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SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

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{On the slow disappearance of fireflies.}

In which Ms. Georgann Eubanks becomes a food pilgrim, Mr. Isaac Asimov writes story about a stable marriage -- between three inter-dimensional aliens, Ms. Jesmyn Ward ponders the closeness of history in the South, and Ms. Faust laments the slow disappearance of fireflies.

Her ladyship, the editor, spent the previous week in the lovely New Orleans (which, as an aside, is a difficult place to be for a vegetarian) for the annual SIBA Discovery Show -- the big book industry trade show that showcases all the forthcoming fall and winter books. This was the result:

The Book Pile!

Among the books her ladyship is most looking forward to are Wiley Cash's new novel The Last Ballad, a historical novel about the all-but-forgotten balladeer and union organizer from Gastonia, North Carolina (and the woman Pete Seeger called "one of America's greatest songwriters"); The Woman's Hour by Elaine Weiss, a gripping history of the final battle for women's right to vote, fought in a long hot summer in Tennessee; Tayari Jones' forthcoming novel An American Marriage (not due until February, alas) -- inspired by a young couple's argument the author overheard in a mall food court; and Beth Ann Fennelly's Heating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs, which is due out next month. It's a deceptively short book that covers quite a lot of ground -- sometimes in a couple paragraphs, sometimes in a couple pages, and sometimes in a couple sentences:

Married Love

In every book my husband's written, a character named Colin suffers a horrible death. This is because my boyfriend before I met my husband was named Colin. In addition to being named Colin, he was Scottish, and an architect. So you understand my husband's feeling of inadequacy. My husband cannot build a tall building of many stories. He can only build a story, and then push Colin out of it.

The Last Ballad The Woman's Hour An American Marriage Heating and Cooling 

Read Independently! And shop local.

her ladyship, the editor

Lady Banks' Pick of the Week

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book

Noteworthy poetry and prose from her ladyship's bedside reading stack.

Sing, Unburied, SingJojo

I like to think I know what death is. I like to think that it's something I could look at straight. When Pop tell me he need my help and I see that black knife slid into the belt of his pants, I follow Pop out the house, try to keep my back straight, my shoulders even as a hanger; that's how Pop walks. I try to look like this is normal and boring so Pop will think I've earned these thirteen years, so Pop will know I'm ready to pull what needs to be pulled, separate innards from muscle, organs from cavities. I want Pop to know I can get bloody. Today's my birthday.

Jesmyn Ward, Sing, Unburied, Sing (Scribner, 2017) 9781501126062

Meet the author!

Jesmyn Ward with SING, UNBURIED, SING  (author appearance)
Jesmyn Ward | 09/25/2017, 05:00 pm | "Square Books" | "Oxford", MS

Jesmyn Ward / Sing, Unburied, Sing  (author appearance)
Jesmyn Ward | 09/25/2017, 01:00 pm | "Turnrow Books" | "Greenwood", MS


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Sing, Unburied, Sing"I read about these children and was struck by the fact that I didn't know (about them), that I grew up in Mississippi near where Parchman Prison was located and yet I had no idea that children that young were sent to Parchman Prison to work on die."

keep reading: Jesmyn Ward on reading history



The Fireflies, Glow-worms, and Lightning Bugs"You start noticing things in a different way when you know you're going to lose 'em," Faust recalled, as we gazed at the desolate, glass-strewn patch of cleared forest where she'd grown up."

keep reading: On the slow disappearance of fireflies

Read This! Books with Street Cred

Recommended reading from Southern Indie Booksellers

The Western Star by Craig JohnsonMy weak spots are trains, westerns and mysteries, so I was compelled to pick up the new Longmire mystery by Craig Johnson. I flipped through the first few pages and tried to feign disinterest--as a brooding Western lawman would do--but I failed spectacularly and found myself riding alongside Sheriff Walt Longmire, back to his early days as a Wyoming deputy. His efforts to stay alive then serve as the backdrop for his current challenge to confront his darkest enemy. The gun- and book-toting Longmire, and the cast of unique characters on the Western Star kept me guessing as I rode the rails with them for miles through the Wyoming wilderness.

The Western Star by Craig Johnson ($28.00*, Viking), recommended by Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC.


The world is a beautiful place, don't you think? Not because it is, but because I see it that way.

