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{On bookmobiles and the bar exam.}

In which Mr. Ron Rash talks about the importance of landscape, Mr. Jonathan Odell gets a lesson from a room full of eleven year old children, Ms. Lisa Patton and Ms. Lee Robinson discuss the importance of legal representation for the family dog, and her ladyship, the editor, confesses what she wants to be when she grows up. (It involves books, pets, and a houseboat.)

July 5, 2015

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Dearest Readers,

What is it about bookmobiles? Why are they so appealing? Her ladyship thinks that perhaps there are few things more exciting than seeing  the book mobile park itself on your street and open up its doors. If a book is a whole world in your hands, why, a bookmobile is like a universe driving down your block. Even the Good Humor ice cream truck can't compete.

Susan Borden, Wayne County, North Carolina's first librarian

Her ladyship, the editor, is not alone in her fondness for bookmobiles. Just this year two women have created The Itinerant Literate, a book mobile/pop-up bookstore in Charleston, South Carolina. But as fun as that sounds, they were not the first vagabonding bookstore in the South. Bookin' It Mobile Bookstore has been operating throughout North and South Carolina for over seven years.  Last year Little Shop of Stories in Atlanta convinced James Patterson to help them purchase a bus for a bookmobile.

When she was a little girl, her ladyship, the editor once had to write an essay in school on what she wanted to be when she grew up. She wrote that she wanted to be the lady who lived at the end of the street in the house with all the books and cats.

Now that she has managed to achieve that dubious goal, she thinks she wouldn't mind being the lady in the bus with all the books and cats.

Or maybe the houseboat.

Read independently. And shop local.

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

Flying CircusDisaster lived by its own rules. Most times it crept up from behind, wiping out everything with a single blow, a bully and a coward. Lightning strikes. Train wrecks. Someone shoots an archduke and starts a bloody war. But disaster had veered from its sneaky, obliterating path with the Schuler family. It had taken them down one finger flick at a time. First baby Marie. Then Ma. Then Peter. Finally, Pa. For the past five years, Henry had been the last Schuler standing.

And now disaster had come for him. For the second time its ugly hands had shoved Henry out of his own life. At least it hadn’t taken him down. Not yet. At least this time he wasn’t a powerless boy. He was an eighteen-year-old man. He could choose. Running was wrong, a coward’s way. And maybe he was—as much of a coward as that bully disaster. But it was either run or die.

--Susan Crandall, The Flying Circus (Gallery Books, 2015) 9781476772141

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2015 SIBA Book Award

2015 SIBA Book Award Winners

Southern indie booksellers once again demonstrate their independence of mind by choosing an excitingly eclectic collection of books for the 2015 SIBA Book Awards

Nominated by booksellers and their customers, vetted by bookstores and selected by a jury of Southern booksellers, these are the Southern books that Southern bookstores were most passionate about, and inspired the most “you’ve got to read this” moments and “hand sell” moments in stores across the South. They represent the best of Southern literature, from the people who would know—Southern indie booksellers.

  • Fiction Winner: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd (Viking Books)
  • Nonfiction Winner:  Factory Man by Beth Macy (Little Brown and Company)
  • Cooking Winner: Heritage by Sean Brock  (Artisan Publishers)
  • Children’s Winner: Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson (Nancy Paulsen Books)
  • Young Adult Winner: League of Seven by Alan Gratz, Brett Helquist (illustrator) (Starscape Books)
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Book & Author Gossip

Devil Sent the RainTom Piazza wins Louisiana Writer Award

New Orleans author Tom Piazza has won the 2015 Louisiana Writer Award, presented annually by the State Library of Louisiana through its Louisiana Center for the Book. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to Louisiana's literary and intellectual life. Piazza, a principal writer for the HBO drama series "Treme," is celebrated both as a novelist and as a writer across all aspects of American music. His 12 books include the novels "City of Refuge" and the forthcoming "A Free State," the post-Katrina manifesto "Why New Orleans Matters," and a collection of his essays and journalism, "Devil Sent the Rain: Music and Writing in Desperate America."

Ron Rash on being rural

SerenaI think there’s something in a rural landscape, because if you’re living in rural area, you’re constantly reminded of that landscape and the natural world.  Writers can certainly write about the landscape within a city and a lot of writers do that well, but I think landscape is really important and it affects the psychology of people.  I think if you go up in the mountains it affects you in a way that’s different from, say, growing up in the Midwest. 

Susan Robinson retires from Southern Lit Alliance

The Southern Lit Alliance has announced the resignation of longtime Executive Director Susan Robinson. Robinson will resign from her 22-year post July 15.In a statement, Robinson said that she "looks forward to continuing her work in the literary arts in Chattanooga and beyond."

Jonathan Odell is taught a lesson by 11 year olds

Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks LeagueAs a native Mississippian and recovering racist, I finally discovered why a seemingly innocuous thing like a state flag can bring out the absolute worst in us. It took a group of 11-year-old students to teach me that lesson. 


YALLFest, the nation’s premier festival for children’s and young adult literature, will celebrate its fifth anniversary with its most star-studded author list yet. Presented by Epic Reads, Harper Collins’ YA community, YALLFest’s Hollywood crossover titles will include #1 New York Times bestselling blockbusters Veronica Roth (Divergent Trilogy), Gayle Forman (If I Stay), Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events), Kody Keplinger (The Duff), Rick Yancey (The Fifth Wave Series), Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures Series), Melissa de la Cruz (Disney’s Isle of the Lost, A Descendants Novel), Ann Brashares (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series) and Meg Cabot (The Princess Diaries Series). Author/actress Bella Thorne (Shake It Up) will appear to promote her new book, Autumn Falls.

