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{About every four to six months I'd dream I'd killed somebody.}

In which her ladyship, the editor, has a new apron, Ms Deshanta Hairston thought something was missing in her community so she did something about it, and Mr. Ron Rash wrote a book because he kept dreaming that he'd killed somebody. 

September 18, 2016

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Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,—
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

--William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I

Dearest Readers

Lady BanksHer ladyship has returned from her trip to Savannah, where she spent a week at the SIBA Discovery Show -- the annual trade show for people in the book industry in the South. It was a week filled with great fun, many authors, many books, and many many many cups of room service hotel coffee. Also, a fare number of literary-themed gifts. Here's her ladyship trying out what will be her official fall apron, inspired by one of the more famous, if alarming, recipes in literature. She especially likes the books on Shakespeare's cookbook shelf: "The Joy of Haggis," " Banquets by Banquo," and of course "Cooking with Reptiles."  Ask your local indie bookshop if they carry gifts from "Shakespeare Sez"

Shakespeare's Cookbooks

But of course one really attends a book show for the books -- of which her ladyship ended up with plenty (photo). The Discovery Show is all about books that that just come out, or are being released this fall, or will be coming out in the spring. Here are a few titles her ladyship is especially looking forward to:

The Barrowfields
The Shadow Land

And yes, her ladyship, the editor, knows that last book is not a "Southern" story, per se. But in Savannah Elizabeth Kostova stood up in front of a roomful of people and sang a Bulgarian folksong that was so wild and beautiful and sad that her ladyship can still hear it even now. So she is absolutely compelled to read that book.

Read Independently! And shop local.

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

DarktownIt was nearing midnight when one of the new lampposts on Auburn Avenue achieved the unfortunate fate of being the first to be hit by a car. Shards of a white Buick's headlight fell scattered across the sidewalk below the now-leaning pole.

Locusts continued their thrum in the thick July air. Windows were open throughout town, the impact no doubt waking many. The lone pedestrian on that block, an old man on his way home from sweeping the floors at a sugar factory, was no more than ten yards away. He had stepped back when the car jumped the curb but now he stopped and watched for a moment, in case the pole should come crashing the rest of the way down. It didn't. At least not yet.

The Buick reversed, slowly, the front wheel easing off the curb. The movement caused the pole to lean the other way, too far, and then back again, a giant metronome.

The pedestrian could hear a woman's voice, shouting. Something about what on earth do you think you're doing, just take me home, that sort of thing. The pedestrian shook his head and shambled off before something worse might happen.

--Thomas Mullen, Darktown (Atria/37 Ink 2016) 9781501133862

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Read This!

Recommended reading from Southern Indie Booksellers

MischlingMischling: A Novel by Affinity Konar (Lee Boudreaux Books)

“Sisters Stasha and Pearl are accustomed to the imaginative interior life they share as twins, but in Josef Mengele's 'Zoo' at Auschwitz they must find refuge in that life in order to survive. Readers descend into the violence and despair of the Holocaust as experienced through the eyes of the twins but are protected by an innocence that is also urbane and by a sardonic playfulness that does not shy from horrors but transforms them into fortitude and resilience. Konar has achieved the unlikely -- Mischling simultaneously haunts and inspires.”

—Kelly Pickerill (W), Lemuria Bookstore, Jackson, MS  9780316308106

The RisenThe Risen: A Novel by Ron Rash (Ecco)

“The most overused cliche in the book business is 'page-turner,' so I will ask indulgence when I declare that The Risen by Ron Rash is a page-turner in the truest sense of the phrase. The Risen explores a young boy's coming of age, sibling rivalry, a decades-old mystery, and extreme life choices. It is an exciting read for all who appreciate literature at its finest.”

