{On visiting your mama, and other important things in life.}

In which a man meets an avenging angel, Ms. Frances Mayes sneaks a yo-yo into a funeral, and Mr. Rick Bragg explains the important things in life, (such as the necessity of visiting one's mama).

April 27, 2014

Dear readers,

Last week Time Magazine published its "100 Most Influential People" issue. Her ladyship, the editor, thinks that her mother should have been on it, but her name did not appear. Perhaps next year.

There were, however, a couple familiar literary names: Donna Tartt, and Barbara Taylor Brown.

Which only begs the question: Whom would you name as "most influential" among the Southern Literary community? What about most influential in your own reading life. And here, once again, her ladyship must reserve a place for her mother, the one person on the planet who has never recommended to her ladyship a disappointing book. Not even once.

Somebody please inform the editors at Time Magazine.

Read independently...and shop local!

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

Natchez Burning"What do you really know about my father?" I ask.

The eyes narrow to slits. "More than you, I'll bet. I know what my mama knew.  Your daddy might have shut her up last night, but I'm still vertical." Turner thumps his big chest with his first. "I'm the chicken come home to roost, brother, the cat that got thrown in the river but finds his way back home. I'm the avenging motherfucking angel. A black angel! Men reap what they sow, Mr. Mayor. And you'll find out the details when reaping time comes."

"When will that be?"

The low thunder rolls in his chest again. "When the judge and jury are listening. When all the cameras are switched on, and the lights are shining bright as noontime." Turner jams his truck into gear with a lurch. "You take care now."

--Greg Iles, Natchez Burning (William Morrow, 2014) 9780062311078

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Book & Author Gossip

Rick Bragg on Southern Writing

All Over But theShoutinAt this point in my life I've kind of realized the most important things really are...goin' to see your mama. They are, sticking your toes in some sand. They are swinging a hammer, and tryin' to get that fence to stay up.

Tar Heel writers you should know

For a state with such an appalling literacy rate, North Carolina has produced an astonishing array of good writers – and not just Nicholas Sparks. Novelists, journalists, playwrights, poets, New York Times best sellers – we have them all. Here's a brief glance at Tar Heel authors you ought to know: Robert Ruark (1915-1965 )

The Old Man and the BoyBorn in Wilmington, Ruark spent much of his time in Southport, hunting and fishing with his grandfather. One of the nation's top syndicated columnists, he became a best-selling novelist, with adventure tales based on his big-game hunting in Africa (“Something of Value,” “Uhuru”). Ruark is best known today for “The Old Man and the Boy,” a collection of outdoor sketches he wrote for “Field and Stream” based on his boyhood. “Poor No More” is partly based on details of his life in Wilmington.



Rebecca Lee wins Believer Award for Fiction

Bobcat and Other StoriesFor the past ten years, the editors of the Believer have awarded one title with the Believer Book Award, which we hope will draw attention to the strongest and most underappreciated work of the year. Past winners include Tamara Faith Berger’sMaidenhead, Ben Lerner’sLeaving the Atocha Station, and Percival Everett’s I am Not Sidney Poitier. This year’s shortlist for the Believer Book Award, announced in our March/April issue, included Long Division by Kiese Laymon, Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee, Woke Up Lonely by Fiona Maazel, Hawthorn and Child by Keith Ridgway, andA Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims. The winner of the 2013 Believer Book Award is Bobcat and Other Storiesby Rebecca Lee.

Most Influential (Southern) Book People

Learning to Walk in the DarkTime magazine released its annual list of the "100 Most Influential People in the World," and while the book world was considerably less than dominant, the seven bookish people showcased more than tripled last year's total :

Donna Tartt: "While we've been carrying on with our lives, Donna has given herself over to the lives of her characters. If she took a break in the past 12 years, I don't remember it," Ann Patchett wrote.