Patti Callahan Henry explores the idea of love in new novel

The Idea of LoveTo Blake, Ella is a wedding dress designer who lost her husband in a tragic sailing accident where he drowned saving her life. And so to Blake, Ella’s story becomes the perfect basis for his next Nicholas Sparks-esque screenplay. To Ella, Blake is a travel writer who needs her help researching her coastal town South Carolina for a book. In reality, though, Ella’s life story is as fictional as Blake’s. As they spin tales of who they would prefer to be, internally both are hurting from the scars of recent divorces and a lost belief in lasting love. 


The Lost Generation

My GenerationAs his daughter, Alexandra Styron, recounted in her 2011 memoir, “Reading My Father,” Styron was a writer with a “cunning sense of history” who knew that at certain times, ideas enter the cultural conversation with special urgency and relevance. This collection of his nonfiction work, “My Generation,” is a testament to his engagement with history and the ideas that shaped his era. 


Come back for more

The Bone TreeOne thing author Greg Iles knows how to do is have a reader come back for more. A year after releasing "Natchez Burning," the 800-page behemoth that detailed dark secrets of Natchez's past, Iles has come back with another massive thriller. "The Bone Tree" is the second part of his latest trilogy that takes the reader ever further into parts of the Deep South's past -- both good and bad. 

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Author 2 Author: Lisa Patton talks to Lee Robinson


Lisa Patton, author of Southern as a Second Language Lee Robinson, author of Lawyer for the Dog


Lisa Patton: When I first heard about Lee Robinson, a South Carolina lawyer turned novelist, and her delightful adult fiction debut about a canine’s custody battle, I jumped at the chance to meet her and read LAWYER FOR THE DOG. I’m a dog person. My husband would call me an over-the-top dog person, one of those people, so it would not be a stretch, at all, for me to fight anyone for custody of my Rosie, let alone understand the need to hire a lawyer if it meant protecting her welfare. All of my books feature dogs as characters and I don’t think any novel of mine would ever be complete without them.

Lee and I have had numerous Author 2 Author chats and I find her both charming and fascinating.

Lawyer for the DogLP: First things first, with each page I became more and more convinced of the need for a dog to have legal counsel. Have you actually represented a canine custody dispute or did this idea come from another case?

Lee Robinson: I never had a trial over a dog, but it was common for clients to feel a strong attachment to the family dog or cat, and in settlement agreements I often included a clause about which party would keep the pet. But I had many cases that went to trial over issues seemingly much less important than a pet—a pair of silver candlesticks, for example!--so it wasn’t a stretch for me to imagine that a couple might go to the mat over their dog. And when I started doing some research I saw that pet custody battles are becoming more and more common. Until relatively recently, the courts have treated pets as mere property, but judges are beginning to reconsider their status. It makes sense that we should treat the family dog as a creature with emotional as well as physical needs, much more like us than like a piece of furniture. Of course, many judges will protest that they have more than enough work dealing with who’ll get the kids. They don’t want to get involved in litigation over pets. But I predict that we’ll figure out a way to handle these disputes, perhaps through special mediation programs.

LP: My Rosie absolutely has emotional needs! I shudder to think of anyone thinking of her as a piece of furniture. Do you have a dog?

LR: I’m dogless right now. I’d like to have one—I have many imaginary dogs!—but I do a lot of traveling, and I don’t like to board pets for long periods. Our last dog was a huge puppy, a German shepherd-pit bull mix, who appeared on our doorstep one Easter morning. (Don’t get me started about people who dump animals!) Poor thing had a deep gash on his neck. He was starving and in pain. We fed him and took him to our local vet for surgery and shots. We named him Buddy. At that point we were commuting between a small apartment in San Antonio and our ranch in the Texas hill country, so we needed to find another home for Buddy. Unfortunately, no one seemed to want a huge dog with an overload of curiosity and energy. We boarded him while we traveled to South Carolina to visit family, and when we got back, the owner of the of the facility asked if she could keep him: Her 10 year old daughter had fallen in love with Buddy! It was a perfect fit.

We live on the ranch full-time now, where we’re surrounded by animals. The previous owner raised black buck antelope, which are native to India—and almost extinct there—and we have a small band of those. We also have native white-tail deer, axis deer, bobcats, red and grey foxes, porcupines, possums, three species of skunks, and armadillos. And because we’re in South Central Texas, we are blessed with over 150 species of birds. We’ve been working to restore the native prairie on our place, and Canyon Wren Ranch is listed on the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Great Texas Wildlife Trail.

LP: You live on a ranch? That sounds like a dream come true, at least for me. How did you get from Charleston, South Carolina, which is also the setting of the novel, to a ranch in Texas?

LR: My husband practiced medicine in San Antonio for many years, and he always wanted a ranch in the hill country. Living on a ranch wasn’t on my bucket list, but after I moved to Texas to marry him we started taking weekend drives through the hill country. We found this place, which was in terrible shape and therefore cheap! It’s a small ranch by Texas standards—only a little over 100 acres. But it seems huge to me. Over the years we’ve fixed up the house and barns and various falling-down outbuildings, but we’ve tried to leave the land as undisturbed as possible.

I loved living in downtown Charleston, and I miss being able to walk everywhere in that gorgeous town, but I feel that I’ve been given the chance to live two very different lives: one as a hard-driven city lawyer, the other a much different existence, close to the land.

LP: Although you’re retired from practicing law, it sounds like your days must be extremely busy. How do you have time for all your ranch projects—including a big vegetable garden and orchard—and your writing and teaching?

LR: During all the years I practiced law, and while I was raising two children, I was also writing. I’d often get up at 5 a.m. so that I’d have an hour or so to write before I started packing lunch boxes. In the early years I wrote poetry—my first collection, Hearsay, contains many of those poems—and short stories. Later I wrote a young adult novel, Gateway, which is set in Charleston. Looking back on those years, I realize that the writing kept me sane during that very hectic life. Now that my children are grown and I’m retired from law practice I ought to feel more relaxed, but I still wake up at the crack of dawn, raring to go.

