfrey on the radio while she ironed. His on-air folksiness and even his gravelly crankiness delighted her. He's down-to-earth, just like us, she said, with a satisfaction I adopted as my own. The Breakfast Club with Don NcNeill, broadcast from "the Cloud Room of the Allerton Hotel, high above Chicago's famous magnificent mile," was another of our delights. Settling in for a morning's work, she arranged the ironing board so she could park her ashtray, Pall Malls, coffee mug, and water-sprinkling bottle on the kitchen table within easy reach. They often migrated back and forth from table to ironing board to table over and over each morning.  In midmorning, the coffee was replaced by a Coke or Dr. Pepper. Mom dashed the wrinkled laundry with water from a Coke bottle with a cork-bottomed sprinkler cap jammed in it. When the sprinkler head went missing during one of our moves, she simply dipped her fingers into a bowl of water and flicked the laundry to moisten it.  She loathed ironing, as she often told me, but she made the drudgery tolerable by balancing it with the workaday rewards of caffeine, tobacco, and radio.

I paid only fitful attention to Arthur Godfrey or Don McNeill. I was my mother I wanted to hear. I sat under the ironing board, and listened to her listening, attending to her chuckles, snorts, and muttered comments. "Well, that's just ridiculous!" she'd say to the radio, and I could hear enjoyment even in her judgment and disgust. More than once, when she laughed too hard at a joke or huffed too fiercely at a story in the news, there were wild moments when the ironing board tipped, and iron, water, ashtray, lit cigarette, and parts of my father's uniform flew past my head as she flailed at them to keep them from hitting me. 

--Andrew Hudgins, The Joker (Simon & Schuster, 2013)

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Book & Author Gossip

Beyond Honey Boo Boo

Lee Bros. Charleston KitchenOn Thurs. morning, we at the City Paper spied with our little eyes a production crew rolling up to Martha Lou’s. While the team, Raleigh-based Trailblazer Studios, couldn’t give us much information about what they were doing, this is what we know.  The Lee Brothers are filming a new food and travel show that wants to showcase a “smarter” South — something above the Honey Boo Boos and Southern Charms of this world, a crew member told us. 

The Fountainhead Bookstore Short Story Contest

The Fountainhead Bookstore invites original entries of fiction for the Fountainhead Bookstore Short Story contest. This year, in a nod to Henderson County’s new vineyards, the story must somehow involve vineyards, or grapes, or wine - something along those lines. Much latitude will be given to interpretations of this theme.

Etta Mae Steps Into the Spotlight

Ella Mae's Worst Bad Luck DayHendersonville novelist Ann B. Ross has written 15 comic novels starring Miss Julia, the social arbiter and upholder of all things tasteful in Abbottsville, N.C. In her latest, though, Ross takes a rather radical step: telling a story that doesn't star Miss Julia, or anyone who's remotely like Miss Julia. "Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day" stars another character from the series, Etta Mae Wiggins, the home-care nurse and sometime manager of the Hillandale Trailer Park. 

The Cheers of book stores

But perhaps Fiction Addiction's greatest asset is that Hendrix has made it an environment where people not only know your name, but they know your genre. It's the Cheers of book stores. "Our leisure time is valuable, and people don't want to come in and buy a book and then be disappointed and feel like they wasted their time reading it," [owner Jill Hendrix] says. "So to me, finding the perfect fit and giving somebody a book they'll love so they'll feel like that time was valuable, they felt refreshed, they enjoyed themselves, that's what I love."

Pass Christian Books

It may require a special degree of lunacy to reopen an independent bookstore, add a coffeehouse, build on a parcel of 4,400 square feet, overlook the same Gulf of Mexico that brought us Hurricane Katrina decimating the town, drive 25 piers 17 feet into the earth to fortify a wind-resistive building in a flood velocity zone while also breaking the drill rig on an oyster bed, and create an architecturally significant two story structure.

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STARS Authors

STARSWhat are "STARS" authors? These are authors listing in the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service--a directory of authors who live in, or are traveling in the South and are interested in meeting with book clubs, civic groups, classrooms, and readers of all kinds. The STARS directory is brought to you by Southern Indie Booksellers, who want to connect readers with their favorite writers.