Barbara Taylor Brown: "An acclaimed Episcopal preacher and best-selling author, Taylor lives quietly on her farm in northern Georgia, writing spiritual nonfiction that rivals the poetic power of C.S. Lewis and Frederick Buechner," Elizabeth Dias wrote.

The Faukner Truthers

To make or to find a key to the source of Faulkner's inspiration, then, would be a lifetime achievement for a literary scholar. In the book Ledgers of History: William Faulkner, an Almost Forgotten Friendship, and an Antebellum Plantation Diary, Emory University professor Sally Wolff-King claimed to have found such a key in the person of Edgar Wiggin Francisco III, whose claims that Faulkner based many of his stories on the Francisco home, family, and documents created a sensation on the book's publication in 2010.

Life is what it is

Under MagnoliaMayes memories years later are sharp and precise. At the funeral home where Willie Bell’s sister is laid out in a casket, she sneaks away and takes a peek inside the coffin, her first look at a dead person. My own mother came with her family to a funeral at the old Haigh-Black Funeral Home on what was then Broadway. She managed to sneak a yo-yo into her pocket, but under the threat of death promised her mother she would not play with it. Sure enough, she had to take it out at least once and let the wooden toy roll down the string. She didn’t get caught but always remembered it.

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STARS Authors

STARSWhat are "STARS" authors? These are authors listing in the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service--a directory of authors who live in, or are traveling in the South and are interested in meeting with book clubs, civic groups, classrooms, and readers of all kinds. The STARS directory is brought to you by Southern Indie Booksellers, who want to connect readers with their favorite writers.

Claire Cook

CookClaire Cook was born in Virginia and wrote her first novel in her minivan when she was 45. At 50, she walked the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of the adaptation of her second novel, MUST LOVE DOGS, starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. She is now the bestselling author of 8 novels, with a 9th, WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM, coming from Touchstone in June. She shares tips for writing and reinvention on ClaireCook.com, Facebook/ClaireCookauthorpage and Twitter/ClaireCookwrite.

Request Claire for a book club or event

Claire's Profile Page on STARS

Wallflower in BloomWallflower in Bloom

Deirdre Griffin has a great life; it’s just not her own. She’s the around-the-clock personal assistant to her charismatic, high-maintenance, New Age guru brother, Tag. As the family wallflower, her only worth seems to be as gatekeeper to Tag at his New England seaside compound. Then Deirdre’s sometime boyfriend informs her that he is marrying another woman, who just happens to be having the baby he told Deirdre he never wanted. While drowning her sorrows in Tag's expensive vodka, Deirdre decides to use his massive online following to get herself voted on as a last-minute Dancing with the Stars replacement. It’ll get her back in shape, mentally and physically. It might even get her a life of her own. Deirdre’s fifteen minutes of fame have just begun.

See the full list of authors in the STARS Program online here and find the authors touring in your area here

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Lady Banks {Book} Trailer Park

The Intangibles

The IntangiblesIt's 1968. The winds of change are descending on Fairmont and engulfing the small South Carolina town in a tornadic frenzy. The public schools are finally being completely integrated. Mossy Springs High School is closing and its black students are now attending formerly all-white Fairmont High; the town is rife with racial tension. Several black youths have been arrested for tossing firebombs at a handful of stores. White citizens form a private academy for the purpose of keeping their kids out of the integrated school system. The Ku Klux Klan is growing. Reese Knighton arrives on the scene at precisely the right time. The principal of Fairmont High School, Claude Lowell, becomes superintendent of the school district. Lowell chooses Preston Shipley, currently the football coach, to replace him as principal and hires Knighton to coach the team, thus forcing Knighton to find common ground with Willie Spurgeon, the successful Mossy Springs coach who has been passed over for a job he richly deserves. At The Intangibles center is the Hoskins family, their relationships to those living within the town of Fairmont giving rise to a memorable cast of characters. This is a story of a high school football team that puts aside its differences, never realizing that, outside its bounds, the world is unraveling. It's a story about the cultural changes, good and bad, that take place when two societies shift and finally come together. Ultimately, The Intangibles is a story of triumph achieved at considerable cost.