The title is the first thing I noticed about this book, but it definitely wasn't what kept me reading it--the writing itself took care of that.

This entire novel is ONE sentence. This is a book meant to be devoured in one sitting--you may not stop to catch your breath. Hrabal is a master and he does something really special here.  

Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age By Bohumil Hrabal ($14, NYRB Classics) Recommended by O.B. at Scuppernong Books Greensboro NC


This remarkable collection of maps, photographs, engravings and paintings from the early ages to modern day provides a stunning new look at the world as defined by our struggles and alliances with the monsters and supernatural creatures that have defined our existence

Learn how a mechanical man helped write America's Declaration of Independence. Track the course of the Living Dead virus from Africa to Europe and on to the New World.

Alternate Histories of the World by Matthew Buchholz (Perigee Trade) Recommended by Will at Fountain Bookstore Richmond VA

More bookseller recommendations

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RabbitShe trained to be a medical assistant, but no one would hire her because she was a convicted felon. That's when her welfare caseworker suggested she give comedy a try. At least no one would be checking her criminal record. Encouraged by friends who told her she was funny, Williams gave it a shot; it wound up changing her life. "I was like, they gonna pay me to talk?"

keep reading: Ms. Pat: It's no crime to be funny

Literary Trails of the North Carolina Mountains I write about foods that are ephemeral, those tastes that come only once a season, foods that make us wait for them, long for their taste, and in so doing, we appreciate their amazing distinctions

keep reading: On becoming a food pilgrim



The Last Ballad "The Last Ballad is inspired by the events of an actual textile mill strike in 1929 and, although it is nearly 90 years later, the themes of economic inequality, fear-mongering, racism and sexism are still relevant today"

keep reading: Finding the courage to create change

The List: Kent Bryant's Top Ten(-ish), from Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC

The Gods Themselves Jitterbug Perfume The Mezzanine Fallingwater Rising Samuel Pepys Literary Life Books The Piano Shop on the Left Bank Rebel Souls The Hare with Amber Eyes
 The Swerve 

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Jesmyn Ward at the National Book Festival

Jesmyn Ward

"I think in the South most people are hyper-aware of how close history feels"

The Okra Pick of the Week

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn WardA searing and profound Southern odyssey by National Book Award–winner Jesmyn Ward.

In Jesmyn Ward's first novel since her National Book Award–winning Salvage the Bones, this singular American writer brings the archetypal road novel into rural twenty-first-century America. Drawing on Morrison and Faulkner, The Odyssey and the Old Testament, Ward gives us an epochal story, a journey through Mississippi's past and present that is both an intimate portrait of a family and an epic tale of hope and struggle. Ward is a major American writer, multiply awarded and universally lauded, and in Sing, Unburied, Sing she is at the height of her powers.

Jojo and his toddler sister, Kayla, live with their grandparents, Mam and Pop, and the occasional presence of their drug-addicted mother, Leonie, on a farm on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Leonie is simultaneously tormented and comforted by visions of her dead brother, which only come to her when she's high; Mam is dying of cancer; and quiet, steady Pop tries to run the household and teach Jojo how to be a man. When the white father of Leonie's children is released from prison, she packs her kids and a friend into her car and sets out across the state for Parchman farm, the Mississippi State Penitentiary, on a journey rife with danger and promise.

Sing, Unburied, Sing grapples with the ugly truths at the heart of the American story and the power, and limitations, of the bonds of family. Rich with Ward's distinctive, musical language, Sing, Unburied, Sing is a majestic new work and an essential contribution to American literature.

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward | Scribner Book Company | 9781501126062

buy from an indie

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Southern Indie Bestsellers

For the week ending September 17. Books on the Southern Indie Bestseller List that are southern in nature or have been recently recommended by southern indie booksellers.