—Jake Reiss (M), The Alabama Booksmith, Birmingham, AL  9780062436313

Little NothinigLittle Nothing: A Novel by Marisa Silver (Blue Rider Press)

“Silver turns the oral tradition into fine literature with Little Nothing, a masterful work of fairy tale and folklore. Pavla, a dwarf born in Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, is a survivor who magically adapts time and again in order to overcome cruelty. Danilo loves her and is obsessed only with protecting her. This is a story of the power of transformation and the gift of finding the love we need, if not the love we seek.”

—Maureen Stinger, The Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA  9780399167928

Leave MeLeave Me: A Novel by Gayle Forman (Algonquin Books)

“Filled with poignant, heartwarming insights into the incessant demands of marriage and motherhood, Leave Me brilliantly shows readers that sometimes you really do have to run away from it all in order to discover what really matters. In her adult debut, Forman provides a frank and moving story about losing and finding yourself by embracing the power of forgiveness, the inevitability of growth, and the stubbornness of love.”

—Anderson McKean (W), Page & Palette, Fairhope, AL  9781616206178

From Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, North Carolina

Another BrooklynSarah: There is a hypnotic quality to Jacqueline Woodson's Another Brooklyn (Amistad $22.99), her beautiful new novel of four girls navigating Brooklyn in the '70's. Their confidence and bravura, vulnerability and fear, their loyalty to and love for one another, are told by August, in real time and flashbacks, as she tries to find her own way through. I couldn't help thinking of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, that other wonderful girl-coming-of-age story set in the same place in the early 20th century and touching on some of the same themes. I'm grateful to Jacqueline Woodson for this lovely and haunting story. Others on our staff have fallen in love with it, too:

From René: Do not be fooled by the length of this book--it is short but powerful. It brought me right into the world of a young African-American girl and her friends in language that is both compact and lyrical. Publishers Weekly gave Another Brooklyn a well-deserved starred review and said: “Woodson...combines grit and beauty in a series of stunning vignettes, painting a vivid mural of what it was like to grow up African-American in Brooklyn during the 1970s...[she] draws on all the senses to trace the milestones in a woman’s life and how her early experiences shaped her identity.” It is a book that will stay with me for a long time.  9780062359988

House on Mango StreetFrom Mamie: A few years ago I finally got around to reading Sandra Cisneros’ book, The House on Mango Street. Brown Girl DreamingIt was beautiful, and as soon as I finished it, I left it on my bedside table so I could pick it up and read excerpts from it like a daily reading. What that book was to the coming-of-age Latino community in Chicago, Jacqueline Woodson’s new book is to African-Americans in Brooklyn. Flashing back to an August in the seventies, Another Brooklyn follows four friends as they leave their childhoods behind. I was particularly struck by the dangers and challenges that young girls and women face from men--on the streets from strangers, from peers, and in their homes from father figures who are absent entirely or present in unhealthy ways. Woodson won the National Book Award for her Young Adult book, Brown Girl Dreaming. This is her first adult novel in many years.  9780679734772  9780147515827

Baby BirdsFrom Carol: Along with the miracle of baby birds last spring came a big, beautiful book about them, Baby Birds by Julie Zickefoose (HMH $28). The subtitle, “An Artist Looks into the Nest,” led me to pick this up and peruse the extensive information and wealth of drawings. Thirteen years ago Zickefoose began observing and sketching nestlings once a day until they fledged, noting and recording in word and watercolor, the details of development. Beginning with the Carolina wren, she portrays many familiar species and a few that are less common here. Fine writing and an artist’s flair communicate her vast knowledge and deep affection for these feathered wonders of nature. A felicitous combination of science and art, this book is a treasure.  9780544206700

Trigger WarningFrom Bill: Trigger Warning: Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech? by Mick Hume (William Collins $19.99). A "trigger warning" is that ubiquitous statement placed at the beginning of any communication that someone thinks might contain something that would offend somebody somewhere. Hume uses this as a symbol of the constantly eroding right of free speech in Western Civilization. He posits that groups who insist on 'politically correct' speech either have no confidence in their own arguments, or they believe their fellow citizens are too stupid to make up their own minds if allowed to hear some offending idea. He makes a pretty good argument for the "indivisible" right of free speech.  9780008126407