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Bookstore Gossip

Writing Poetry Like a 13-year-old Girl

Georgia Court, owner of Bookstore1Sarasota, is a lifelong lover of poetry who hosts poetry discussions at the bookstore and in her home. As a teenager, she wrote typically adolescent poetry, "all rhyme-y, and not in a Shakespearean way, in a 13-year-old girl kind of way."

But it took falling into the "bad company, a nest of poets" at New York's Chautauqua Institution, an annual summer gathering of artists and lovers of the arts, to spark her adult interest in poetry and spur the formation of PoetryLife, an annual weekend celebrating all things poetic.

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Read This! Okra Picks & Recommended Reading from Southern Booksellers

Okra Picks

From the Okra Picks

Natchez Burning 
by Greg Iles

978006231107 8|  William Morrow | 04/24/2014

Read the first chapter!

Natchez BurningAn American writer at the height of his creative powers, #1 New York Times bestselling novelist Greg Iles returns with his most eagerly anticipated book yet, and his first in five years--Natchez Burning, the first installment in an epic trilogy that weaves crimes, lies, and secrets past and present into a mesmerizing thriller featuring southern mayor and former prosecutor Penn Cage.

Raised in the historic southern splendor of Natchez, Mississippi, Penn Cage learned all he knows of honor and duty from his father, Dr. Tom Cage. But now the beloved family doctor and pillar of the community has been accused of murdering Viola Turner, the African-American nurse with whom he worked in the dark days of the 1960s. Once a crusading prosecutor, Penn is determined to save his father, but Tom, stubbornly invoking doctor-patient privilege, refuses to even speak in his own defense.

Penn's quest for the truth sends him deep into his father's past, where a sexually charged secret lies waiting to tear their family apart. More chilling, this long-buried sin is only a single thread in a conspiracy of greed and murder involving the vicious Double Eagles, an offshoot of the KKK controlled by some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the state. Aided by a dedicated reporter privy to Natchez's oldest secrets and by his fiancee, Caitlin Masters, Penn uncovers a trail of corruption and brutality that places his family squarely in the Double Eagles' crosshairs. With every step costing blood and faith, Penn is forced to confront the most wrenching dilemma of his life: Does a man of honor choose his father or the truth?

Drenched in southern atmosphere, Natchez Burning marks the brilliant return of a genuine American master of suspense. Tense, disturbing, and filled with electrifying plot twists, this novel commences the most explosive and ambitious story Greg Iles has ever written.

More Okra Picks!

Read This! Recommendations from Southern Indie Booksellers

Nonfiction from the 2014 SIBA Book Award Long List (Part I):

The Astronaut Wives Club
Lily Koppel
Grand Central Publishing

The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight
Winston Groom
National Geographic

Braving the Fire
Jessica Handler
St. Martin's

The Chattooga River
Laura Ann Garren
History Press

The Death of Santini
Pat Conroy
Random House

The Fall of the House of Dixie: The Civil War and the Social Revolution That Transformed the South
Bruce Levine
Random House

Finding Florida
TD Allman
Atlantic Monthly Press

Five Days at Memorial
Sheri Fink
Random House

The Girls of Atomic City
Denise Kiernan

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls
David Sedaris
Little Brown

The Astronauts Wives Club The Aviators Braving the Fire The Chattooga River The Death of Santini The Fall of theHouse of Dixie Finding Florida Five Days at Memorial The Girls of Atomic City Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls

More recommended reading from southern bookstores

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Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending April 20, 2014. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.

- A STARS Author | Okra Pick! - A SIBA Okra Pick 
Titles in red are SIBA Book Award winners and finalists!
Printable versions: Hardcover | Paperback | Children.