LP: I read in your bio that you’ve had some pretty cool teaching gigs?

LR: I always wanted to be a teacher. Before I went to law school, I taught middle school English. That was without a doubt the most challenging job I’ve ever had! Later I taught Constitutional Law at The Citadel, the military college in South Carolina, before women were admitted as cadets. More recently, my husband and I have taught undergraduate courses in medical ethics, and we currently co-teach a course we designed, Medicine Through Literature, at the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics in San Antonio. Our medical students enjoy reading short stories, novels and essays, and doing some writing of their own. And I’ve taught some writing workshops for Gemini Ink, San Antonio’s center for the literary arts.

LP: Speaking of your husband, it sounds like he’s a writer, also. Am I right?

LR: Jerry (Jerald Winakur) is a wonderful writer. His memoir, Memory Lessons: A Doctor’s Story, is about his work as a geriatrician and the challenges of caring for his father, who had Alzheimer’s. We met a Breadloaf Writers’ Conference. We had a couple of meals together in the dining room and then corresponded about literary things, but we probably would never have seen each other again except that in one of his letters he happened to mention that he was going to Nashville for a medical conference. It turned out that I was already scheduled to speak in Nashville at the Southern Festival of Books that same weekend. We had dinner together and he read me a short story from a book he’d bought there: Robert Olen Butler’s, Tabloid Dreams. The story was “Help Me Find My Spaceman Lover.” I fell in love with Jerry while he was reading that story to me.

LP: I love that! I’m such a romantic. It seems we have more in common than I thought. We’re both Thomas Dunne authors and we have both been given second chances at love. It’s always fun to hear other people’s how-we-met stories. But back to LAWYER FOR THE DOG, which I absolutely loved by the way, your protagonist, Sally Baynard, is charming, witty and complex. I get the feeling there may be similarities between you two. Any truth to that?

LR: Sally’s a spunky woman, not unlike your delightful but complex LeeLee Satterfield. I couldn’t have created Sally had I not practiced law in Charleston and survived that complicated life. When I first started practicing law, there were only five other female lawyers there.  It made me tough and a little too obstinate, so maybe “charming” isn’t an adjective those who know me well would use to describe me. But I like to think that at least I’m interesting! And I try to nourish my sense of humor: How else to survive this crazy life? When I imagined Sally, I wanted her to have family issues, but instead of children I gave her a mother with Alzheimer’s, whom she lives with, and an ex-husband who’s a judge in the family court where she does most of her work.

"My son was a year old when I took the bar exam. We were staying with my parents, and on the morning of the exam my father looked across the breakfast table and said to me, in all seriousness, “I don’t know why you’re so nervous. You have a baby. You’re never going to practice law anyway.”

LP: Sally Bayard might live in Charleston, but she certainly isn’t a southern belle. She and her mother have very different notions about womanhood. You told me you graduated from law school in 1975. How did your mother feel about that?

LR: My mother was a talented artist who gave up a career to marry and have children. This was in the fifties, so her decision wasn’t unusual. Only when her children were out of the house did she start painting again. She developed a regional reputation for her work. I often wonder how successful she might have been had she not “lost” those years, though she never complained about it. I came of age at a very different time, when feminism swept the country. Even then, my parents were uncomfortable about my choice of a law career. I thought I could do anything and everything! My son was a year old when I took the bar exam. We were staying with my parents, and on the morning of the exam my father looked across the breakfast table and said to me, in all seriousness, “I don’t know why you’re so nervous. You have a baby. You’re never going to practice law anyway.” Daddy couldn’t have imagined what effect this comment had on me. I was so mad that my anger powered me through the three-day exam! By the time I was elected the first female president of the Charleston Bar Association, I think my parents’ incredulity had morphed into pride.  

LP: I saw a photograph of you in your writing space, which is surrounded by bookshelves loaded with books. You may as well have been sitting in your neighborhood indie. Do you find that comforting ¾ to be surrounded by books?

LR: My husband and I are both book nuts. We love bookstores—especially the indies---and we’re always buying more books than we have room for. My nightstand has a stack of books waiting to be read. Our ranch house is small, so my writing space doubles as a dining room and library. It’s humbling to look around and see names like Saul Bellow, Flannery O’Conner, Ian McEwan, and Hilary Mantel. And it’s also comforting to remember that, behind each of those volumes on the shelves with their stylish jackets and poised author photos, there was a tremendous struggle and effort to bring the book into being.

I have books and writing in my blood. My brother is a retired newspaper editor. My sister is a novelist and writes columns for the newspaper in Columbia, S.C., where we grew up. Some of my earliest memories are of my paternal grandmother, who lived in Charlotte, N.C. She had lots of bookshelves and lots of books. Her favorite authors were Dickens and Collette. And she had a subscription to The New Yorker. I remember when I was about seven, she let me put cold cream on my face, sit on her bed with a cup of café au lait, and read The New Yorker. I had no idea, really, what those stories were about, but she made me feel that I would grow up to understand them, to be worthy of them.

LP: When I finished LAWYER FOR THE DOG I saw SERIES flashing in neon capital letters. Any chance Sally Baynard will take on another dog case?

LR: Not a dog in the next book, but a cat! Lawyer for the Cat is coming out in summer 2016. Much of the action takes place on Edisto Island, outside Charleston, which is one of my favorite places in the world. And who knows, maybe in future books Sally will use her legal skills for other animals.

Lisa, you know how much fun it is to take a character through several books!