Textbook Amy Krouse RosenthalFrom Amber: Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal: Not Exactly a Memoir by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Dutton $27):

  • Inspiring
  • Unique
  • Interactive
  • Hilarious

Definitely pick this one up!  9781101984543

More bookseller recommendations

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Lady Banks' {Book} Trailer Park

Okra Picks: Darktown

DarktownThe award-winning author of The Last Town on Earth delivers a riveting and elegant police procedural set in 1948 Atlanta, exploring a murder, corrupt police, and strained race relations that feels ripped from today's headlines.

Responding to orders from on high, the Atlanta Police Department is forced to hire its first black officers, including war veterans Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith. The newly minted policemen are met with deep hostility by their white peers; they aren’t allowed to arrest white suspects, drive squad cars, or set foot in the police headquarters.

When a black woman who was last seen in a car driven by a white man turns up dead, Boggs and Smith suspect white cops are behind it. Their investigation sets them up against a brutal cop, Dunlow, who has long run the neighborhood as his own, and his partner, Rakestraw, a young progressive who may or may not be willing to make allies across color lines. Among shady moonshiners, duplicitous madams, crooked lawmen, and the constant restrictions of Jim Crow, Boggs and Smith will risk their new jobs, and their lives, while navigating a dangerous world—a world on the cusp of great change.

Set in the postwar, pre-civil rights South, and evoking the socially resonant and morally complex crime novels of Dennis Lehane and Walter Mosley, Darktown is a vivid, smart, intricately plotted crime saga that explores the timely issues of race, law enforcement, and the uneven scales of justice.


Okra Picks

The List: The Great Booksellers Fall Preview from LitHub

See the full list here

The Minotaur Takes His Own Sweet Time Fire and Stars She's Not Into Poetry Rain in Portugal 

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Book & Author Gossip


Groovy Joe"Groovy Joe is inspired by optimism and a multi-sensory approach to early literary. I love books that weave music and story together."

Eric Litwin and Groovy Joe


"We hope to have expanded cookbook, coffee table, and art book sections"

Avid Bookshop to open 2nd location

The Risen"During those 20 years, about every four to six months, I’d dream I killed somebody.

Ron Rash always knew he'd write this novel.

"We're one of the few antiquarian book stores around and we specialize in African diaspora but we sell everything: used, rare and new"


Bookstore opens in Ybor City, Florida

Max Perkins"I'll confess, trying to do a movie about editing is a little like filming paint dry."

Movie inspires a revisit of books about Maxwell Perkins

“I actually had the ‘it’s cancer’ conversation phone call with my doctor in the bookstore bathroom,” 

How 100+ authors and illustrators rose to the occasion

“At first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to continue the store after I lost my mom,” Hammond said, “but it just motivated me to keep it going.”

Sage Coffee and Books enters new chapter

I love this community, where I was born and raised, and its multicultural richness.

Mitchell Kaplan wins ArtesMiami Award

Deshanta Hairston felt something was missing in the Martinsville community.

Books and Crannies opens in Martinsville, VA

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Meet Donna Everhart

Donna EverhartDonna Everhart grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and has lived close to her hometown for most of her life. For several years she worked for high tech companies, specializing in project management and product introduction. She carries a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She lives in Dunn, North Carolina with her husband, and a tiny, heart stealing Yorkshire terrier, named Mister.