1. The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt, Little Brown, $30, 9780316055437
2. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
Gabrielle Zevin, Algonquin, $24.95, 9781616203214
okra3. The Invention of Wings
Sue Monk Kidd, Viking, $27.95, 9780670024780

4. The Husband's Secret
Liane Moriarty, Amy Einhorn Books, $25.95, 9780399159343
okra5. Miss Julia's Marvelous Makeover
Ann B. Ross, Viking, $26.95, 9780670026111

6. The Martian
Andy Weir, Crown, $24, 9780804139021
okra7. This Dark Road to Mercy
Wiley Cash, Morrow, $25.99, 9780062088253

8. Still Life With Bread Crumbs
Anna Quindlen, Random House, $26, 9781400065752
9. In Paradise
Peter Matthiessen, Riverhead, $27.95, 9781594633171
10. Sycamore Row
John Grisham, Doubleday, $28.95, 9780385537131
11. Missing You
Harlan Coben, Dutton, $27.95, 9780525953494
12. Dog Songs
Mary Oliver, Penguin Press, $26.95, 9781594204784
13. By Its Cover
Donna Leon, Atlantic Monthly Press, $26, 9780802122643
14. Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn, Crown, $25, 9780307588364
15. You Should Have Known
Jean Hanff Korelitz, Grand Central, $26, 9781455599493


1. Flash Boys
Michael Lewis, Norton, $27.95, 9780393244663
2. Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Diane Muldrow, Golden Books, $9.99, 9780307977618
okra3. Under Magnolia
Frances Mayes, Crown, $26, 9780307885913

4. 10% Happier
Dan Harris, It Books, $25.99, 9780062265425
5. Thrive
Arianna Huffington, Harmony, $26, 9780804140843
6. How Jesus Became God
Bart D. Ehrman, HarperOne, $27.99, 9780061778186
7. The Divide
Matt Taibbi, Spiegel & Grau, $27, 9780812993424
8. David and Goliath
Malcolm Gladwell, Little Brown, $29, 9780316204361 9. A Call to Action
Jimmy Carter, S&S, $28, 9781476773957
10. Players First
John Calipari, Michael Sokolove, Penguin Press, $28.95, 9781594205736
11. Killing Jesus
Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard, Holt, $28, 9780805098549
12. Grain Brain
David Perlmutter, Little Brown, $27, 9780316234801
13. The Southerner's Handbook
Garden & Gun Magazine, HarperWave, $27.99, 9780062242389
14. The Hunt
David Farbman, Jossey-Bass, $25, 9781118858240
15. Living With a Wild God
Barbara Ehrenreich, Twelve, $26, 9781455501762TRADE


1. Me Before You
Jojo Moyes, Penguin, $16, 9780143124542
2. The Interestings
Meg Wolitzer, Riverhead, $17, 9781594632341
3. Orphan Train
Christina Baker Kline, Morrow, $14.99, 9780061950728
4. Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Maria Semple, Back Bay, $14.99, 9780316204262
5. The Burgess Boys
Elizabeth Strout, Random House, $15, 9780812979510
okra6. Z
Therese Anne Fowler, St. Martin's Griffin, $15.99, 9781250028662

7. The Alchemist (25th Anniversary Edition)
Paulo Coelho, HarperOne, $16.99, 9780062315007
8. Beautiful Ruins
Jess Walter, Harper Perennial, $15.99, 9780061928178
9. The Last Original Wife
Dorothea Benton Frank, Morrow, $14.99, 9780062132475
10. Life After Life
Kate Atkinson, Back Bay, $18, 9780316176491
11. Paris
Edward Rutherfurd, Ballantine, $18, 9780345530769
12. The Other Typist
Suzanne Rindell, Berkley, $16, 9780425268421
13. The Light Between Oceans
M.L. Stedman, Scribner, $16, 9781451681758
14. Americanah
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Anchor, $15.95, 9780307455925
15. The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald, Scribner, $15, 9781451689433TRADE