Renea Winchester

Renea WinchesterAuthor, Storyteller, Rescuer of Flowers. Renea Winchester grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina where her love of nature came as easy as skipping stones. Her first book: In The Garden With Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes earned her a 2011 SIBA nomination and a GAYA nomination. Currently, she is traveling the South teaching emerging authors how to market their book in conjunction with the release with her second book titled: Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author. When she isn't writing she can be found outside enjoying nature or volunteering at her local library.

Request Renea for a book club or event

Renea's Profile Page on STARS

Farming, Friends and Fried Bologna SandwichesFarming, Friends & Fried Bologna Sandwiches

Tucked behind a magnolia tree on a busy Georgia road is a magical place--a simple country farm, unchanged by time. On this little strip of land, chickens scratch greetings and goats bleat hello. Sweet yellow corn grows tall, and curly bean vines reach for the sky. A burly tractor and a fifty-year-old Chevy wait inside the shed, ready for action.

For some folks, farms trigger childhood memories, such as Sunday supper at their grandparent's table, or recollections of past generations smiling from picture frames gathering dust on the mantle. 

For 82-year-old Billy Albertson, his farm reflects a time before folks were hurried, or technology ruled our lives. Families grew gardens and feasted on fresh vegetables, adults spent time on front porches comparing stories, and children scampered barefoot through the grass waiting their turn at the hand-cranked ice cream freezer.

Spending time with friends on the farm is Billy's life. Here you don't have to be a gardener or blood kin to be family. Inside the pages of Farming, Friends, & Fried Bologna Sandwiches is a story about Billy and his magical farm.

See the full list of authors in the STARS Program online here and find the authors touring in your area here

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Lady Banks {Book} Trailer Park

A Beauty So Rare

Tables in the WildernessTables in the Wilderness

Preston Yancey arrived at Baylor University in the autumn of 2008 with his life figured out, then slowly each piece of his secure world fell apart: his church, his life of study, his politics, his girlfriend, his best friend, and his God.

It was the loss of God in the midst of all the godly things that would change Preston forever. One day he heard God say, It s going to be about trust with you, and then God was silent and God still hasn t spoken. At least, not in the ways Preston used to think were the only ways God spoke. Journey with Preston as he navigates becoming a patchwork of Anglican spirituality and Baptist sensibility, of reckoning with a God who is bigger than the one Preston thought he was worshiping: the God of a common faith, who makes tables in the wilderness, who is found in cathedrals and in forests and in the Eucharist, who speaks in fire and in wind, who is so big, that everything must be God's."

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Read This! Okra Picks & Recommended Reading from Southern Booksellers

Okra Picks

From the Okra Picks

Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech

Season of the DragonfliesA heartfelt tale of one woman's journey to discover the secrets of her mother's hidden past and confront her own uncertain future, this compelling, emotionally resonant novel about the frustrations of blood ties will appeal to fans of Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner.

On the surface, Olivia has it all: a high-powered career, a loving family, and a handsome fiance. She even seems to be coming to terms with her mother Jane's premature death from cancer. But when Jane's final wish is revealed, Olivia and her elder sister, Georgia, are mystified. Their mother rarely spoke of her rural Southern hometown, and never went back to visit--so why does she want them to return to Huntley, Georgia, to scatter her ashes?

Jane's request offers Olivia a temporary escape from the reality she's long been denying: she hates her "dream" job, and she's not really sure she wants to marry her groom-to-be. With her fourteen-year-old niece, Logan, riding shotgun, she heads south on a summer road trip looking for answers about her mother.

As Olivia gets to know the town's inhabitants, she begins to peel back the secrets of her mother's early life--truths that force her to question her own future. But when Olivia is confronted with a tragedy and finds an opportunity to right a terrible wrong, will it give her the courage to accept her mother's past--and say yes to her own desire to start over?

More Okra Picks!