See the full list here.
The Southern Book Prize | A SIBA Okra Pick | Special to the Southern List
Printable versions (PDF): Hardcover | Paperback | Children's



1. A Legacy of Spies
John le Carré, Viking, $28, 9780735225114
2. A Gentleman in Moscow
Amor Towles, Viking, $27, 9780670026197
3. My Absolute Darling
Gabriel Tallent, Riverhead, $27, 9780735211179
4. Glass Houses
Louise Penny, Minotaur, $28.99, 9781250066190
5. A Column of Fire
Ken Follett, Viking, $36, 9780525954972


1. What Happened
Hillary Rodham Clinton, S&S, $30, 9781501175565
2. Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone
Brene Brown, Random House, $28, 9780812995848
3. Hillbilly Elegy
J.D. Vance, Harper, $27.99, 9780062300546
4. Make Your Bed
William H. McRaven, Grand Central, $18, 9781455570249
5. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Norton, $18.95, 9780393609394

Special to the Southern List


The Western Star Craig Johnson  Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) David Sedaris  White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide Carol Anderson  If the Creek Don't Rise  Leah Weiss



10. Before We Were Yours
Lisa Wingate, Ballantine, $26, 9780425284681
11. The Western Star
Craig Johnson, Viking, $28, 9780525426950


10. Ask Dr. Nandi
Partha Nandi, North Star Way, $26, 9781501156816
13. The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline
Dale Bredesen, Avery, $27, 9780735216204
14. Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002)
David Sedaris, Little Brown, $28, 9780316154727
15. Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South
Vivian Howard, Little Brown, $40, 9780316381109


7. If the Creek Don't Rise
Leah Weiss, Sourcebooks Landmark, $15.99, 9781492647454
8. Rules of Civility
Amor Towles, Penguin, $17, 9780143121169
9. The Nightingale
Kristin Hannah, St. Martin's Griffin, $16.99, 9781250080400
10. Swing Time
Zadie Smith, Penguin, $17, 9780143111641
14. Homegoing
Yaa Gyasi, Vintage, $16, 9781101971062


4. White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide
Carol Anderson, Bloomsbury USA, $17, 9781632864130
6. Lab Girl
Hope Jahren, Vintage, $16, 9781101873724
7. The Boys in the Boat
Daniel James Brown, Penguin, $17, 9780143125471
8. H Is for Hawk
Helen Macdonald, Grove Press, $16, 9780802124739
9. White Trash
Nancy Isenberg, Penguin, $17, 9780143129677
10. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Rebecca Skloot, Broadway, $16, 9780804190107
11. Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook
Mark Bray, Melville House Publishing, $16.99, 9781612197036
12. Mindfulness on the Go
Jan Chozen Bays, Shambhala, $8.95, 9781611801705
13. The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life
John le Carré, Penguin, $17, 9780735220782
14. The New Jim Crow
Michelle Alexander, The New Press, $19.95, 9781595586438
15. The Silk Roads
Peter Frankopan, Vintage, $20, 9781101912379

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What's happening at Southern Indies across the South?

See the full calendar | Find a Southern Indie Bookstore near you.

András Simonyi  (author appearance)
András Simonyi | 09/22/2017, 06:30 pm | "Books & Books, Inc." | "Coral Gables", FL

A staged reading of JUNGLE LOVE a new romantic comedy by Stephanie Ansin  (other event)
09/22/2017, 08:00 pm | "Books & Books, Inc." | "Coral Gables", FL

Christian Writer Gail Pallotta Signs September 22!  (author appearance)
Gail Pallotta | 09/22/2017, 11:00 am | "Sundog Books" | "Santa Rosa Beach", FL

Author Walter Biggins: Bob Mould's Workbook  (author appearance)
Walter Biggins | 09/22/2017, 06:30 pm | "Avid Bookshop" | "Athens", GA

Jared Yates Sexton: The People Are Going to Rise Like The Waters Upon Your Shores  (author appearance)
Jared Yates Sexton | 09/22/2017, 07:30 pm | "Charis Books & More" | "Atlanta", GA

Doug Woodward's New Book on Family Adventuring  (author appearance)
Doug Woodward | 09/22/2017, 07:00 pm | "City Lights Bookstore" | "Sylva", NC

Annalee Newitz discusses her debut sci-fi novel Autonomous  (author appearance)
Annalee Newitz | 09/22/2017, 07:00 pm | "Flyleaf Books" | "Chapel Hill", NC

TEACH-IN: Food, Power, Labor, and Health through the lens of chicken. MARYN MCKENNA presents BIG CHICKEN and BRYANT SIMON presents THE HAMLET FIRE  (author appearance)
Maryn McKenna | 09/22/2017, 06:00 pm | "Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe" | "Asheville", NC