1. Heaven Is for Real
Todd Burpo, Thomas Nelson, $16.99, 9780849922077
2. Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Katherine Boo, Random House, $16, 9780812979329
3. The Plantagenets
Dan Jones, Penguin, $18, 9780143124924
4. Wild
Cheryl Strayed, Vintage, $15.95, 9780307476074
5. The Girls of Atomic City
Denise Kiernan, Touchstone, $16, 9781451617535
6. Wreck This Journal
Keri Smith, Perigee, $15, 9780399161940
7. Hyperbole and a Half
Allie Brosh, Touchstone, $17.99, 9781451666175
8. Gulp
Mary Roach, Norton, $15.95, 9780393348743
9. Proof of Heaven
Eben Alexander, M.D., S&S, $15.99, 9781451695199
10. The Monuments Men
Robert M. Edsel, Back Bay, $17, 9780316240055
11. Gift From the Sea
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Pantheon, $9.95, 9780679732419
12. Dance of the Reptiles
Carl Hiaasen, Vintage, $15.95, 9780345807021
13. Show Your Work!
Austin Kleon, Workman, $11.95, 9780761178972
14. Orange Is the New Black
Piper Kerman, Spiegel & Grau, $16, 9780812986181
15. The Devil in the White City
Erik Larson, Vintage, $16, 9780375725609MASS


1. A Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553593716
2. A Dance With Dragons
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780553582017
3. Ender's Game
Orson Scott Card, Tor, $7.99, 9780765370624
4. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, Grand Central, $7.99, 9780446310789
5. A Clash of Kings
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780345535429
6. Never Go Back
Lee Child, Dell, $9.99, 9780440246329
7. The Catcher in the Rye
J.D. Salinger, Little Brown, $6.99, 9780316769488
8. The Wise Man's Fear
Patrick Rothfuss, DAW, $9.99, 9780756407919
9. 1984
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451524935
10. A Storm of Swords
George R.R. Martin, Bantam, $9.99, 9780345543981


1. Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure
Kimberly Dean, James Dean, Harper, $9.99, 9780062198679
2. The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
Mo Willems, Disney Press, $16.99, 9781423190875
3. The Day the Crayons Quit
Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers (Illus.), Philomel, $17.99, 9780399255373
4. Pat the Bunny
Dorothy Kunhardt, Golden, $9.99, 9780307120007
5. God Gave Us Easter
Lisa Tawn Bergren, Laura J. Bryant (Illus.), Waterbrook Press, $10.99, 9780307730725
6. Frozen (Little Golden Book)
Victoria Saxon, Grace Lee (Illus.), Random House/Disney, $3.99, 9780736430517
7. Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter
Victoria Kann, HarperFestival, $4.99, 9780062187727
8. Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illus.), Harper, $8.99, 9780694003617
9. Richard Scarry's Best Bunny Book Ever!
Richard Scarry, Golden Books, $6.99, 9780385384674
10. Duck & Goose Go to the Beach
Tad Hills, Schwartz & Wade, $17.99, 9780385372350


1. The Fault in Our Stars
John Green, Speak, $12.99, 9780142424179
2. Looking for Alaska
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142402511
3. An Abundance of Katherines
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142410707
4. The Book Thief
Markus Zusak, Knopf, $12.99, 9780385754729
5. Here Comes the Easter Cat
Deborah Underwood, Claudia Rueda (Illus.), Dial Press, $16.99, 9780803739390
6. Paper Towns
John Green, Speak, $9.99, 9780142414934
okra7. The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing
Sheila Turnage, Kathy Dawson Books, $16.99, 9780803736719