Staff Picks from A Capella Books in Atlanta, GA

Against Football, by Steve Almond

Against Football"The author of Candy Freak specializes in exposing the pathology behind all that he (and I) loves in the world; this time, it's America's violent, corporatized, monopolistic favorite sport, which we try not to love so much. " -- Frank Reiss 



Nobody Is Ever Missing, by Catherine Lacey

Nobody is Ever Missing"A single-sitting read, about a young woman soul-searching through New Zealand and meandering sentence structure; beautiful and melancholy, at times overwrought but the sheer number of noteworthy passages outweigh this criticism." -- Coco Conroy


Joss Whedon: The Biography, by Amy Pascale

Joss Whedon: The Biography"I am not sure this has broad appeal to non-Whedonite types but I am unable to understand how non-Whedonites continue to breathe and think and live in a world morally and intellectually indebted to all things Joss; nevertheless this is the story of the man behind "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Serenity," "Dollhouse," "Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" and so very much more; everyone SHOULD read the damned thing before it is too late." -- Glen Thrasher 


More recommended reading from southern bookstores

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Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending August 17, 2014. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.

- A STARS Author | Okra Pick! - A SIBA Okra Pick 
Titles in red are SIBA Book Award winners and finalists!
Printable versions: Hardcover | Paperback | Children.


1. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
Haruki Murakami, Knopf, $25.95, 9780385352109
2. The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt, Little Brown, $30, 9780316055437
3. The Heist
Daniel Silva, Harper, $27.99, 9780062320056
4. All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr, Scribner, $27, 9781476746586
5. Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty, Amy Einhorn Books, $26.95, 9780399167065
okra6. The Invention of Wings
Sue Monk Kidd, Viking, $27.95, 9780670024780
7. The Magician's Land
Lev Grossman, Viking, $27.95, 9780670015672
8. The Book of Life
Deborah Harkness, Viking, $28.95, 9780670025596
okra9. Natchez Burning
Greg Iles, Morrow, $27.99, 9780062311078
10. The Silkworm
Robert Galbraith, J.K. Rowling, Mulholland, $28, 9780316206877
11. Wayfaring Stranger
James Lee Burke, S&S, $27.99, 9781476710792
12. The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry
Gabrielle Zevin, Algonquin, $24.95, 9781616203214
okra 13. The Girls of August
Anne Rivers Siddons, Grand Central, $27, 9780446527958
14. The 6th Extinction
James Rollins, Morrow, $27.99, 9780061784811
15. Designated Daughters
Margaret Maron, Grand Central, $27, 9781455545285


1. The Mockingbird Next Door
Marja Mills, Penguin Press, $27.95, 9781594205194
2. In the Kingdom of Ice
Hampton Sides, Doubleday, $28.95, 9780385535373
3. Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Diane Muldrow, Golden Books, $9.99, 9780307977618
4. Factory Man
Beth Macy, Little Brown, $28, 9780316231435
5. A Spy Among Friends
Ben Macintyre, Crown, $27, 9780804136631
6. My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Still Rules College Football
Paul Finebaum, Gene Wojciechowski, Harper, $26.99, 9780062297419
7. Blood Feud
Edward Klein, Regnery, $27.99, 9781621573135
8. One Nation
Ben Carson, M.D., Candy Carson, Sentinel, $25.95, 9781595231123
9. Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Thomas Piketty, Belknap Press, $39.95, 9780674430006
10. Hard Choices
Hillary Rodham Clinton, S&S, $35, 9781476751443
11. The Southerner's Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life
Garden & Gun Magazine, HarperWave, $27.99, 9780062242389
12. The First Family Detail
Ronald Kessler, Crown Forum, $26, 9780804139212
13. The Invisible Bridge
Rick Perlstein, S&S, $37.50, 9781476782416
14. Help, Thanks, Wow
Anne Lamott, Riverhead, $17.95, 9781594631290
15. The Good Spy
Kai Bird, Crown, $26, 9780307889751


1. Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn, Broadway, $15, 9780307588371
2. Orphan Train
Christina Baker Kline, Morrow, $14.99, 9780061950728
3. Me Before You
Jojo Moyes, Penguin, $16, 9780143124542
4. The Signature of All Things
Elizabeth Gilbert, Penguin, $17, 9780143125846
5. The Valley of Amazement
Amy Tan, Ecco, $16.99, 9780062107329
6. The Silver Star
Jeannette Walls, Scribner, $16, 9781451661545
7. The Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion, S&S, $15.99, 9781476729091
8. Americanah
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Anchor, $15.95, 9780307455925
9. Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Maria Semple, Back Bay, $14.99, 9780316204262
10. The Cuckoo's Calling
Robert Galbraith, J.K. Rowling, Mulholland, $18, 9780316206853
11. Brave New World
Aldous Huxley, Harper, $14.99, 9780060850524
12. Outlander
Diana Gabaldon, Bantam, $18, 9780553393705
13. And the Mountains Echoed
Khaled Hosseini, Riverhead, $16, 9781594632389
14. The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls
Anton DiSclafani, Riverhead, $16, 9781594632709
15. The Good Lord Bird
James McBride, Riverhead, $16, 9781594632785


1. Unbroken
Laura Hillenbrand, Random House, $16, 9780812974492
2. The Boys in the Boat
Daniel James Brown, Penguin, $17, 9780143125471
3. Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls
David Sedaris, Back Bay, $17, 9780316154703
4. Wild
Cheryl Strayed, Vintage, $15.95, 9780307476074
5. Outliers
Malcolm Gladwell, Back Bay, $16.99, 9780316017930
6. Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Katherine Boo, Random House, $16, 9780812979329
7. How to Read Literature Like a Professor
Thomas C. Foster, Harper Perennial, $15.99, 9780062301673
8. Night
Elie Wiesel, FSG, $9.95, 9780374500016
9. Orange Is the New Black
Piper Kerman, Spiegel & Grau, $16, 9780812986181
10. The Power of Habit
Charles Duhigg, Random House, $16, 9780812981605
11. The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls, Scribner, $16, 9780743247542
12. The Girls of Atomic City
Denise Kiernan, Touchstone, $16, 9781451617535
13. Wreck This Journal
Keri Smith, Perigee, $15, 9780399161940
14. Gift From the Sea
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Pantheon, $9.95, 9780679732419
15. F This Test
Richard Benson, Chronicle, $9.95, 9781452127767


1. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, Grand Central, $8.99, 9780446310789
2. Outlander
Diana Gabaldon, Dell, $9.99, 9780553393699
3. 1984
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451524935
4. A Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553593716
5. Lord of the Flies
William Golding, Perigee, $9.99, 9780399501487
6. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Maya Angelou, Ballantine, $6.99, 9780345514400
7. Animal Farm
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451526342
8. The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank, Bantam, $7.99, 9780553577129
9. The Catcher in the Rye
J.D. Salinger, Little Brown, $8.99, 9780316769488
10. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Fifth Edition
Merriam-Webster, $8.50, 9780877798224


1. The Day the Crayons Quit
Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers (Illus.), Philomel, $17.99, 9780399255373
2. Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illus.), Harper, $8.99, 9780694003617
3. Pat the Bunny
Dorothy Kunhardt, Golden, $9.99, 9780307120007
4. Pete the Cat and the New Guy
Kimberly Dean, James Dean (Illus.), Harper, $17.99, 9780062275608
5. The Pout-Pout Fish
Deborah Diesen, Dan Hanna (Illus.), FSG, $7.99, 9780374360979
6. The Night Before Kindergarten
Natasha Wing, Julie Durrell (Illus.), Grosset & Dunlap, $3.99, 9780448425009
7. The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
Mo Willems, Disney Press, $16.99, 9781423190875
8. Frozen (Little Golden Book)
Victoria Saxon, Grace Lee (Illus.), Random House/Disney, $3.99, 9780736430517
9. First Day Jitters
Julie Danneberg, Judy Love (Illus.), Charlesbridge, $6.95, 9781580890618
10. The Giving Tree
Shel Silverstein, Harper, $16.99, 9780060256654