LP: I certainly do. And that’s wonderful news. No doubt about it, I’m hooked. It’s been great getting to know you, Lee, and I hope to see you soon.

LR: Thanks so much, Lisa. Books can bring people together in so many surprising ways, can’t they? I’ve loved our conversations, and I look forward to more books from Lisa Patton on my nightstand. Oh, and take good care of Rosie!

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Lady Banks {Book} Trailer Park

Just Mercy

Just MercyA powerful true story about the potential for mercy to redeem us, and a clarion call to fix our broken system of justice from one of the most brilliant and influential lawyers of our time.

Bryan Stevenson was a young lawyer when he founded the Equal Justice Initiative, a legal practice dedicated to defending those most desperate and in need: the poor, the wrongly condemned, and women and children trapped in the farthest reaches of our criminal justice system. One of his first cases was that of Walter McMillian, a young man who was sentenced to die for a notorious murder he insisted he didn t commit. The case drew Bryan into a tangle of conspiracy, political machination, and legal brinksmanship and transformed his understanding of mercy and justice forever.

"Just Mercy "is at once an unforgettable account of an idealistic, gifted young lawyer's coming of age, a moving window into the lives of those he has defended, and an inspiring argument for compassion in the pursuit of true justice.

"Not since Atticus Finch has a fearless and committed lawyer made such a difference in the American South." --John Grisham

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Meet Paulette Livers

Paulette LiversPaulette Livers Is the author of the novel CEMENTVILLE, winner of Elle magazine’s 2014 Readers' Prize and finalist for the Center for Fiction's Flaherty-Dunnan Prize and the Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year. She grew up in Kentucky and has lived and worked in Louisville, Atlanta, and Boulder as a painter, illustrator, and book designer for publishers around the country. Her lifelong love of writing and literature led her a decade ago to a writing group, where she began to see her own writing as something to be shared beyond the privacy of her studio. Paulette has since received awards, residencies, and fellowships from the Artcroft Foundation, Aspen Writers Foundation, the Bedell Foundation, Center for the American West, Denver Women’s Press Club, Key West Literary Seminars, and Ox-Bow Artist Residence. The recipient of the Meyerson Prize for Fiction, her work has also been been recognized by Britain’s Bridport Prize, Hunger Mountain, Writers at Work, and Red Hen Press. Her stories have appeared in the Southwest Review, The Dos Passos Review, Spring Gun Press, and elsewhere and can be heard at the audio-journal Bound Off. Her work is represented by Michelle Brower of Folio Literary Management. A member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, she lives in Chicago.


"Cementville" has a breathtaking set up: 1969. A small Kentucky town, known only for its excellent bourbon and passable cement, direct from the factory that gives the town its name. The favored local sons of Cementville's most prominent families all joined the National Guard hoping to avoid the draft and the killing fields of Vietnam. They were sent to combat anyway, and seven boys were killed in a single, horrific ambush. 

The novel opens as the coffins are making their way home, along with one remaining survivor, the now-maimed town quarterback recently rescued from a Vietnamese prison camp. Yet the return of the bodies sets off something inside of the town itself --a sense of violence, a political reality, a gnawing unease with the future -- and soon, new bodies start turning up around town, pushing the families of Cementville into further alienation and grief.

Request an author appearance

Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service

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Read This! Recommended Reading from Southern Booksellers

Okra Picks

From the Okra Picks

Bloody Royal Prints
by Reba White Williams

Bloody Royal PrintsThe fellowship at the Art Museum of Great Britain was too good for Dinah to pass up. She never expected that she’d find herself homesick and unhappy. With her husband Jonathan busy opening a London branch of his investment banking business and with her cousin Coleman home in New York struggling to get her second magazine up to speed, Dinah feels very much alone. Fortunately, she makes friends with Rachel Ransome and, through her, meets a member of the royal family. Things seem to be turning around…until Rachel comes under suspicion of the Palace Police, sweeping Dinah into her troubles.

Now Coleman needs to come to England to help as the source of Rachel’s difficulties becomes more apparent – and more vexing. Can the three women join forces to extricate themselves from a conflict that goes back centuries?

Buy from an indie | Read the first chapter!

More Okra Picks!


Recommended by Indie Booksellers

Summer reading suggestions from Parnassus Books

Hold StillHold Still: A Memoir with Photographs bSally Mann

I’ve been a huge admirer of Sally Mann’s photography for over two decades. I was so happy to discover that she is also a brilliant writer. The icing on the cake though, is that she has story after amazing story to tell. Hold Still is the book to get lost in this summer. — Karen Hayes 9780316247764

Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen bMary Norris

Mary Norris, a long time copy editor at the New Yorker, has written a tough and funny take on her life in the grammar trenches. The chapter on gender pronouns alone is worth the price of the book. I loved it. — Ann Patchett 

Root to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through the Seasons by Steven Satterfield

Root to LeafI’ve been making a concerted effort to eat more vegetables, most of which I find bland or boring. Satterfield, chef at Miller Union in Atlanta, has changed all of that with this fabulous cookbook. His asparagus recipe, in particular, is incredible. — Niki Coffman 

Madeleine’s War by Peter Watson

A World War II novel based on historical fact about a little-known spy agency, operating in England and France surrounding the time of the D-Day invasion, unique in its use of many women who were trained for dangerous undercover missions. Of course, the title character becomes the love interest of the narrator with unexpected results. WWII intrigue mixed with romance. — Mary Grey James 

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

In the Unlikely EventI’d not read any of Judy Blume’s novels for adults, so I didn’t know what to expect when I started this one. “Will she keep me as enthralled as she did thirty years ago? Is she … good?” She’s still awesome. I really loved these characters and did not want the story to end. — Sissy Gardner 9781101875049