okra8. Three Times Lucky
Sheila Turnage, Puffin, $7.99, 9780142426050

9. Wonder
R.J. Palacio, Knopf, $15.99, 9780375869020
10. The Giver
Lois Lowry, Laurel-Leaf, $6.99, 9780440237686


1. Divergent
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $9.99, 9780062289858
2. Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $17.99, 9780062024046
3. Allegiant (Divergent, #3)
Veronica Roth, Katherine Tegen Books, $19.99, 9780062024060
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck
Jeff Kinney, Amulet, $13.95, 9781419711329
5. Mockingjay (The Final Book of the Hunger Games)
Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, $12.99, 9780545663267
6. The Maze Runner
James Dashner, Delacorte, $9.99, 9780385737951
7. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Ransom Riggs, Quirk, $10.99, 9781594746031
8. Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue! (An Origami Yoda Book)
Tom Angleberger, Amulet, $13.95, 9781419710520
9. Big Nate: In the Zone
Lincoln Peirce, Harper, $13.99, 9780061996658
10. Hollow City (The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children)
Ransom Riggs, Quirk, $17.99, 9781594746123

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In This Issue

Special to the Southern List

Click on a book to purchase from a great indie bookstore! See the full Southern Indie Bestseller list here.

Miss Julia's Marvelous Makeover
This Dark Road to Mercy
Sycamore Row
Dog Songs
You Should Have Known
Under Magnolia
How Jesus Became God
Players First
The Southerner's Handbook
The Hunt
The Last Original Wife
The Light Between Oceans
The Great Gatsby
Wreck This Journal
Gift From the Sea
Dance of the Reptiles
Show Your Work!
Orange Is the New Black
The Devil in the White City
Ender's Game
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Catcher in the Rye
The Wise Man's Fear
A Storm of Swords
God Gave Us Easter
Richard Scarry's Best Bunny Book Ever!
Duck & Goose Go to the Beach
The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing
Three Times Lucky


Events at Southen Indie Bookstores 

The Craft of Poetry  (author appearance)
Sandra Alcosser
05/02/2014, 10:00 am

Mark Doty and Kevin Young Live on Stage  (book festival)
Mark Doty Kevin Young
05/02/2014, 07:30 pm

Reader's Circle Book Club -- The Roots of the Olive Tree  (book club)
05/02/2014, 09:00 am
Copperfish Books

The Craft of Poetry  (author appearance)
Kevin Young
05/02/2014, 10:00 am
Florida Studio Theatre, 1241 North Palm Avenue

First Friday Author Round Up- R.D. Cole, Linda Gerald, Gena Knox & Randolph Norris  (author appearance)
Linda Gerald
05/02/2014, 06:00 pm
Page & Palette
Fairhope, AL

Coral Gables Gallery Night Opening - Everyday Heartbreaks: Recent Work by Leela Corman   (other event)
05/02/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Caroline Seebohm - Monumental Dreams: The Life and Sculpture of Ann Norton   (author appearance)
Caroline Seebohm
05/02/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

The Craft of Poetry  (author appearance)
Mark Doty
05/02/2014, 10:00 am
Florida Studio Theatre
Sarasota, FL

Poetry Group  (other event)
05/02/2014, 07:00 pm
A Novel Experience
Zebulon, GA

ROSE SENEHI SIGNING & MEET N’ GREET  (author appearance)
Rose Senehi
05/02/2014, 01:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

First Friday Meet the Author: Lawrence Earley  (author appearance)
Lawrence Earley
05/02/2014, 04:00 pm
Page After Page
Elizabeth City, NC

Larry Ketron, Author -Bluffing  (author appearance)
Larry Ketron
05/02/2014, 02:00 pm
Litchfield Books
Pawleys Island, SC

Young Voices Poetry Reading  (other event)
05/03/2014, 10:00 am

Community Favorite Poem Reading  (other event)
05/03/2014, 03:00 pm

Above and Beyond Luncheon  (other event)
Mark Doty Kevin Young
05/03/2014, 12:00 pm
Florida Studio Theatre, 1241 North Palm Avenue

Rose Senehi signs Dancing on Rocks  (author appearance)
Rose Senehi
05/03/2014, 12:00 pm
Fountainhead Bookstore