Piedmont Land Conservancy Event with author Randy Johnson  (author appearance)
Randy Johnson | 09/22/2017, 06:00 pm | Bookmarks | Winston-Salem, NC

Dana Ridenour Author of Beyond the Cabin  (author appearance)
Dana Ridenour | 09/22/2017, 11:00 am | "Litchfield Books" | "Pawleys Island", SC

YA author event with Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling and Jane, Unlimited  (author appearance)
Kristin Cashore | 09/22/2017, 06:30 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Author Meet & Greet: Martin Wilson  (author appearance)
Martin Wilson | 09/23/2017, 10:30 pm | "Ernest & Hadley Booksellers" | "Tuscaloosa", AL

Nancy J. Cohen and Alyssa Maxwell Booksigning  (author appearance)
Nancy J. Cohen | 09/23/2017, 04:00 pm | "Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore" | "Delray Beach", FL

Mark Bray - Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook  (author appearance)
Mark Bray | 09/23/2017, 04:00 pm | "A Cappella Books" | "Atlanta", GA

Meet T.M. "Mike" Brown, author of Sanctuary  (author appearance)
T.M. "Mike" | 09/23/2017, 10:00 am | "Horton's Books & Gifts" | "Carrollton", GA

Blue Cole  (author appearance)
Blue Cole | 09/23/2017, 02:00 pm | "Tall Tales Atlanta" | "Atlanta", GA

Storytime with author Karen Wallsten featuring The Adventures of Shiko & Walter: A Southeastern Louisiana Backyard Tale   (author appearance)
Karen Wallsten | 09/23/2017, 10:30 am | "The Conundrum" | "St. Francisville", LA

An Afternoon with Jeffrey Meyer  (author appearance)
Jeffrey Meyer | 09/23/2017, 05:00 pm | "Main Street Books" | "Davidson", NC

Author Event: Garth Stein  (author appearance)
Garth Stein | 09/23/2017, 02:30 pm | "Page 158 Books" | "Wake Forest", NC

Author Event: E.E. St. Ores - HI Passion  (author appearance)
E.E. St. | 09/23/2017, 11:00 am | "Park Road Books" | "Charlotte", NC

Sidra Owens, A Haven Amidst Perdition  (author appearance)
Sidra Owens | 09/23/2017, 03:00 pm | "Scuppernong Books" | "Greensboro", NC

Sean Keefer Author of The Solicitor  (author appearance)
Sean Keefer | 09/23/2017, 02:00 pm | "Books on Broad" | "Camden", SC

Reading and Signing with Nicole Seitz  (author appearance)
Nicole Seitz | 09/23/2017, 01:00 pm | "Hub City Bookshop" | "Spartanburg", SC

Author event with Leah Weiss, author of If the Creek Don't Rise  (author appearance)
Leah Weiss | 09/23/2017, 02:00 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Salman Rushdie  (author appearance)
Salman Rushdie | 09/24/2017, 04:00 pm | "Books & Books, Inc." | "Coral Gables", FL

Get Lit West Georgia! Local Beer Edition w/Darren Wang, Maggie Mitchell, and Alison Umminger  (author appearance)
Daren Wang | 09/24/2017, 06:00 pm | "Underground Books" | "Carrollton", GA

YA author ALAN GRATZ launches his books BAN THIS BOOK and REFUGEE  (author appearance)
Alan Gratz | 09/24/2017, 02:00 pm | "Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe" | "Asheville", NC

Workshop: Debbie Moose  (author appearance)
Debbie Moose | 09/24/2017, 02:00 pm | "Page 158 Books" | "Wake Forest", NC

Kristin Cashore - Jane, Unlimited  (author appearance)
Kristin Cashore | 09/24/2017, 02:00 pm | "Quail Ridge Books & Music" | "Raleigh", NC

Author event with Sam Lightner Jr., author of Heavy Green  (author appearance)
Sam Lightner | 09/24/2017, 02:00 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Author Meet & Greet: Katie Lamar Jackson  (author appearance)
Katie Lamar | 09/25/2017, 05:30 pm | "Ernest & Hadley Booksellers" | "Tuscaloosa", AL

John Capouya  (author appearance)
John Capouya | 09/25/2017, 07:00 pm | "Books & Books, Inc." | "Coral Gables", FL