The Education of Dixie Dupree

Education of Dixie DupreeIn 1969, Dixie Dupree is eleven years old and already an expert liar. Sometimes the lies are for her mama, Evie’s sake—to explain away a bruise brought on by her quick-as-lightning temper. And sometimes the lies are to spite Evie, who longs to leave her unhappy marriage in Perry County, Alabama, and return to her beloved New Hampshire. But for Dixie and her brother, Alabama is home, a place of pine-scented breezes and hot, languid afternoons. Though Dixie is learning that the family she once believed was happy has deep fractures, even her vivid imagination couldn’t concoct the events about to unfold. Dixie records everything in her diary—her parents’ fights, her father’s drinking and his unexplained departure, and the arrival of Uncle Ray. Only when Dixie desperately needs help and is met with disbelief does she realize how much damage her past lies have done. But she has courage and a spirit that may yet prevail, forcing secrets into the open and allowing her to forgive and become whole again. Narrated by her young heroine in a voice as sure and resonant as The Secret Life of Bees’ Lily or Bastard Out of Carolina’s Bone, Donna Everhart’s remarkable debut is a story about mothers and daughters, the guilt and pain that pass between generations, and the truths that are impossible to hide, especially from ourselves.

Request a visit from Donna Everhart via your local bookstore!


Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending September 18. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.

- The Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize | Okra Pick! - A SIBA Okra Pick 
See the full list here
Printable versions: Hardcover | Paperback | Children.


1. Commonwealth
Ann Patchett, Harper, $27.99, 9780062491794
2. Razor Girl
Carl Hiaasen, Knopf, $27.95, 9780385349741
3. The Underground Railroad
Colson Whitehead, Doubleday, $26.95, 9780385542364
4. Nutshell
Ian McEwan, Nan A. Talese, $24.95, 9780385542074
5. A Great Reckoning
Louise Penny, Minotaur, $28.99, 9781250022134


1. Hillbilly Elegy
J.D. Vance, Harper, $27.99, 9780062300546
2. Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan
Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard, Holt, $30, 9781627790628
3. The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class
Edward Conard, Portfolio, $29, 9781595231239
4. Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum
Neil Patel, et al., Rodale, $26.99, 9781623367169
5. Best. State. Ever.: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland
Dave Barry, Putnam, $27, 9781101982600

Also of note:

okra8. The Risen
Ron Rash, Ecco, $25.99, 9780062436313
okra4. Raymie Nightingale
Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick, $16.99, 9780763681173

Special to the Southern List
The RisenBest State EverThings Fall ApartJust Mercy

Click on a book to purchase from a great indie bookstore! See the full Southern Indie Bestseller list and the books that are Special to the Southern List here.

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Events at Southern Indie Bookstores

See the full calendar | Find a Southern Indie Bookstore near you

Molly Thomas  (author appearance)
Molly Thomas | 09/23/2016, 07:00 pm | Page & Palette | Fairhope, AL

Local Author Book Launch: Gabrielle Fuentes, THE SLEEPING WORLD  (author appearance)
Gabriellen Fuentes | 09/23/2016, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Nisi Shawl Reads From Everfair  (author appearance)
Nisi Shawl | 09/23/2016, 07:30 pm | Charis Books & More | Atlanta, GA

Harlan Coben signs Home  (author appearance)
Harlan Coben | 09/23/2016, 06:00 pm | Eagle Eye Book Shop | Atlanta, GA

Nancy McIntyre to Present Her Novel  (author appearance)
Nancy McIntyre | 09/23/2016, 06:30 pm | City Lights Bookstore | Sylva, NC

Jeffrey Brown presents Lucy & Andy Neanderthal, the first book in his new graphic novel series!  (author appearance)
Jeffrey Brown | 09/23/2016, 06:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

Author Event: Gavin Edwards - Tao of Bill Murray; Real life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment and Party Crashing  (author appearance)
Gavin Edwards | 09/23/2016, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Kathryn Smith - The Gatekeeper: Missy Lehand  (author appearance)
Kathryn Smith | 09/23/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Brad Weiss, Real Pigs: Shifting Values in the Field of Local Pork   (author appearance)
Brad Weiss | 09/23/2016, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Bob Carlin, Banjo: An Illustrated History  (author appearance)
Bob Carlin | 09/23/2016, 07:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