Local Author Extravaganza  (author appearance)
Matt Mooney
05/03/2014, 11:00 am
Nightbird Books
Fayetteville, AR

Leela Corman - Illustrating the News  (author appearance)
Leela Corman
05/03/2014, 05:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Meet Five Georgia Authors: Rona Simmons, Valerie Connors, Julie McDermott, Linda Hughes, and Kathryn Gray-White  (author appearance)
Rona Simmons
05/03/2014, 06:30 pm
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Ashton Lee, The Reading Circle  (author appearance)
Ashton Lee
05/03/2014, 01:00 pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe
Woodstock, GA

Storytime with Miss Maureen  (other event)
05/03/2014, 11:30 am
Maple Street Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

Ole Miss From A to Z by Kathryn Hood  (author appearance)
Kathryn Hood
05/03/2014, 11:00 am
Lemuria Books

okraGreg Iles Signs Natchez Burning  (author appearance)
Greg Iles
05/03/2014, 05:00 pm
Pass Christian Books
Pass Christian, MS

Lori Nichols signs MAPLE  (author appearance)
Lori Nichols
05/03/2014, 10:00 am
Square Books
Oxford, MS

Eden Glenn  (author appearance)
Eden Glenn
05/03/2014, 03:00 pm
Blue Ridge Books & News
Waynesville, NC

Wally Avett’s Murder in Caney Fork  (author appearance)
Wally Avett
05/03/2014, 03:00 pm
City Lights Bookstore
Sylva, NC

Allan Gurganus
05/03/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Alena Graedon – The Word Exchange  (author appearance)
Alena Graedon
05/03/2014, 11:00 am
McIntyre's Fine Books
Pittsboro, NC

Meet the Author: Kay Goldstein  (author appearance)
Kay Goldstein
05/03/2014, 11:00 am
Page After Page
Elizabeth City, NC

Author event: Kim Church - Byrd  (author appearance)
Kim Church
05/03/2014, 02:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

The Quaker Cafe - Author Event and Booksigning with Brenda Remmes  (author appearance)
Brenda Remmes
05/03/2014, 01:30 pm
Books on Broad
Camden, SC

J. Michael Holloway's Greenville Launch Party  (author appearance)
J. Michael Holloway
05/03/2014, 02:00 pm
Fiction Addiction
Greenville, SC

Paul Hohmann Children's Book Signing  (author appearance)
Paul Hohmann
05/03/2014, 11:00 am
Fiction Addiction
Greenville, SC

Saturday Storytime  (other event)
05/03/2014, 10:30 am
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

Christopher Moore signs The Serpent of Venice  (author appearance)
Christopher Moore
05/04/2014, 02:00 pm
Eagle Eye Bookshop

okraGreg Iles  (author appearance)
Greg Iles
05/04/2014, 02:00 pm
Page & Palette
Fairhope, AL

3 Poets on a Sunday Afternoon  (author appearance)
Nicole Callihan
05/04/2014, 04:00 pm
Nightbird Books
Fayetteville, AR

POETRIO  (author appearance)
Thomas Rain Crowe
05/04/2014, 03:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Michael B. Jones – After the Race  (author appearance)
Michael B. Jones
05/04/2014, 02:00 pm
McIntyre's Fine Books
Pittsboro, NC

Author event: Walt Wolfram & Jeffrey Reaser - Talkin' Tar Heel: How Our Voices Tell the Story of North Carolina  (author appearance)
Jeffrey Reaser
05/04/2014, 02:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Sundry Poets  (author appearance)
Susan Laughter Meyers
05/04/2014, 03:00 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

JOE RAIOLA: The Joy of Censorship @ Motorco  (author appearance)
Joe Raiola
05/04/2014, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC

Will Harlan-Untamed: The Wildest Woman in America and the Fight for Cumberland Island  (author appearance)
Will Harlan
05/05/2014, 07:15 pm
Eagle Eye Bookshop