Celeste Ng - Little Fires Everywhere   (author appearance)
Celeste Ng | 09/25/2017, 07:00 pm | "A Cappella Books" | "Atlanta", GA

Nancy Cavanaugh - ELSIE MAE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY  (author appearance)
Nancy Cavanaugh | 09/25/2017, 04:30 pm | "Octavia Books" | "New Orleans", LA

Jesmyn Ward with SING, UNBURIED, SING  (author appearance)
Jesmyn Ward | 09/25/2017, 05:00 pm | "Square Books" | "Oxford", MS

Jesmyn Ward / Sing, Unburied, Sing  (author appearance)
Jesmyn Ward | 09/25/2017, 01:00 pm | "Turnrow Books" | "Greenwood", MS

Stephanie Perkins | 09/25/2017, 06:00 pm | "Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe" | "Asheville", NC

John Staddon, The Englishman: Memoirs of a Psychobiologist  (author appearance)
John Staddon | 09/25/2017, 07:00 pm | "Regulator Bookshop" | "Durham", NC

Bryant Simon, The Hamlet Fire: A Tragic Story of Cheap Food, Cheap Government, and Cheap Lives  (author appearance)
Bryant Simon | 09/25/2017, 07:00 pm | "Scuppernong Books" | "Greensboro", NC

YA author event with Leigh Bardugo, author of The Language of Thorns  (author appearance)
Leigh Bardugo | 09/25/2017, 06:30 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Marie Benedict  (author appearance)
Marie Benedict | 09/26/2017, 06:00 pm | "Page & Palette" | "Fairhope", AL

Charles Todd  (author appearance)
Charles Todd | 09/26/2017, 07:00 pm | "Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore" | "Delray Beach", FL

Daniel Bongino presents Protecting The President  (author appearance)
Daniel Bongino | 09/26/2017, 06:00 pm | "Vero Beach Book Center" | "Vero Beach", FL

Nelson DeMille - Cuban Affair  (author appearance)
Nelson DeMille | 09/26/2017, 07:30 pm | "A Cappella Books" | "Atlanta", GA

Alicia Malone - Backwards and in Heels   (author appearance)
Alicia Malone | 09/26/2017, 07:00 pm | "A Cappella Books" | "Atlanta", GA

Super Special Release Party for Author Caleb Zane Huett: TOP ELF  (author appearance)
Caleb Zane | 09/26/2017, 06:30 pm | "Avid Bookshop" | "Athens", GA

Nancy J. Cavanaugh, Elsie Mae Has Something to Say  (author appearance)
Nancy J. | 09/26/2017, 04:30 pm | "FoxTale Book Shoppe" | "Woodstock", GA

The Other Night School: Why Is There So Much Religion in American Politics?  (author appearance)
Daniel K. | 09/26/2017, 06:00 pm | Hills and Hamlets Bookshop | Chattahoochee Hills, GA

William Barnwell - ANGELS IN THE WILDERNESS  (author appearance)
William Barnwell | 09/26/2017, 06:00 pm | "Octavia Books" | "New Orleans", LA

Michelle Kuo / Reading with Patrick  (author appearance)
Michelle Kuo | 09/26/2017, 06:30 pm | "Turnrow Books" | "Greenwood", MS

Steve Robertson / Flim Flam  (author appearance)
Steve Robertson | 09/26/2017, 06:30 pm | "Turnrow Books" | "Greenwood", MS

Daren Wang discusses his novel The Hidden Light of Northern Fires  (author appearance)
Daren Wang | 09/26/2017, 07:00 pm | "Flyleaf Books" | "Chapel Hill", NC

DENISE KIERNAN launches THE LAST CASTLE, in Conversation with Karen Abbott  (author appearance)
Denise Kiernan | 09/26/2017, 06:00 pm | "Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe" | "Asheville", NC

Bryant Simon, The Hamlet Fire: A Tragic Story of Cheap Food, Cheap Gov't, and Cheap Lives  (author appearance)
Bryant Simon | 09/26/2017, 07:00 pm | "Regulator Bookshop" | "Durham", NC

Invictus Release Party with Ryan Graudin  (author appearance)
Ryan Graudin | 09/26/2017, 05:00 pm | "Blue Bicycle Books" | "Charleston", SC