Eric Litwin Performance & Book Signing   (author appearance)
Eric Litwin | 09/23/2016, 06:30 pm | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Free Community Performance by New York Times Bestselling Author Eric Litwin   (author appearance)
Eric Litwin | 09/23/2016, 06:30 pm | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Robert Hicks, Author of The Orphan Mother  (author appearance)
Robert Hicks | 09/23/2016, 11:00 am | Litchfield Books | Pawleys Island, SC

Author event with Rob Rufus author of Die Young With Me  (author appearance)
Rob Rufus | 09/23/2016, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Randi Pink  (author appearance)
Randi Pink | 09/24/2016, 05:00 pm | Page & Palette | Fairhope, AL

LADIES OF LIBERTY STORYTIME!  (author appearance)
Jen Arena | 09/24/2016, 04:00 pm | Inkwood Books | Tampa, FL

Avid Poetry Series: Christine M. Lasek, Jake Syersak and Connor Fisher  (author appearance)
09/24/2016, 05:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Classic City Cooking Chef Demo with Heirloom's Joel Penn at Athens Farmers Market  (author appearance)
09/24/2016, 10:00 am | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Paul Luikart - Animal Heart  (author appearance)
Paul Luikart | 09/24/2016, 02:00 pm | Tall Tales Book Shop, Inc. | Atlanta, GA

The Marvelous Thing That Came from a Spring by Gilbert Ford  (author appearance)
Gilbert Ford | 09/24/2016, 10:00 am | Lemuria Books | Jackson, MS

Katherine Soniat Poetry Reading  (author appearance)
Katherine Soniat | 09/24/2016, 03:00 pm | City Lights Bookstore | Sylva, NC

Pumpkin Festival   (author appearance)
Jayme Moore | 09/24/2016, 09:00 am | Diana's Books and More | Elkin, NC

Ruth Moose discusses her new mystery novel Wedding Bell Blues  (author appearance)
Ruth Moose | 09/24/2016, 11:00 am | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

KARIN KALLMAKER and KG MacGREGOR  (author appearance)
K.G. MacGregor | 09/24/2016, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

William Ferris – The South in Color  (author appearance)
William Ferris | 09/24/2016, 11:00 am | McIntyre's Fine Books | Pittsboro, NC

okraThomas Mullen – Darktown  (author appearance)
Thomas Mullen | 09/24/2016, 02:00 pm | McIntyre's Fine Books | Pittsboro, NC

Children's Author Reading with Maria Bostian  (author appearance)
Maria Bostian | 09/24/2016, 11:00 am | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Jeffrey Brown - Lucy and Andy Neanderthal  (author appearance)
Jeffrey Brown | 09/24/2016, 02:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Gloria Steinem - My Life on the Road  (author appearance)
Gloria Steinem | 09/24/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Robbin Gourley, Talkin’ Guitar: The Story of a Young Doc Watson  (author appearance)
Robbin Gourley | 09/24/2016, 11:00 am | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

Fred Thompson: Bacon  (author appearance)
Fred Thompson | 09/24/2016, 04:00 pm | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Ben Jordan signs Modern Manhood and the Boy Scouts of America  (author appearance)
Ben Jordan | 09/24/2016, 02:00 pm | Booksellers at Laurelwood | Memphis, TN

Author Event with Tim Barnwell  (author appearance)
Tim Barnwell | 09/25/2016, 03:00 pm | Blue Ridge Books

A Prologue to the 25th Edition of the Book Festival of the MJCCA presents Kristin Hannah  (author appearance)
Kristin Hannah | 09/25/2016, 07:30 pm | A Cappella Books | Atlanta, GA

okraSUSAN BOYER presents LOW COUNTRY BOOK CLUB  (author appearance)
Susan M. Boyer | 09/25/2016, 02:00 pm | Bookmiser | Roswell, GA

about Adam W. Jones: Fate Ball Roulhac Toledano and Scott Veazey: Martha Wright Ambrose (1914-2000): The Rediscovery of a Southern Regional Arti  (author appearance)
Scott Veazey | 09/25/2016, 02:00 pm | Garden District Book Shop | New Orleans, LA