Free Writing Workshop, The Silver Lining: Positive effects of writing your life stories  (writers group)
05/05/2014, 12:00 pm
Fountainhead Bookstore

okraCassandra King  (author appearance)
Cassandra King
05/05/2014, 12:00 pm
Page & Palette
Fairhope, AL

Robert Andrew Powell - Running Away  (author appearance)
Robert Andrew Powell
05/05/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Clint Hill Book Signing  (author appearance)
Clint Hill
05/05/2014, 07:00 pm
A Cappella Books
Atlanta, GA

Ryan Holiday: The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph  (author appearance)
Ryan Holiday
05/05/2014, 06:00 pm
Garden District Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

Charles Robert Marsh - Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer  (author appearance)
Charles Robert Marsh
05/05/2014, 06:00 pm
Maple Street Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

The Juke Joint King of the Mississippi Hills by Janice Branch Tracy  (author appearance)
Janice Branch Tracy
05/05/2014, 05:00 pm
Lemuria Books

Sidney Powell
05/05/2014, 05:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Bridging Differences Book Club  (book club)
05/05/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Jessica Wapner
05/05/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Christopher Moore  (author appearance)
Christopher Moore
05/05/2014, 07:30 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Kim Sunee - A Mouthful of Stars  (author appearance)
Kim Sunee
05/06/2014, 05:00 pm
Alabama Booksmith
Birmingham, AL

Dos poetas ecuatorianas: Marialuz Albuja Bayas y Sandra de la Torre Guarderas  (author appearance)
Marialuz Albuja Bayas
05/06/2014, 06:30 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Ramiro A. Fernandez and Richard Blanco- Cuba Then: Rare and Classic Images from the Ramiro A. Fernandez Collection  (author appearance)
Ramiro A. Fernandez
05/06/2014, 08:00 pm
Books & Books Inc
Coral Gables, FL

Bill Loehfelm discusses and signs his book, The Devil in Her Way  (author appearance)
Bill Loehfelm
05/06/2014, 06:00 pm
Garden District Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

1718 Society - Afton Wilky   (author appearance)
Afton Wilky
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Maple Street Book Shop
New Orleans, LA

Cara Hoffman - BE SAFE I LOVE YOU  (author appearance)
Cara Hoffman
05/06/2014, 06:00 pm
Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Charles Marsh  (author appearance)
Charles Marsh
05/06/2014, 05:00 pm
Lemuria Books

Corban Addison signs THE GARDEN OF BURNING SAND  (author appearance)
Corban Addison
05/06/2014, 05:00 pm
Square Books
Oxford, MS

Lee Smith at riends of the Library Event  (author appearance)
Lee Smith
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Blue Ridge Books & News
Waynesville, NC

Randi Davenport launches her novel The End of Always  (author appearance)
Randi Davenport
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

WILD Book Club  (book club)
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
Asheville, NC

Book launch: Roland Lazenby - Michael Jordan: The Life  (author appearance)
Roland Lazenby
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Melissa Malouf  (author appearance)
Melissa Malouf
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
durham, NC

Web of Water -Release Event  (author appearance)
John Lane
05/06/2014, 07:00 pm
Hub City Bookshop
Spartanburg, SC

Author event with David Horowitz, Melissa Cannon, and Donika D. Ross  (author appearance)
David Horowitz
05/06/2014, 06:30 pm
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

A Fancy Afternoon with Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, creators of Fancy Nancy  (author appearance)
Robin Preiss Glasser
05/06/2014, 04:00 pm
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

Author event with David Horowitz, Melissa Cannon, and Donika D. Ross  (author appearance)
David Horowitz
05/06/2014, 06:30 pm
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

Thriller Writers Jenny Milchman and Carla Buckley Present Their Novels at The Woman's Club  (author appearance)
Carla Buckley
05/06/2014, 12:00 pm
Fountain Bookstore
Richmond, VA

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