1. The Giver
Lois Lowry, Harcourt, $9.99, 9780544340688
2. If I Stay
Gayle Forman, Speak, $10.99, 9780147514530
3. The Fault in Our Stars
John Green, Speak, $12.99, 9780142424179
4. Wonder
R.J. Palacio, Knopf, $15.99, 9780375869020
5. Looking for Alaska
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142402511
6. An Abundance of Katherines
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142410707
7. The Book Thief
Markus Zusak, Knopf, $12.99, 9780385754729
8. Where She Went
Gayle Forman, Speak, $10.99, 9780142420898
9. Paper Towns
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142414934
10. Tuck Everlasting
Natalie Babbitt, Square Fish, $6.99, 9780312369811


1. Four: A Divergent Collection
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $17.99, 9780062345219
2. Divergent
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $9.99, 9780062289858
3. Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $17.99, 9780062024046
4. The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2)
James Dashner, Ember, $9.99, 9780385738767
5. Return of the Padawan (Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Book 2)
Jeffrey Brown, Scholastic, $12.99, 9780545621250
6. Allegiant (Divergent, #3)
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $19.99, 9780062024060
7. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
J.K.Rowling, Scholastic, $10.99, 9780439064873
8. Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus (Origami Yoda)
Tom Angleberger, Amulet, $13.95, 9781419709333
9. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Ransom Riggs, Quirk, $10.99, 9781594746031
10. The Kill Order (The Maze Runner Prequel)
James Dashner, Delacorte, $9.99, 9780385742894

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In This Issue

Special to the Southern List

Click on a book to purchase from a great indie bookstore! See the full Southern Indie Bestseller list here.

Natchez Burning
Wayfaring Stranger
The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry
The Girls of August
The 6th Extinction
Designated Daughters
Factory Man
My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Still Rules College Football
One Nation
The Southerner's Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life
Help, Thanks, Wow
The Good Spy
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Brave New World
The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls
How to Read Literature Like a Professor
The Glass Castle
The Girls of Atomic City” height=
Wreck This Journal
Gift From the Sea
F This Test
Lord of the Flies
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Animal Farm
The Diary of a Young Girl
The Catcher in the Rye
The Pout-Pout Fish
The Night Before Kindergarten
First Day Jitters
The Giving Tree
Tuck Everlasting


Events at Southen Indie Bookstores 

Catherine Faherty
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Works in Translation Book Club discusses SEVERINA  (book club)
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Lillian Guerra - Cartografía Corporal  (author appearance)
Lillian Guerra
08/28/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

2nd Official Book Club!  (book club)
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

Jon Scieszka signs FRANK EINSTEIN AND THE ANTIMATTER MOTOR  (author appearance)
Jon Scieszka
08/28/2014, 05:00 pm
Vero Beach Book Center
Vero Beach, FL

Linwood Barclay-No Safe House  (author appearance)
Linwood Barclay
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Charlotte, NC

Lev Grossman discusses his novel The Magician’s Land  (author appearance)
Lev Grossman
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

John Scalzi  (author appearance)
John Scalzi
08/28/2014, 07:30 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

David Nahm- Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky  (author appearance)
David Nahm
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC

Martha Woodroof brings us Small Blessings  (author appearance)
Martha Woodroof
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Scuppernong Books
Greensboro, NC

Rick Mulkey-  (author appearance)
Rick Mulkey
08/28/2014, 07:00 pm
Hub City Bookshop
Spartanburg, SC

Afternoon Storytime  (other event)
08/28/2014, 03:30 pm
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

3 YA/Teen authors signing with newest books!  (author appearance)
08/29/2014, 06:00 pm
The Book Worm Bookstore
Powder Springs, GA

Author event: David Nahm - Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky  (author appearance)
David Nahm
08/29/2014, 06:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Roland Russoli  (author appearance)
Roland Russoli
08/29/2014, 07:00 pm
Scuppernong Books
Greensboro, NC

Linwood Barclay, Author of No Safe House  (author appearance)
Linwood Barclay
08/29/2014, 02:00 pm
Litchfield Books
Pawleys Island, SC

Breakfast 'Serial' Book Club  (book club)
08/30/2014, 10:30 am
Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main Street, Sarasota

JEANIENE FROST Reading & Signing  (author appearance)
Jeaniene Frost
08/30/2014, 03:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