Modern Romance by Aziz AnsariEric Klinenberg

For food lovers and seekers of love alike, Ansari’s humorous and academic take on the pleasures and perils of modern romance will leave you hungry and hopeful. Who doesn’t love food as a metaphor for love? This book will be the hot chicken to your waffle (or for the vegetarians out there, the PB to your J)! — Mythili Sanikommu 

Breezeway: New Poems by John Ashbery

BreezewayIt can be hard to know where to begin when commenting on a new volume of Ashbery poems. His poems run in so many directions. He writes about everything. What impresses me most about this collection is the intensity and compression of language. This book is riddled with humor too. The sentence that most has me falling out of my chair: “Your napkin ring is bitch-slapping America.” — Nathan Spoon 

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

How do I even begin to explain this book? It’s about a missing girl, two brothers, dying plants, whispering corn, a possibly magical horse, a faceless man, and beekeeping. It’s a story about the danger of accepting things and people at face value, and the beauty that awaits when we look deeper. I couldn’t put it down. — Stephanie Appell 

The Daylight Marriage by Heidi Pitlor

The Daylight MarriageHere’s what I’m saying about this one: I couldn’t put it down. I’m not saying I liked the characters — I didn’t, really. Yet I neglected everyone in my household for hours while I turned pages to find out what happened. I want to discuss this with someone — let me know when you read it. — Mary Laura Philpott 

More bookseller recommendations

Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending June 28, 2015. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.

- A STARS Author | Okra Pick! - A SIBA Okra Pick 
Titles in red are SIBA Book Award winners and finalists!
Printable versions: Hardcover | Paperback | Children.


1. All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr, Scribner, $27, 9781476746586
2. The Girl on the Train
Paula Hawkins, Riverhead, $26.95, 9781594633669
3. In the Unlikely Event
Judy Blume, Knopf, $27.95, 9781101875049
4. All the Single Ladies
Dorothea Benton Frank, Morrow, $26.99, 9780062132567
5. The Nightingale
Kristin Hannah, St. Martin's, $27.99, 9780312577223
6. Our Souls at Night
Kent Haruf, Knopf, $24, 9781101875896
7. Seveneves
Neal Stephenson, Morrow, $35, 9780062190376
8. Finders Keepers
Stephen King, Scribner, $30, 9781501100079
9. Luckiest Girl Alive
Jessica Knoll, S&S, $25, 9781476789637
10. Beach Town
Mary Kay Andrews, St. Martin's, $26.99, 9781250065933
11. A God in Ruins
Kate Atkinson, Little Brown, $28, 9780316176538
12. The Truth According to Us
Annie Barrows, Dial Press, $28, 9780385342940
13. The Little Paris Bookshop
Nina George, Crown, $25, 9780553418774
14. Make Something Up
Chuck Palahniuk, Doubleday, $26.95, 9780385538053
15. The Fateful Lightning
Jeff Shaara, Ballantine, $28, 9780345549198


1. The Wright Brothers
David McCullough, S&S, $30, 9781476728742
2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Marie Kondo, Ten Speed Press, $16.99, 9781607747307
3. Modern Romance
Aziz Ansari, Penguin Press, $28.95, 9781594206276
4. Dead Wake
Erik Larson, Crown, $28, 9780307408860
5. Being Mortal
Atul Gawande, Metropolitan, $26, 9780805095159
6. American Mojo: Lost and Found: Restoring Our Middle Class Before the World Blows
Peter D. Kiernan, Turner, $34.95, 9781630269234
7. The Road to Character
David Brooks, Random House, $28, 9780812993257
8. Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success
Geoff Smart, et al., Ballantine, $26, 9780345547354
9. H Is for Hawk
Helen MacDonald, Grove Press, $26, 9780802123411
10. Hold Still
Sally Mann, Little Brown, $32, 9780316247764
11. Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship
Robert Kurson, Random House, $28, 9781400063369
12. Being Nixon: A Man Divided
Evan Thomas, Random House, $35, 9780812995367
13. Primates of Park Avenue
Wednesday Martin, S&S, $26, 9781476762623
14. The Quartet
Joseph J. Ellis, Knopf, $27.95, 9780385353403
15. Capital Dames
Cokie Roberts, Harper, $27.99, 9780062002761


1. Grey
E.L. James, Vintage, $15.95, 9781101946343
2. Station Eleven
Emily St. John Mandel, Vintage, $15.95, 9780804172448
3. The Martian
Andy Weir, Broadway, $15, 9780553418026
4. Euphoria
Lily King, Grove Press, $16, 9780802123701
okra 5. The Invention of Wings
Sue Monk Kidd, Penguin, $17, 9780143121701

6. The Vacationers
Emma Straub, Riverhead, $16, 9781594633881
7. Everything I Never Told You
Celeste Ng, Penguin, $16, 9780143127550
8. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
Gabrielle Zevin, Algonquin, $14.95, 9781616204518
9. The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt, Back Bay, $20, 9780316055444
10. Leaving Time
Jodi Picoult, Ballantine, $16, 9780345544940
11. Orphan Train
Christina Baker Kline, Morrow, $14.99, 9780061950728
12. Fahrenheit 451
Ray Bradbury, S&S, $15, 9781451673319
13. The Husband's Secret
Liane Moriarty, Berkley, $16, 9780425267721
14. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
Haruki Murakami, Vintage, $15.95, 9780804170123
15. The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald, Scribner, $15, 9781451689433