Terry Roberts - That Bright Land  (author appearance)
Terry Roberts | 09/25/2016, 02:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Ashley Christensen - Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner  (author appearance)
Ashley Christensen | 09/25/2016, 04:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

okraThomas Mullen, Darktown  (author appearance)
Thomas Mullen | 09/25/2016, 03:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

William Ferris: The South in Color   (author appearance)
William Ferris | 09/25/2016, 02:00 pm | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Helena Cobban and Daniel Demeter Book Signing  (author appearance)
Daniel Demeter | 09/26/2016, 07:00 pm | A Cappella Books | Atlanta, GA

Paul Freedman with TEN RESTAURANTS THAT CHANGED AMERICA  (author appearance)
Paula Freedman | 09/26/2016, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Makeda Lewis | 09/26/2016, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Daniel Hatcher - The Poverty Industry  (author appearance)
Daniel Hatcher | 09/26/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

okraThomas Mullen, Darktown  (author appearance)
Thomas Mullen | 09/26/2016, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Robert Hicks: Orphan Mother  (author appearance)
Robert Hicks | 09/26/2016, 05:00 pm | The Country Bookshop | Southern Pines, NC

Author event with Clara Bingham author of Witness to the Revolution  (author appearance)
Clara Bingham | 09/26/2016, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Kate Beaton  (author appearance)
Kate Beaton | 09/26/2016, 06:00 pm | Hooray For Books | Alexandria, VA

Whitney Stewart - FELDPOST: The War Letters of Friedrich Reiner Niemann  (author appearance)
Whitney Stewart | 09/27/2016, 06:00 pm | Octavia Books | New Orleans, LA

okraThomas Mullen with DARKTOWN  (author appearance)
Thomas Mullen | 09/27/2016, 05:00 pm | Square Books | Oxford, MS

Robert Hicks discusses his new novel The Orphan Mother  (author appearance)
Robert Hicks | 09/27/2016, 07:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

William Ferris - The South in Color  (author appearance)
William Ferris | 09/27/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Meet Puzzlemaster and Bestselling Children's Author Trenton Lee Stewart   (author appearance)
Trenton Lee Stewart | 09/27/2016, 04:30 pm | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Lisa Turner signs Devil Sent the Rain  (author appearance)
Lisa Turner | 09/27/2016, 06:30 pm | Booksellers at Laurelwood | Memphis, TN

Sarah Gray tells the story of A Life Everlasting  (author appearance)
Sarah Gray | 09/27/2016, 06:30 pm | Fountain Bookstore | Richmond, VA

OFFSITE: Carl Hiaasen - Razor Girl - Gables  (author appearance)
Carl Hiaasen | 09/28/2016, 07:30 pm | Books & Books Inc | Coral Gables, FL

Cynthia Graubart Book Signing  (author appearance)
Cynthia Graubart | 09/28/2016, 07:00 pm | A Cappella Books | Atlanta, GA

Chef John Currence's BIG BAD BREAKFAST: Book Signing Event at 5 & 10  (author appearance)
John Currence | 09/28/2016, 05:00 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

Meet Author Ben Hatke: Mighty Jack  (author appearance)
Ben Hatke | 09/28/2016, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

TRENTON LEE STEWART presents THE SECRET KEEPERS (YA)  (author appearance)
Trenton Lee Stewart | 09/28/2016, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Author Event: Jeff Diamant - Heist: The Oddball Crew Behind the $17 Million Loomis Fargo Theft  (author appearance)
Jeff Diamant | 09/28/2016, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Brulé & Fred Thompson - Two Southern Cookbooks (& samples)  (author appearance)
Jennifer Brulé | 09/28/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Year of Flannery O'Connor: Dostoyevsky & O'Connor: Geniuses for Jesus  (other event)
09/28/2016, 07:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