YA Book Club August  (book club)
08/30/2014, 03:00 pm
Vero Beach Book Center
Vero Beach, FL

Happy Black Gay Pride! Fiona Zedde and Sheree L. Greer Present: The Blood and Wine Tour  (author appearance)
Fiona Zedde
08/30/2014, 07:00 pm
Charis Books & More
Atlanta, GA

Bob Rogers: The Laced Chameleon  (author appearance)
Bob Rogers
08/30/2014, 01:00 pm
Garden District Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

Bob Rogers: The Laced Chameleon  (author appearance)
Bob Rogers
08/30/2014, 01:00 pm
Garden District Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

Timm Muth- Disciple of the Flames  (author appearance)
Timm Muth
08/30/2014, 03:00 pm
City Lights Bookstore
Sylva, NC

Saturday Storytime  (other event)
08/30/2014, 10:30 am
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

ANN B. ROSS presents ETTA MAE'S WORST BAD-LUCK DAY  (author appearance)
Ann B. Ross
08/31/2014, 03:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Author event: Benny Lewis - Fluent in 3 Months: How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World  (author appearance)
Benny Lewis
08/31/2014, 02:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Bridging Differences Book Club discusses NOTHING TO ENVY  (book club)
09/01/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

WILD Bookclub discusses ONE WRITER'S BEGINNINGS  (book club)
09/02/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Cookbook author JESSICA MERCHANT here with SERIOUSLY DELISH  (author appearance)
Jessica Merchant
09/02/2014, 07:00 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

Charles Martin- A Life Intercepted  (author appearance)
Charles Martin
09/02/2014, 07:00 pm
Charlotte, NC

PRB Book Club  (book club)
09/02/2014, 06:30 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Tea with Playwright David Edgar  (author appearance)
David Edgar
09/02/2014, 02:00 pm
Scuppernong Books
Greensboro, NC

Autism Book Club discusses NOT EVEN WRONG  (book club)
09/03/2014, 01:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Malaprop's Bookclub discusses BELOVED  (book club)
09/03/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Angela Pneuman signs LAY IT ON MY HEART  (author appearance)
Angela Pneuman
09/03/2014, 05:00 pm
Square Books
Oxford, MS

Author event: Margaret Stohl - Idols (Icons #2)  (author appearance)
Margaret Stohl
09/03/2014, 04:30 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Author event: Tony Earley - Mr. Tall: A Novella and Stories  (author appearance)
Tony Earley
09/03/2014, 07:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Young Adult Authors Book Panel Discussion  (author appearance)
Elle Cosimano
09/03/2014, 07:30 pm
Scuppernong Books
Greensboro, NC

Author event with Kimberly Cross Teter, author of Isabella's Libretto  (author appearance)
Kimberly Cross Teter
09/03/2014, 06:30 pm
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

TONY EARLEY presents MR. TALL  (author appearance)
Tony Earley
09/04/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprops Bookstore

Alina Garcia-Lapuerta
09/04/2014, 07:00 pm
Inkwood Books
Tampa, FL

Katy Simpson Smith - THE STORY of LAND and SEA  (author appearance)
Katy Simpson Smith
09/04/2014, 06:00 pm
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

Karen Abbott signs LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY  (author appearance)
Karen Abbott
09/04/2014, 06:00 pm
Square Books
Oxford, MS

Margaret Stohl discusses her young adult novel Idols  (author appearance)
Margaret Stohl
09/04/2014, 06:30 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Barbara Davis discusses her novel The Wishing Tide  (author appearance)
Barbara Davis
09/04/2014, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Author event: J Phillips Johnston - True South: Leadership Lessons from Polar Extremes  (author appearance)
09/04/2014, 05:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Author event: Larry Rogers - Sword and Scalpel: A Doctor Looks Back on Vietnam  (author appearance)
Larry Rogers
09/04/2014, 07:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Susan Vreeland Book Talk & Signing  (author appearance)
Susan Vreeland
09/04/2014, 02:00 pm
Fiction Addiction
Greenville, SC

Author event with Carla Jean Whitley, author of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio  (author appearance)
Carla Jean Whitley
09/04/2014, 06:30 pm
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN


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