1. The Boys in the Boat
Daniel James Brown, Penguin, $17, 9780143125471
2. I Am Malala
Malala Yousafzai, Back Bay, $16, 9780316322423
3. How to Read Literature Like a Professor
Thomas C. Foster, Harper Perennial, $15.99, 9780062301673
4. Unbroken
Laura Hillenbrand, Random House, $16, 9780812987119
5. The Sixth Extinction
Elizabeth Kolbert, Picador USA, $16, 9781250062185
6. Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans
Gary Krist, Broadway, $16, 9780770437084
7. How Not to Be Wrong
Jordan Ellenberg, Penguin, $17, 9780143127536
8. Wreck This Journal
Keri Smith, Perigee, $15, 9780399161940
9. Wild
Cheryl Strayed, Vintage, $15.95, 9781101873441
10. The Devil in the White City
Erik Larson, Vintage, $16, 9780375725609
11. The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz, Amber-Allen, $12.95, 9781878424310
12. David and Goliath
Malcolm Gladwell, Back Bay, $18, 9780316204378
13. Bossypants
Tina Fey, Reagan Arthur Books, $16, 9780316056878
14. The New Jim Crow
Michelle Alexander, The New Press, $19.95, 9781595586438
15. Carsick
John Waters, FSG, $15, 9780374535452


1. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, Grand Central, $8.99, 9780446310789
2. A Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553593716
3. 1984
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451524935
4. Lord of the Flies
William Golding, Perigee, $9.99, 9780399501487
5. The Catcher in the Rye
J.D. Salinger, Little Brown, $8.99, 9780316769488
6. A Feast for Crows
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553390568
okra 7. Natchez Burning
Greg Iles, Harper, $9.99, 9780062311092

8. Animal Farm
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451526342
9. A Clash of Kings
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780345535429
10. Slaughterhouse-Five
Kurt Vonnegut, Laurel Leaf, $7.99, 9780440180296


1. Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA
Jimmy Fallon, Miguel Ordonez (Illus.), Feiwel & Friends, $16.99, 9781250009340
2. Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illus.), Harper, $8.99, 9780694003617
3. Llama Llama Sand and Sun
Anna Dewdney, Grosset & Dunlap, $12.99, 9780448496399
4. Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Dr. Seuss, Random House, $17.99, 9780679805274
5. The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend
Dan Santat, Little Brown, $17, 9780316199988
6. The Day the Crayons Quit
Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers (Illus.), Philomel, $17.99, 9780399255373
7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle, Putnam, $10.99, 9780399226908
8. Aqualicious
Victoria Kann, Harper, $17.99, 9780062330161
9. Good Night, Gorilla
Peggy Rathmann, Putnam, $7.99, 9780399230035
10. The Book With No Pictures
B.J. Novak, Dial, $17.99, 9780803741713


1. Paper Towns
John Green, Speak, $10.99, 9780147517654
2. Looking for Alaska (Special 10th Anniversary Edition)
John Green, Dutton, $19.99, 9780525428022
3. Wonder
R.J. Palacio, Knopf, $16.99, 9780375869020
4. An Abundance of Katherines
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142410707
5. The Fault in Our Stars
John Green, Speak, $12.99, 9780142424179
6. Saint Anything
Sarah Dessen, Viking, $19.99, 9780451474704
7. Hitler's Last Days
Bill O'Reilly, Holt, $19.99, 9781627793964
8. Drama
Raina Telgemeier, Graphix, $10.99, 9780545326995
9. The Giver
Lois Lowry, Harcourt, $9.99, 9780544340688
10. The Book Thief
Markus Zusak, Knopf, $12.99, 9780385754729


1. Shadow of the Shark (Magic Tree House, #53)
Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca (Illus.), Random House, $12.99, 9780553510812
2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
Jeff Kinney, Amulet, $13.95, 9781419711893
3. The Maze Runner
James Dashner, Delacorte, $10.99, 9780385385206
4. The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2)
James Dashner, Ember, $9.99, 9780385738767
5. Tales from a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen (Dork Diaries, #9)
Rachel Renee Russell, Aladdin, $13.99, 9781442487697
6. The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, Book 3)
James Dashner, Delacorte, $9.99, 9780385738781
7. Ivy and Bean (Ivy & Bean, #1)
Annie Barrows, Sophie Blackall, Chronicle, $5.99, 9780811849098
8. Theodore Boone: The Fugitive
John Grisham, Dutton Books for Young Readers, $17.99, 9780525426387
9. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
J.K.Rowling, Scholastic, $10.99, 9780439064873
10. The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, #1)
Chris Colfer, Little Brown, $8, 9780316201568

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Special to the Southern List

Click on a book to purchase from a great indie bookstore! See the full Southern Indie Bestseller list here.
All the Single Ladies Beach Town The Truth According to Us The Little Paris Bookshop Make Something Up The Fateful Lightning Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success Hold Still Being Nixon: A Man Divided Primates of Park Avenue The Quartet Capital Dames The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry Orphan Train Fahrenheit 451 The Husband's Secret The Great Gatsby How to Read Literature Like a Professor The Sixth Extinction Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans Wreck This Journal The Devil in the White City The Four Agreements Bossypants The New Jim Crow Carsick Lord of the Flies The Catcher in the Rye A Feast for Crows Natchez Burning Animal Farm A Clash of Kings Slaughterhouse-Five Llama Llama Sand and Sun Aqualicious Hitler's Last Days


Events at Southern Indie Bookstores

authors all around the south!