Author event with Paul Freedman author of Ten Restaurants That Changed America  (author appearance)
Paula Freedman | 09/28/2016, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Juana Medina  (author appearance)
Juana Medina | 09/28/2016, 06:00 pm | Hooray For Books | Alexandria, VA

Acclaimed astrologer and bestselling author Leslie McGuirk presents The Power Of Mercury  (author appearance)
Leslie McGuirk | 09/29/2016, 06:00 pm | Vero Beach Book Center | Vero Beach, FL

Wenonah Hauter - Frackopoly  (author appearance)
WENONAH HAUTER | 09/29/2016, 07:00 pm | A Cappella Books | Atlanta, GA

Author Event: Landis Wade - Legally Binding Christmas  (author appearance)
Landis Wade | 09/29/2016, 07:00 pm | Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Trenton Lee Stewart - The Secret Keepers  (author appearance)
Trenton Lee Stewart | 09/29/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Jennifer Brulé, Learn to Cook 25 Southern Classics 3 Ways  (author appearance)
Jennifer Brulé | 09/29/2016, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Storytime Thursday  (author appearance)
09/29/2016, 10:30 am | Fiction Addiction | Greenville, SC

Kathryn Smith  (author appearance)
Kathryn Smith | 09/29/2016, 06:00 pm | Hub City Bookshop | Spartanburg, SC

Corey Mesler  (author appearance)
Corey Mesler | 09/29/2016, 05:30 pm | Burke's Book Store | Memphis, TN

James Dashner  (author appearance)
James Dashner | 09/30/2016, 04:30 pm | Page & Palette | Fairhope, AL

Local Author Book Party: Jefferson Bass for Without Mercy: A Body Farm Novel  (author appearance)
Jefferson Bass | 09/30/2016, 06:30 pm | Avid Bookshop | Athens, GA

okraRon Rash to Present His New Novel  (author appearance)
Ron Rash | 09/30/2016, 06:30 pm | City Lights Bookstore | Sylva, NC

Jennifer Brulé presents Learn to Cook 25 Southern Classics 3 Ways at The Root Cellar  (author appearance)
Jennifer Brulé | 09/30/2016, 12:00 pm | Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC

JEFF ALT signing THE ADVENTURES OF BUBBA JONES  (author appearance)
Jeff Alt | 09/30/2016, 01:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

REGIONAL FOCUS: JOSEPH MEIGS presents ARTIST'S TALES  (author appearance)
Joseph Meigs | 09/30/2016, 07:00 pm | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe | Asheville, NC

Angela Pisel - With Love From the Inside  (author appearance)
Angela Pisel | 09/30/2016, 07:00 pm | Quail Ridge Books & Music | Raleigh, NC

Patrick Phillips, Blood at the Root  (author appearance)
Patrick Phillips | 09/30/2016, 07:00 pm | Regulator Bookshop | Durham, NC

Poet Charlotte Matthews, Whistle What Can’t Be Said  (author appearance)
Charlotte Matthews | 09/30/2016, 07:00 pm | Scuppernong Books | Greensboro, NC

Kathryn Smith Author of The Gatekeeper  (author appearance)
Kathryn Smith | 09/30/2016 | Litchfield Books | Pawleys Island, SC

Author event with Leigh Bardugo author of Crooked Kingdom  (author appearance)
Leigh Bardugo | 09/30/2016, 06:30 pm | Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Reception and book launch for Maria Cornelius, author of The Final Season: The Perseverance of Pat Summitt  (author appearance)
Maria Cornelius | 09/30/2016, 05:30 pm | Union Avenue Books | Knoxville, TN

James Ponti  (author appearance)
James Ponti | 09/30/2016, 06:00 pm | Hooray For Books | Alexandria, VA

Authors Round the South


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