Salon@615 Special Edition featuring Brené Brown discussing Braving the Wilderness  (author appearance)
Brené Brown | 09/26/2017, 07:00 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Star Line Books's Book Club: If The Creek Don't Rise (Author Event)  (author appearance)
Leah Weiss | 09/26/2017, 06:30 pm | "Star Line Books" | "Chattanooga", TN

James McBride - Five-Carat Soul  (author appearance)
James McBride | 09/27/2017, 05:00 pm | "Alabama Booksmith" | "Homewood", AL

LEIGH BARDUGO'S Midnight Tales Tour!  (author appearance)
Leigh Bardugo | 09/27/2017, 07:00 pm | "Inkwood Books" | "Tampa", FL

Nelson DeMille presents The Cuban Affair  (author appearance)
Nelson DeMille | 09/27/2017, 07:00 pm | "Vero Beach Book Center" | "Vero Beach", FL

Meet and Greet with Author Alan Gratz: BAN THIS BOOK  (author appearance)
Alan Gratz | 09/27/2017, 06:30 pm | "Avid Bookshop" | "Athens", GA

Alex Lemon & Sabrina Orah Mark for Feverland: A Memoir in Shards  (author appearance)
Alex Lemon | 09/27/2017, 06:30 pm | "Avid Bookshop" | "Athens", GA

Ronald J. Drez - PREDICTING PEARL HARBOR  (author appearance)
Ronald J. | 09/27/2017, 06:00 pm | "Octavia Books" | "New Orleans", LA

CELESTE NG presents LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE in Conversation with Tommy Hays  (author appearance)
Celeste Ng | 09/27/2017, 06:00 pm | "Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe" | "Asheville", NC

Maura Way, Another Bungalow, Book Launch  (author appearance)
Maura Way | 09/27/2017, 07:00 pm | "Scuppernong Books" | "Greensboro", NC

4 on 4th Local Author Series  (author appearance)
09/27/2017, 07:00 pm | Bookmarks | Winston-Salem, NC

Author event with William Kent Krueger, author of Sulfur Springs  (author appearance)
William Kent Krueger | 09/27/2017, 06:30 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Sulfur Springs by William Kent Krueger  (author appearance)
William Kent Krueger | 09/28/2017, 04:00 pm | "Vero Beach Book Center" | "Vero Beach", FL

Poetry at Tech - The Bourne Poetry Reading  (author appearance)
Billy Collins | 09/28/2017, 07:30 pm | "A Cappella Books" | "Atlanta", GA

Kerri Maniscalco & Nicole Castroman, Young Adult Authors  (author appearance)
Kerri Maniscalco | 09/28/2017, 06:30 pm | "FoxTale Book Shoppe" | "Woodstock", GA

Errol Laborde, Peggy Laborde, and the following contributors: Angus Lind, Sally Asher, and John Magill – New Orleans: The First 300 Years  (author appearance)
Errol and Peggy Scott Laborde | 09/28/2017, 06:00 pm | "Garden District Book Shop" | "New Orleans", LA

Angel Adams Parham - AMERICAN ROUTES: Racial Palimpsests and the Transformation of Race  (author appearance)
Angel Adams | 09/28/2017, 06:00 pm | "Octavia Books" | "New Orleans", LA

Michelle Kuo with READING WITH PATRICK  (author appearance)
Michelle Kuo | 09/28/2017, 06:00 pm | "Square Books" | "Oxford", MS

Jessica Cluess and Scott Reintgen discuss A Poison Dark and Drowning and Nyxia, their new YA novels  (author appearance)
Jessica Cluess | 09/28/2017, 07:00 pm | "Flyleaf Books" | "Chapel Hill", NC

An Evening with Brock Adams  (author appearance)
Brock Adams | 09/28/2017, 07:00 pm | "Main Street Books" | "Davidson", NC

Daren Wang, The Hidden Light of Northern Fires  (author appearance)
Daren Wang | 09/28/2017, 07:00 pm | "Regulator Bookshop" | "Durham", NC

Corey Mesler  (author appearance)
Corey Mesler | 09/28/2017, 05:30 pm | "Burke's Book Store" | "Memphis", TN

Author event with Celeste Ng and Shanthi Sekaran in conversation with Mary Laura Philpott  (author appearance)
Celeste Ng | 09/28/2017, 06:30 pm | "Parnassus Books" | "Nashville", TN

Authors Round the South |

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