Book Lovers club at Flyeaf disscuses Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng  (book club)
06/22/2016, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Robert Kurson - Pirate Hunters - Gables  (author appearance)
Robert Kurson | 07/08/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

Suzanne Palmieri - THE WITCH OF BOURBON STREET  (author appearance)
Suzanne Palmieri | 07/08/2015, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Patti Callahan Henry - The Idea of Love  (author appearance)
Patti Callahan Henry | 07/08/2015, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Benjamin Hedin -In Search of the Movement  (author appearance)
Benjamin Hedin | 07/08/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

okraAuthor event with Susan Crandall author of The Flying Circus  (author appearance)
Susan Crandall | 07/08/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

okraLaura Lane McNeal - DOLLBABY  (author appearance)
Laura Lane McNeal | 07/09/2015, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Joe Ricker with WALKIN' AFTER MIDNIGHT  (author appearance)
Joe Ricker | 07/09/2015, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

FIONA RITCHIE & DOUG ORR return with Mark Weems & Julee Glaub of Little Windows!  (author appearance)
Fiona Ritchie | 07/09/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

okraHarrison Scott Key - The World's Largest Man  (author appearance)
Harrison Scott Key | 07/09/2015, 07:00 am | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Edd Clay | 07/09/2015, 10:00 am | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Author event with Leah Stewart in conversation with Kevin Wilson  (author appearance)
Leah Stewart | 07/09/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Daniel Silva - The English Spy - The Freedom Tower at MDC  (author appearance)
Daniel Silva | 07/10/2015, 06:30 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

Big Freedia - BIG FREEDIA: God Save the Queen Diva launch!  (author appearance)
Big Freedia | 07/10/2015, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

okraSusan Crandall with THE FLYING CIRCUS  (author appearance)
Susan Crandall | 07/10/2015, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Flyleaf YA Book club discusses Conversion  (book club)
07/10/2015, 06:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Author event with Glenn Schaefer author of Oh You're One of Those People  (author appearance)
Glenn Schaefer | 07/10/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Pre-school Story Time with Special guest Kathy Mcgougan & Buddy the Dog  (other event)
07/10/2016 | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Lázaro Echemendía - La isla en cuentos - Gables  (author appearance)
Lázaro Echemendía | 07/11/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

Suzanne Palmieri- The Witch of Bourbon Street  (author appearance)
Suzanne Palmieri | 07/11/2015, 01:00 pm | FoxTale Book Shoppe | Woodstock, GA

Where's Waldo 5K  (other event)
Martin Handford | 07/11/2015, 08:00 am | Horton's Books & Gifts | Carrollton, GA

Octavia Books Science Fiction Book Club - THE CARBON DIARIES  (book club)
07/11/2015, 10:30 am | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Public Reading - To Kill a Mockingbird  (other event)
07/11/2015, 09:00 am | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Free Prompt-Writing Class with Nancy Peacock  (writers group)
07/11/2015, 10:00 am | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

RAVI BATRA presents END UNEMPLOYMENT NOW  (author appearance)
Ravi Batra | 07/11/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Steve Lindahl - Motherless Soul and White Horse Regressions  (author appearance)
Steve Lindahl | 07/11/2015, 11:00 am | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Author Event: Elizabeth Harris - What Am I To Do Now Mama?  (author appearance)
Elizabeth Harris | 07/11/2015, 02:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

S.T. Kimbrough Jr - The Cadillac Poems of Steven Forris Kimbrough 1958–2010  (author appearance)
S.T. Kimbrough | 07/11/2015, 03:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

okraThe Hilarious Harrison Scott Key Presents The World's Largest Man  (author appearance)
Harrison Scott Key | 07/11/2015, 02:00 am | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

Neighing with Fire by Kathryn O'Sullivan  (author appearance)
Kathryn O'Sullivan | 07/11/2015, 06:00 pm | Sundial Books | Chincoteague, VA

BUD HARRIS presents CRACKING OPEN  (author appearance)
Bud Harris | 07/12/2015, 03:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Miranda Kenneally Returns with Jesse's Girl  (author appearance)
Miranda Kenneally | 07/12/2015, 02:00 pm | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

Public Viewing of To Kill a Mockingbird (Film)  (other event)
07/13/2015, 05:30 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

MARLIN BARTON presents PASTURE ART  (author appearance)
Marlin Barton | 07/13/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Salon@615 with Brad Thor author of Code of Conduct  (author appearance)
Brad Thor | 07/13/2015, 06:15 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Susan Crandall  (author appearance)
Susan Crandall | 07/14/2015, 12:00 pm | Page & Palette | Fairhope, AL

Jeff Lindsay - Dexter is Dead - Gables  (author appearance)
JEFF LINDSAY | 07/14/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

okraBrian Panowich discusses his debut novel Bull Mountain  (author appearance)
Brian Panowich | 07/14/2015, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Duke Young Writers Camp  (writers group)
07/14/2015, 07:15 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

okraGO SET A WATCHMAN Book Launch Day!!  (other event)
07/14/2015, 10:00 am | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Laura Lee Huttenbach - The Boy Is Gone - Gables  (author appearance)
Laura Lee Huttenbach | 07/15/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

okraBRIAN PANOWICH presents BULL MOUNTAIN  (author appearance)
Brian Panowich | 07/15/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

07/15/2015, 05:00 pm | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Parnassus Book Club - Under Magnolia  (book club)
07/15/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

okraREAD IT & EAT AUTHOR LUNCHEON with Laura Lane McNeal & Patti Callahan Henry  (author appearance)
Laura Lane McNeal | 07/16/2015, 12:00 pm | Page & Palette | Fairhope, AL

Doreen Colondres - La cocina no muerde - Gables  (author appearance)
Doreen Colondres | 07/16/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

Inkwood Adult Book Club  (book club)
07/16/2015, 07:00 pm | Inkwood Books | Tampa, FL

Julia Pierpont with AMONG THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS  (author appearance)
Julia Pierpont | 07/16/2015, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Martin Clark - The Jezebel Remedy  (author appearance)
Martin Clark | 07/16/2015, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Paul Levine - Bum Rap - Gables  (author appearance)
Paul Levine | 07/17/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

Mark Shulman - MOM AND DAD ARE PALINDROMES  (author appearance)
07/17/2015, 04:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Phil Jamison | 07/17/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Jon Acuff- Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck  (author appearance)
Jonathan Acuff | 07/17/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

okraSusan Crandall Book Talk and Signing  (author appearance)
Susan Crandall | 07/17/2015, 02:00 pm | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Author Event- Adam Silvera in conversation with David Arnold  (author appearance)
Adam Silvera | 07/17/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Randy Blythe, Lamb of God Vocalist, Presents Dark Days: A Memoir  (author appearance)
Randy Blythe | 07/17/2015, 07:00 pm | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

Octavia Books Book Club - THE SPACE BETWEEN   (book club)
07/18/2015, 10:30 am | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Author Event: Myra DeBruhl - Changing Places  (author appearance)
Myra DeBruhl | 07/18/2015, 02:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Tom Young -The Hunters  (author appearance)
Tom Young | 07/18/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Author Event  (author appearance)
Barbara Claypole White | 07/18/2015, 02:00 pm | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Author Event with Alex Bledsoe author of Long Black Curl  (author appearance)
Alex Bledsoe | 07/18/2015, 02:00 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Hard Sci Fi Author Carolyn Ives Gilman Brings Us Into Dark Orbit  (author appearance)
Carolyn Ives Gilman | 07/18/2015, 02:00 pm | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

Author Event: Laura McNeill - Center of Gravity  (author appearance)
Laura McNeill | 07/19/2015, 01:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Elliot Engel - A Bit of Bronte, a Dollop of Dickinson, an Offering of Austen  (other event)
07/19/2015, 02:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

okraSusan Crandall -The Flying Circus  (author appearance)
Susan Crandall | 07/20/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Author event with Yarrott Benz author of The Bone Bridge  (author appearance)
Yarrott Benz | 07/20/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Bob Strother Book Launch and Signing  (author appearance)
Bob Strother | 07/21/2015, 05:00 pm | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Author Event with Margaret Verble author of Maud's Line  (author appearance)
Margaret Verble | 07/21/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Marla Milling | 07/22/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Katie Rose Guest Pryal -Entanglement  (author appearance)
Katie Rose Guest Pryal | 07/22/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Author event with Ginny Owens and Andrew Greer authors of Transcending Mysteries  (author appearance)
Ginny Owens | 07/22/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Reveille UMC Book Review - Kristen Green  (author appearance)
Kristen Green | 07/22/2015, 10:30 am | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

Nancy Sharp - Both Sides Now - Gables  (author appearance)
Nancy Sharp | 07/23/2015, 08:00 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

CHARLES THOMPSON presents BORDER ODYSSEY  (author appearance)
Charles Thompson | 07/23/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

The Lost Nomads - Live Concert  (other event)
07/23/2015, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Book Signing Event with President Jimmy Carter  (author appearance)
Jimmy Carter | 07/23/2015, 04:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

okraHarrison Scott Key - The World's Largest Man  (author appearance)
Harrison Scott Key | 07/24/2015, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

Author Event: Lisa Jakub - You Look Like That Girl  (author appearance)
Lisa Jakub | 07/24/2015, 01:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Ace Atkins with THE REDEEMERS  (author appearance)
Ace Atkins | 07/25/2015, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

okraROBERT BEATTY presents SERAFINA AND THE BLACK CLOAK  (author appearance)
Robert Beatty | 07/25/2015, 03:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author event with Allison Estes author of Izzy and Oscar  (author appearance)
Allison Estes | 07/25/2015, 02:00 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Paul Tremblay discusses his novel A Head Full of Ghosts  (author appearance)
Paul Tremblay | 07/26/2015, 04:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Peggy Tabor Millin | 07/26/2015, 02:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author Event: Margaret Thornton - Charleston  (author appearance)
Margaret Thornton | 07/26/2015, 02:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Home Grown - QRB Celebrates Locally Published Authors  (author appearance)
Sallie Hite | 07/26/2015, 02:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Author event with Miranda Kenneally author of Jesse's Girl  (author appearance)
Miranda Kenneally | 07/26/2015, 02:00 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

DR. RAYMOND BARFIELD presents his novel THE BOOK OF COLORS  (author appearance)
Raymond Barfield | 07/27/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Book Signing - Lois Szymanski  (author appearance)
Lois Szymanski | 07/27/2015, 11:00 am | Sundial Books | Chincoteague, VA

Duke Young Writers Camp  (writers group)
07/28/2015, 07:15 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Author event with Mark Claypool author of We're In This Together  (author appearance)
Mark Claypool | 07/28/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Salon@615 with JR Ward author of The Bourbon Kings  (author appearance)
J.R. Ward | 07/28/2015, 06:15 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Author Event: Ace Atkins - The Redeemers  (author appearance)
Ace Atkins | 07/29/2015, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Samuel Fromartz -In Search of the Perfect Loaf  (author appearance)
Samuel Fromartz | 07/29/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

MARGARET BRADHAM THORNTON presents CHARLESTON  (author appearance)
Margaret Bradham Thornton | 07/30/2015, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author Event: Martin Clark - The Jezebel Remedy  (author appearance)
Martin Clark | 07/30/2015, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Benjamin Hedin - In Search of the Movement  (author appearance)
Benjamin Hedin | 07/30/2015, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Kathleen DuVal -Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution  (author appearance)
Kathleen DuVal | 07/30/2015, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Author event with Dan Washburn author of The Forbidden Game: Golf and the Chinese Dream  (author appearance)
Dan Washburn | 07/30/2015, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Jaclyn Spainhour   (author appearance)
Jaclyn Spainhour | 07/30/2015, 12:30 pm | Prince Books | Norfolk, VA

Ace Atkins - The Redeemers  (author appearance)
Ace Atkins | 07/31/2015, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

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